Episode 163 – In Recent Memory – GE2019 nonsense, Daniel Trilling on refugees and immigration to the UK

Released on Tuesday, November 5th, 2019.

Episode 163 – In Recent Memory – GE2019 nonsense, Daniel Trilling on refugees and immigration to the UK

Episode 163 – Bored of the election yet? It’s only been a few days and as usual no one is doing more to make the Conservatives look useless than the Conservatives, but on the up side Farage isn’t standing which is great as it only took seven attempts for him to get the message. Plus a new Election Flex section and jingle, and Tiernan (@tiernandouieb) speaks to Daniel Trilling (@trillingual) about the refugees and immigration to the UK in the light of the Essex 39 story.

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Bored of the election yet? It’s only been a few days and as usual no one is doing more to make the Conservatives look useless than the Conservatives, but on the up side Farage isn’t standing which is great as it only took seven attempts for him to get the message. Plus a new Election Flex section and jingle, and Tiernan (@tiernandouieb) speaks to Daniel Trilling (@trillingual) about the refugees and immigration to the UK in the light of the Essex 39 story.

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Episode 163


Hello and welcome to the Partly Political Broadcast podcast, the comedy politics podcast that think you should vote for who you believe in, which is why in the upcoming general election, this show is officially backing Odin the Allfather. This is episode 163, I’m Tiernan Douieb and Brexit Party leader and oh no what’s that you’ve stepped in, oh that’s disgusting Nigel Farage is not standing as a candidate in the election meaning that after failing to become an MP 7 times already, he’s finally respecting the will of the people.


This doesn’t mean the Brexit Party are standing down, oh no, for Farage has unveiled 600 candidates, likely because they wouldn’t allow any with veils. It seems as though the party campaign slogan is ‘There will be no Brexit without the Brexit Party’ because it’s nice sometimes to get your strategy from S Club 7. But there might be a Brexit without them, as originally there was talk of a Leave Alliance with the Conservatives because it seems now Farage is willing to be part of a union with people he doesn’t fully agree with. It wasn’t just Farage considering it, US President and child’s crayon drawing of a sad pineapple Donald Trump who wanted Farage to ally with the Prime Minister and year-old collapsed sponge Boris Johnson. Yes, it turns out foreign interference is ok in Farage’s book as long as it’s from someone white and stupid. Trump’s exact words were that they should come together, something that not only makes me retch but also is impossible as each would selfish try to finish first and then let the other clean up the mess themselves, completely unsatisfied. The only way Farage would agree to this though, was if Boris dropped his Brexit deal that he says was virtually worse than being in the EU, which considering how many of his supporters are bots, would make that pretty real for them. But the Prime Minister has rejected any sort of axis of feeble with Farage stating that an election pact risks letting Labour into government, because he doesn’t understand how anything works, and so the BP will be taking 600 candidates into the Dec 12th vote, or as Farage originally 650 before he remembered that Northern Ireland was part of that and works differently. If only he’d have thought of that sooner, say, maybe 3 years ago.


Will the Brexit Party be a bigger threat to the Conservative vote than their own Prime Minister? A man who started his election pitch from a chauffeur driven Jag while not wearing a seatbelt, further proof that this isn’t a man who want in control if the UK crashes out of the EU, as he’ll have already gone through the windscreen and died. Probably not in a ditch though, despite assurances. The Conservatives’ tagline for the election campaign is, short sightedly, Britain Deserves Better, a bold statement from a party that’s been in charge for 9 years ruining the country. Maybe it’s a passive aggressive statement that should have brackets afterwards containing ‘but if you leave us, we don’t what we’ll do with ourselves’.  Britain does indeed deserve better than a party who’s first policies appear to be a ban on fracking, that on closer inspection is just a moratorium. In the same way you might do Dry January but as soon as it hits one-minute past midnight on February the 1st you’re going to pour vodka directly into your eyes. Then there’s the announcement that the party will be ending the benefits freeze in 2020 if they get into government, which is great news until you realise this has always been on the cards, as it was a 4 year freeze that started in 2016 and was confirmed by the government back in January. Its less a list of promises and more just a vague acknowledgment that they might turn up for work. Though to be fair after Johnson’s unlawful proroguing I suppose willingly doing their jobs might be a novelty. Then there’s the Prime Minister’s insistence that his NHS spending plans are the biggest in investment in the health service in recent memory and you have to wonder if he has some sort of cognitive issue that means recent memory for him is everything up until 5 minutes ago, before which he’s completely unaware of anything he or his party are responsible for. I wish I could get away with that. Claiming I’d made the biggest effort in cleaning the flat in recent memory because I’ve just washed up one cup, despite it sitting on a pile of dishes that’s been neglected for a week.


