Released on Thursday, November 14th, 2019.


Here is a list of episodes in category order, should you wish to hear an interview, or bit about a specific thing. As I’ve basically just changed the title of what was the 2019 election page, not all episodes are on here yet, but slowly slowly catchy monkey, they will be. 

WARNING: The sound on some of the older episodes may not be great, so prepare for some clunky audio if you head back for a historical listen.






























Episode 168, Christine Berry on dealing with election outcomes, expected or not, Dec 10th 2019

Episode 168 – Some Final Thoughts, GE2019, Christine Berry on dealing with election outcomes expected or not


Episode 167, Guy Taylor from Global Justice Now on the UK / US trade deal docs, Dec 3rd 2019

Episode 167 – Daddy Issues, GE2019 Week 4 and Guy Taylor at Global Justice Now on 451 pages of USUK trade docs



Episode 166, Professor Tim Bale from the think tank UK In A Changing Europe on if this is a Brexit election, Nov 26th 2019

Episode 166 – New But Old – GE2019 Week Three, manifestos, leaders debates and Professor Tim Bale on if this is a Brexit Election


Episode 165, Political sociologist Paula Surridge talks about predicting what might happen, Nov 19th 2019

Episode 165 – Relatable Cafetière Injuries, GE2019 stuff & a chat with political sociologist Paula Surridge about predicting what will happen


Episode 164, Journalist at the New Statesman Jonn Elledge discussing election possibilities, Nov 12th 2019

Episode 164 – Change Politics For The Same, Election Campaign Week 1, Party Brexit Policies and a chat with Jonn Elledge from the New Statesman





Episode 155, Jordan Ryan on being a Leaver, Sept 10th 2019

Episode 155 – Dead In A Ditch – All the mess, HS2, Jordan Ryan on Leave-ing


Episode 122, Lara Spirit at Our Future Our Choice, Nov 27th 2018

Episode 122 – We Are All Bob – Brexit Deal, Our Future Our Choice, Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit



Episode 115, Peter Geoghegan from Open Democracy about the dark money behind Brexit, Oct 9th 2018

Episode 115 – Chancing Queen – Theresa May’s Speech, Peter Geoghegan on the Brexit Dark Money, Dubs Amendment



Episode 101. Reader in International Dispute Resolution Holger Hestermeyer on the UK’s trade options, May 15th, 2018

Episode 101 – Best Worst Options



Episode 21, various clips from interviewees about the EU/Brexit from previous episodes, June 13th 2016

Episode 21



Episode 7, Professor Catherine Barnard & Dr Amy Ludlow on the EU Migrant Worker research project, March 1st 2016

Episode 7


Episode 5, Eu specialist Jon Worth explaining the EU, Feb 16th 2016

Episode 5



Episode 139, Clare Farrell at Extinction Rebellion, April 16th 2019

Episode 139 – Annuziata! Gesundheit – Extinction Rebellion, Brexit Halloween, Assange



Episode 118, Graham Thompson from Greenpeace, Oct 30th 2018

Episode 118 – Episode 118 – I watched the budget and all I got was this lousy podcast – Budget 2018, Greenpeace, Halloween Special



Episode 73, David Powell again, on natural disasters, Sept 19th 2017

Episode 73 – Boris Is Boris


Episode 29, environmental campaigner Mark Avery on the need to ban grouse shooting, Sept 13th 2016

Episode 29



Episode 10, David Powell from the New Economics Foundation, March 22nd 2016

Episode 10




Episode 135, Gareth Davies and Hazel Sheffield from the Bureau Of Investigative Journalism on councils having to sell off all their assets, March 19th 2019

Episode 135 – 400 Year Old Zing, Brexit Fallout, Sold From Under You, Spring Statement, Croaky Croaky Voice





Episode 150, Katrina Ffrench from StopWatchUK on the issues with stop and search policy, July 9th 2019

Episode 150 – Turn Your Back In To It – EU Parliament, Tory Leadership Election, Katrina Ffrench from StopWatchUK


Episode 91, Bob Singha, youth coach, on the rise of youth crime, Feb 20th 2018

Episode 91 – Clarity Carrots



Episode 39, Police whistleblower James Patrick, Nov 22nd 2016

Episode 39




Episode 131, Paul Evans from Who Funds You on think tank transparency, Feb 19th 2019

Episode 131 – Scraping The Jam – The Independent Group, Shamima Begum, Paul Evans from Who Funds You



Episode 123, Keiran Pedly on how them polls work, Dec 4th 2018

Episode 123 – Its Not Perfect – Keiran Pedley, Brexit Deal, Fishues, Immigration Health Surcharge



Episode 60, Marcus Roberts from Yougov on polling, Josh Dell from Bite The Ballot on youth votes, May 16th 2017

Episode 60


Episode 59, Mevan and Joe from Full Fact, 9th May 2017

Episode 59



Episode 47, Leslie Hallam on the psychometrics of political advertising, Feb 14th 2017