In an interview on Sunday, Johnson refused to ask what the naughtiest thing he’d ever done was. You might remember Previous Prime Minister and beginner’s Claymation attempt Theresa May said during the 2017 campaign that the naughtiest thing she’d ever done was running through wheat fields, because that was a breach of the commands installed in her EXE file. Johnson though said he would bitterly regret it if he divulged what the naughtiest thing he has done, he, a man who’s been accused of groping colleagues, tried to arrange to have a journalist attacked, got a woman incarcerated in Iran by lying about her, doesn’t know how many kids he has, lied on a bus, lied to the Queen, lied to parliament, wasted money on a bridge, went on holiday during the riots, spent £5m of funding to tackle homelessness on something else entirely, gave government money to woman he was sleeping with and fronted a Brexit campaign that has now been referred to the Crown Court. You wonder if he only struggled with the answer because the interviewer hadn’t put a time frame on it. Perhaps, what’s the naughtiest thing you’ve done today would’ve helped? Or perhaps in recent memory? It could just be that understanding what’s considering to be naughty would require a sense of morals, something that’s remained absent from Johnson his entire career. Just last week the government were accused of whopping untruths, which I think is just a fancy way of saying lies, by former attorney general and extra in Angry Birds 2 Dominic Grieve. This is in relation to a report into the threat of Russian election hacking ahead of the election, but the government doesn’t want to release until after December 12th, as you know, I’m sure it’ll be way more helpful to bolt the stable door once the horse is being handed to you as a pot of glue. The government were meant to sign off the report within 10 working days but insisted that the process takes six weeks, which is handy as weirdly enough, that’s the same amount of time it takes for the election to come and go so it won’t be released till after the 12th. It also makes sense why Donald Trump has been referring to Johnson again recently as the Trump of the UK.  You see? Britain does deserve better.


Or are Labour an even bigger threat to the Conservatives election victories than themselves, as the opposition party launched their campaign with the slogan ‘It’s Time For Real Change’ though it’s hard to tell if that comes from the leadership discussing the state of the UK under the Conservatives or just the PLP talking about their own party leadership. Labour leader and cue tip with glasses Jeremy Corbyn said that Labour would transform Britain, which based on the toys I had as a kid, means it’ll look great on the box but would get stuck somewhere halfway through being a robot and a truck and serve to be only useful as a lobbing device to cause my brother harm. Jezza said they’re going after the tax dodgers, the dodgy landlords, the bad bosses and the big polluters, which again, I’m not sure if that’s various policies they’re announcing or just a long roundabout way of saying ‘we’re taking on the Conservatives.’ So far the policies Labour have announced include, among others, rehousing the homeless immediately, renationalizing the railways, ending tuition fees, a real living wage and free childcare for 2-4 year olds. All of which was reported as radical, which is odd as that’d mean lying and then failing to do what you’ve promised are normal standard policies, and I guess smiling at people, food for all, basic manners and saying thank you would be seem as extremist and highly dangerous. The main controversy has been over Corbyn’s pledge to tax the wealthy, and I sympathize because you can just imagine all those poor billionaires quaking in their boots that cost more than Brexit has, worried that by contributing to society they won’t be able to afford…er…they may not be able to pay for…erm…hang on…it’d deprive them of….nope, sorry I’ve got nothing. As you were. Apparently the super-rich are planning to leave the UK immediately if Corbyn becomes Prime Minister, which is great as they’re easily the worst of all the Marvel characters. Let’s face it, they weren’t contributing much anyway.


Or maybe the Lib Dems are the biggest threat to the Conservatives and is that why party leader and Bing but all grown up Jo Swinson hasn’t been invited to the first head to head election debate on TV? The November 19th show will only feature Corbyn and Johnson, which is odd as I thought ITV had promised to have more women in comedy. Swinson says her party only need a small swing to win a lot of seats, but I’m not sure how dismantled bits of children’s playgrounds will help. What’s more likely to be of use to them is their potential plan for a Remain Alliance, between the LDs, the Green Party and Plaid Cymru in Wales, with each standing aside where the other has a better chance of taking on the Conservatives, so yes ironically at least two parties will always have to advocate themselves leaving. The party have come under fire for campaign material containing yet more misleading bar graphs, causing many to question their ability to excel.