Episode 47



Episode 44, Michael Marshall on the importance of critical thinking, Jan 24th 2017

Episode 44




Episode 121, Jen Persson from Defend Digital Me, Nov 20th 2018

Episode 121 – AAAARRGGGGHHHHHHWWAAAAAAAAARRGRGHHHH – Brexit Agreement, UN report on poverty, Jen Persson from Defend Digital Me


Episode 111, Sam Jeffers from Who Targets Me on transparency of online political advertising, June 24th 2018

Episode 111 – Self Defeating Politics


Episode 12, Law lecturer Paul Bernal on the Investigatory Rights Bill, April 11th 2016

Episode 12




Episode 146, Dr Frances Ryan on disability rights, June 4th 2019

Episode 146 – Smoking Opium At A Wedding – Trump’s UK Visit, Conservative leadership campaign, Dr Frances Ryan on Disability Rights, Modern Slavery



Episode 145, Katy Styles from We Care about the lack of rights for carers, May 28th 2019

Episode 145 – Bye Bye Constant Walking Advert For Shark Week – Theresa May’s resignation, EU Elections, Brexit Party, Lib Dems, Tory Leadership, Katy Styles from We Care



Episode 52, crossbench peer and Paralympic champion Tanni-Grey Thompson, March 21st 2017

Episode 52



Episode 3 – Anita Bellows from Disabled People Against Cuts, Feb 2nd 2016

Episode 3



Episode 151, Danny Blanchflower on the stagnation of wages and why labor market figures are deceiving, July 16th 2019

Episode 151 – Nothing Has Changed – Tory Leadership Contest, Kim Darroch, Northern Ireland Bill, Danny Blanchflower on Not Working


Episode 104, Ellen Lees from We Own It on the benefits of renationalization, June 5th 2018

Episode 104 – Raily McRailface


Episode 71, Economist Ann Pettifor on the production of money, Sept 5th 2017

Episode 71


Episode 8, QC Jo Maugham on tax avoidance, March 8th 2016

Episode 8


Episode 2 – Economist Tony Yates on what a bear market means, Jan 25th 2016

Episode 2



Episode 105, schools expert Laura McInerney about the state of education in England, June 12th 2018

Episode 105 – Codename Silver Turkey


Episode 9, Alison Ryan from ATL union on the cuts to education, March 15th 2016

Episode 9




Episode 93, Ros Bragg at Maternity Action, March 6th 2018

Episode 93 – Magical Cherry Cakes




Episode 67, Leigh Pickett from the Fire Brigade’s Union on Grenfell and cuts to services, July 4th 2017

Episode 67




Episode 90, John Myers at London YIMBY, Feb 13th 2019

Episode 90 – The Road To Brexit

Episode 6, Jonn Elledge on housing development, Feb 23rd 2016

Episode 6




Episode 129, Nazek Ramadan and Nomi at Migrant Voice on the Home Office’s scamming of thousands of international students, Feb 5th 2019

Episode 129 – Bonfire Of The Sanities – Alternative Backstops, WAI Bill, Buses, Migrant Voice



Episode 97, Mia Sullivan from Soas Detainee Support about immigration detention centres, April 17th 2018

Episode 97 – Things Are Getting Syria



Episode 15, Rebecca Omonira on the hidden crisis of immigration policies leaving women trapped in domestic violence situations, May 3rd 2016

Episode 15




Episode 160, Dr Helen Barnard from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation on UK poverty, Oct 15th 2019

Episode 160 – Imaginary Bills – Queen’s Speech, Brexit Fallout and Helen Barnard on UK Poverty



Episode 156, Emily Kenway on Modern Slavery in the UK, Sept 17th 2019

Episode 156 – Hulk Dash – Bridges, Hulks, Lib Dem Conference, Brexit Fallout & Emily Kenway on Modern Slavery



Episode 127, Charlotte Hughes on the horrors of benefit sanctions, Jan 22nd 2019

Episode 127- Haven’t We Plan B Here Before? – May’s Deal, Charlotte Hughes – The Poor Side Of Life, DWP, Universal Credit



Episode 117, Pradula Shah from the Back To 60 campaign on WASPI women, Oct 23rd, 2018

Episode 117 – 95% Complete – Brexit nonsense, Back To 60, Hate Crimes



Episode 116, Owen Espley from War On Want about the McStrike and the gig economy, Oct 16th 2018

Episode 116 – Cool Calm Heads – Universal Credit, Owen Espley from War on Want, McStrike, More Brexit nonsense


Episode 103, Conor D’Arcy from the Resolution Foundation on bridging inequality between the old and young, May 29th 2018

Episode 103 – Death And Taxes



Episode 83, Dr Mary Ann Stephenson from the Women’s Budget Group on the effects of Conservatives budget on women, Nov 28th 2017