At a rally in Glasgow, SNP leader and at least six of the cast members of TV’s Eldorado Nicola Sturgeon told supporters that Scotland’s future must be put into Scotland’s hands, which would make it tricky to carry anything else like shopping or wear gloves. She said the general election was the most important election for the country in their lifetimes, which is probably due to such low life expectancy in Scotland, and that Scotland stands at a crossroads moment, which is another 80’s show she was definitely about 8 of the cast in.


So as per usual with current politics, no one really knows how this election will pan out. Over 50 MPs are standing down and not contesting their seat on December 12th, meaning parliament is losing over 1000 years of experience, which is equivalent to the amount of time it’ll take to pass Brexit. Lots of female MPs are standing down due to the high levels of abuse they receive and parliament being increasingly bullish and intimidating, which is really bleak. On the plus side, one of the MPs standing down is tooth marks in some meat jelly Mark Field, so that should reduce the violence towards women in the HoC by about 30%. Tactical voting is being used by many voters to work out just who is best to vote for in their area to either get the Conservatives out or remain or leave, because it seems just looking up previous election results and using common sense is too hard for some people. Personally, I will also be tactically voting but by that I mean I will approach the polling station in a pincer movement, before silently dropping in from the ceiling and throwing my own pen at the ballot paper from a distance before retreating into the shadows.


In other news the Phase 1 report on the Grenfell Tower tragedy was released and it blames systematic failures with the Fire Brigade’s response on the night, which is bonkers to do when so many of the government’s cuts to fire services and building regulation safety checks have affected how they work. It’s like blaming soldiers on the frontline with ill-fitting boots and weapons that jam for losing a war. Johnson said that justice will be done, but it’s been two years and still many families that lost their homes have not been rehoused and lots of other high rise buildings are still covered in the dangerous flammable cladding, so forgive me if I don’t trust a man who won’t even abide by car safety laws to fix things. Phase 2 of the enquiry looking at the systematic and construction failures that lead to the disaster begins next year and will no doubt result in government and council officials getting off scot free while stairs will be publicly condemned for not being as useful for escape as slides are.


And lastly, ISIS have named their new leader, which is weird as if he had no name beforehand, how did he apply for the job? Hmmm. And back to the Commons, MP and Nick Park creation Sir Lindsay Doyle was elected as Speaker of the House. So as a Labour minister, I guess he’ll be the best person to go to the pub with as he’ll be ordering for the many not the few!


Oh and just as I’m recording, the Brexit Party candidate for Batley and Spen and woman who looks like she’d still play with the box rather than the present Jill Hughes has stood down after it was revealed that she believes in elves, fairies, mermaids & unicorns, that her horse was reincarnated as another horse and that she comes from the star Sirius. Yep, comes from another solar system and believes in otherworldly creatures, yet still wants tough borders on the channel. FFS.





Yeah ParPolBrods. How’s you? I can’t believe its election time again, it seems to roll around quicker every year doesn’t it? It’s only a matter of days before all the shops are playing all the election songs like, er, Jerusalem, and that one by Keane. Then all the election merchandise will be in stores, like little rosettes to hang on your tree and crackers that contain paper ties and info on the expenses your local candidate has claimed. Could it feel any more festive? Of course not. Are you sick of it yet? The audience I played to in Cambridge on Friday pretty much baulked at me mentioning it all. It meant I had to backtrack and bore them with parenting gags instead which was a shame. For me I mean, and that’s who those gigs are all about right? All those people definitely bought tickets to hear me entertain myself. Ahem.

It has of course been firework central in my local area, though since moving it’s not as mad as last year when we got that firework through the window. Luckily the place we now rent has double glazing so if one did get flung at the window it’d likely bounce back and hit the flingee in the face resulting in something both horrible yet beautiful to watch. Not that I would wish that on anyone and so I’m relieved not be a in veritable banger war zone anymore. Instead there’s been loads of family friendly fireworks events round our way which are supposedly quieter, therefore ignoring how the most family friendly you could be is by using extremely loud ones, so I can’t hear my daughter constantly ask us for things she doesn’t actually want. There is no winning. Due to all the terrible weather we’ve mostly watched out of the window as neighbours’ put on their own shitty displays which is great to show a toddler. Look one firework and….maybe…another one….if we come back in 10 mins…and no? No, I think they’re done. Oh, there’s bang but where’s the lights…and that’s some crying and screaming noises, maybe we’ll close the blinds now.


But rather than fireworks and baked potatoes and hot chocolate, what warms my heart, even though those things do actually, is the fact that you are all still listening to this show meaning that either you’re not sick of the election or you’re kind enough to leave it on play on your phone while you do something else, because you don’t want me to feel alone. Thanks for that. And special thanks this week to Rob and somebody who wished to remain anonymous for the ko-fi donations this week. As I mentioned in the bonus episode last week…which some of you listened to despite it only being 9 minutes long. In my head I want all podcasts to only be that long then I might get to listen to them all the way through, but if you would prefer no more bonus episodes during this election run, then do let me know. If you’ve just not had time to check it out yet, please do as it contains many election jokes that are not on this episode. Anyway, as I explained on that, any donations to the podcast to either the ko-fi.com/parpolbro or patreon.com/parpolbro sites are much appreciated as I have to do even more work for this show than normal and god knows how many rewrites, extras and whatever else will need to happen, so coffees will be necessary please. Also do please keep reviewing the show on all the pod apps but especially Apple Podcasts and just in general spread the word, if you see people reviewing podcasts or you get emails that recommend which ones to listen to, and you have a spare min to contact them and say they need ParPolBro in their lives, it’d be appreciated. And what do you want from this show as the next few weeks carry on? Do you need facts, figures or light relief? Or maybe just some white noise you can play when the news is on to get you through it all? Let me know.


Admin thingies. First up our kids politics show that I do with Tatton from Simple Politics, a website I forgot to recommend in the bonus episode but is a necessary requirement for throught the election to understand what on earth is going on. That’s simplepolitics.co.uk. Anyway, we’ve got our ‘How Does This Politics Thing Work Then?’ show at the Winford Primary School in Chew Valley on Saturday 9th November, followed by the Wardrobe Theatre in Bristol on Sunday 10th November. And we’ve just added as ‘How Does This General Election Thing Work Then?’ show at Greenwich Theatre on November 30th should your children need to know why you keep screaming at the telly and internet.


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On this week’s show I speak to Daniel Trilling, a journalist and writer who specializes in the plight of refugees coming to Europe, and we have a chat in the light of the very sad story of 39 people found dead in a lorry in Essex just over two weeks ago. Plus, in complete contrast to that, a whole new section called Election Flex with some thoughts for what’s happened already and what may come. Yes that title is awful. No it won’t be changing. You’re welcome.





Just about two weeks ago you may have seen the depressing and tragic story about 39 people being found dead in a lorry in Essex. There are still details that aren’t known about that case, and while criminal prosecutions have been made the circumstances around why those poor people were on their way to the UK is not yet clear. But what we do know is that it raises a lot of questions as to why people have to or in some cases choose to come to the UK under such dangerous and life riskingmethods. We keep hearing from various politicians that we need to restrict our borders and Theresa May made a big effort to push out the hostile environment policy, as if the UK needed to be any more unwelcoming when it already had her government in charge and the harshest trolling of trees that is the Daily Mail free at every airport greeting visitors by telling them to go home again. Depending on the election results this looks like it won’t change anytime soon with Home Secretary and the Antisocial Netsmirk Priti Patel insisting the country will have an Australian style points based system, which either means that like Aussie Rules football, people migrating over will get given points in a completely non-sensical chaotic style, or more likely, it’ll just be harder for anyone who isn’t rich to ever live and work here. It is always baffling that to play to the racist trope of foreigners coming over here and taking our jobs, people like Patel make rules so that people can only come over and take the best jobs and houses. Yeah take that, now they’ll only take the jobs you’re too stupid to have. I can’t work out if its super xenophobic or the exact opposite. But when all the facts and figures say that immigration is vital and beneficial to a nation, and it’s no way as high as people seem to the think it is, why is the British government hellbent on making things harder to get here? If Britain is supposedly the greatest country in the world as we’re so often told, why won’t they let anyone come and see it?


This week I got to speak to Daniel Trilling, a brilliant journalist and author who often writes about the horrific situations and treatment that refugees, asylum seekers and others immigrating to the UK are subjected to. I saw Daniel some years ago on an excellent panel about the accessibility of London and how a city of immigration is becoming less open. He was so fascinating to listen to that I’ve been reading a lot of his work and following him online since and I was very pleased that had time to speak to me last week. I asked him all about the effectiveness of tough borders, why people risk their lives coming to this place, I mean, have they seen the state of it, and what to expect in the future for the UK’s immigration laws.