Episode 83 – Budget, Borders and Boring Dad Jokes


Episode 55, Alison Garnham from the Child Poverty Action Group, April 11th 2017

Episode 55



Episode 43, Paul Anderson and Noel at Homeless Link, Dec 20th 2016

Episode 43




Episode 19, Peter Kavanaugh from Unite The Union, May 31st 2016

Episode 19



Episode 11, Emily Kenway from the Living Wage Foundation, April 5th 2016

Episode 11




Episode 86, a chat with Dr Phil Hammond, Jan 16th 2018

Episode 86 – Do The Shuffle


Episode 41 – Chair of BMA’s medical student conference Emma Runswick on NHS cuts, Dec 6th 2016

Episode 41


Episode 1 – Dr Keir Shiels on Junior Doctor’s Strike, Jan 19th 2016

Episode 1





Episode 68, political comedian Alan Irwin, June 11th 2017

Episode 68



Episode 45, Matt Fulton at Progressive Politics NI, Jan 31st 2017

Episode 45




Episode 16, Dr Evan Harris from Hacked Off, May 10th 2016

Episode 16




Episode 161, Dr Victoria Styles on facist elements in current politics, Oct 22nd 2019

Episode 161 – Super Bored – Brexit Deal, What Is Going On_ Dr Victoria Stiles on fascism


Episode 96, Marlon Solomon on anti-Semitism in UK politics, April 10th 2018

Episode 96 – Sad Murder Lasagna



Episode 33, writer Vera Chok and Karissa Singh from Post Ref Racism on the rise in hate crime post Brexit, Oct 11th 2016

Episode 33




Episode 163, Daniel Trilling on refugees travelling to Europe, Nov 5th 2019

Episode 163 – In Recent Memory – GE2019 nonsense, Daniel Trilling on refugees and immigration to the UK



Episode 57, Dr Tendayi Bloom on statelessness, April 25th 2017

Episode 57



Episode 48, Josie Naugton at Help Refugees, Feb 21st 2017

Episode 48



Episode 18, Susan Jex from Care 4 Calais, May 24th 2016

Episode 18




Episode 119, Jennifer McKiernan with a Scottish politics update, Nov 6th 2018

Episode 119 – Gambling Along – Tracey Crouch, Arron Banks, Jennifer McKiernan on Scottish Politics



Episode 53, James Devoy on IndyRef2 possibilities, March 28th 2017

Episode 53



Episode 20, Adam Ramsay from Open Democracy, Jun 7th 2016

Episode 20




Episode 128b, comedian Esyltt Sears on Welsh politics, Jan 31st 2019

Episode 128b – Nationwide Dunning-Kruger, Wales politics, Esyllt Sears




Episode 159, Ruth Ibegbuna from the Roots Programme on mending divisions, Oct 8th 2019

Episode 159 – Two Wrongs Make A Backstop Alternative – Brexit plans, Conservative Conference, Ruth Ibegbuna on The Roots Programme



Episode 142, Michael Marshall on flat earth theorists and how it applies to current politics, May 7th 2019

Episode 142 – It Means Whatever You Want It To Mean – Local elections, Gavin Williamson, Michael Marshall on Flat Earth Theorists



Episode 136, Ciaran Gillespie on political violence, March 26th 2019

Episode 136 – Brexit Alternatives – Slow Brexit, Revoke Article 50, Interserve, Ciaran Gilliespie on political violence



Episode 132, Professor Steven Fielding on Labour’s political history, Feb 26th 2019

Episode 132 – Independent Labour Pains – Secorendum, Nothing Happening, Anti-Semitism, Professor Steven Fielding



Episode 113, Steve Crawshaw on effective protests, Sep 25th 2018

Episode 113 – Exotic Spresm – May’s Brexit speech, Labour Conference 2018, People’s Vote, Steve Crawshaw on protests



Episode 112, Dr Bethany Usher on attack journalism, Sep 18th 2018

Episode 112 – Same But Different But Same – Chequers vs No Deal Brexit, No One Wants To Be Lib Dem Leader, Boris Again



Episode 106. David Runciman from the Talking Politics podcast on ‘How Democracy Ends’. June 19th 2018

Episode 106 – Brexit Dividend Gift Voucher



Episode 98, Dr Dave O’Brien on lack of working class representation in the arts, April 24th 2018

Episode 98 – Yo Windrush The Show



Episode 87, Penny Andrews on political fandom, Jan 23rd 2017

Episode 87 – The Carillion Experience



Episode 56, Naomi Hirst from Global witness about money laundering, April 18th 2017

Episode 56


Episode 46, Giles McDonogh on the history of facism, 7th February 2017

Episode 46



Episode 30th, Andrew Smith from Campaign Against The Arms Trade, Sep 20th 2019

Episode 30

Episode 155 – Dead In A Ditch – All the mess, HS2, Jordan Ryan on Leave-ing


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