Here’s Daniel:





And we’ll be back with Daniel in a minute but IT’S NEW JINGLE TIME!








Election Flex! Yes that is the new jingle and yes, it did take longer to listen to it than it took to make it, but it’s ok, there’s only 6 weeks of it, until we have another snap election spring next year, followed by one in the Autumn, another two in the Winter and then 15 in 2021. So, this little bit will be taking over from Brexit Fallout until the election is over, and what I need to know from you, is what you need to hear about it all. Do you want me to go through party’s manifestos? Or womanifestos? Or themfestos? What about current polls, tactical voting or just 600 million reasons why you shouldn’t vote Conservative? Get in touch and let me know what you need. But for now, this week as the election is just ramping up and not all the parties have launched their campaigns yet, I thought I’d take you through a tiny look at a small selection of potentially relevant things as this upcoming election is going to be the first in ages where both main parties promise to up spending because let’s face it, the only way they could cut spending after the last nine years is by pledging to come round your house and steal your biscuits.


First to the Conservatives as they’re the ones currently gaming the throne and my oh my has their reign dragged on. Pretty much all this podcast has ever been, since episode 1, is telling you how and why all their policies have been awful, but rather than just do a sort of compilation edit of their worst bits, let’s look at what Johnson’s cabinet has said in the last few days. The NHS is going to be a big old battle ground in this election, not least because it’ll be happening during Winter when the health service takes an extra hit, always runs out of beds and has a terrible crisis with the amount of excess deaths in 2017 to 18 was the highest since 1976 when they didn’t even have doctors or medicine, probably. Then usually the Conservatives say something ‘ah well, at least that’s less people to heat in your homes’ or something sensitive like that and then carry on being in government. I mean, they’ve never said that, but they probably thought it. Or thought those words in a different unrelated sentence. Anyway, this year the NHS will be hit with bed shortages and understaffing as the parties are campaigning which really won’t be great for the party that have effectively caused those issues. Good.


Over the weekend Johnson claimed that his NHS plans are the biggest investment in the health service in recent history. Are they? Well unless Johnson’s about to change his pledge, which less face it, he probably will every 5 minutes until polling day, the PM announced back in September that as well as the £33.9bn for the NHS a year promised by 2023, which was Theresa May’s pledge but also on top of that, £13bn on new or upgraded hospitals which Johnson said would pay for 40 of those. But as you’ve probably heard, the plans are actually only to upgrade 6 hospitals between now and 2025, with further hospitals receiving money between 2025 and 2030 but not for building work, so maybe they can put a few posters up or buy a new sharps bin.


So, six hospitals get £2.7bn for a new hospital building program and another 21 hospital trusts will get £100m which all sounds like loads, but it’s not enough to really fix things. The money for the hospitals new or upgraded, on top of the money that’s already ringfenced for the NHS, means there’s about £3bn of additional funds but most of the buildings that have been targeted for this are in such a state of disrepair they’d need £6bn a year just to keep up. So, this pledge of dosh is not so much life-saving as just giving a decent anesthetic so they won’t notice everything around them collapse. But yes in recent history, it is the most money the NHS has got, but it’s also worth noting that not all of it is new money, some of it is money that NHS trusts had already earned but been told they couldn’t spend, and now they have to crack open their savings piggy banks to make the head pig look good. Senior policy analyst at the Nuffield Trust, Sally Gainsbury is quoted as saying that to claim this is new money is like finally giving back the £10 you borrowed some time ago and expecting to be applauded loudly. Though in Johnson’s case if he actually returned £10 I’d leant him, having assumed he’d have just handed it over to someone he fancied that said they had a new business, I would be so shocked that I probably would clap.


In comparison is Labour’s NHS plan, which we haven’t got all the details for yet but they say overall spending will increase, funded for by taxing the highest earners more than they have been taxed, plus they’d increase tax on private medical insurance. Prescription charges would be scrapped and they’d commission a state drug company to make medicines cheaper which I hope they’d call the National Drugs Administration with a logo saying NDA so no one knows if they can tell each other about it or not. Labour say they’d rollback all the privitisation that’s happened to the health service so far, which I presume includes GPs and they’d create a new National Care Service for personal care for the over 65s. All of that sounds dandy but the costing hasn’t been revealed yet and their last manifesto pledged £30bn in extra funding but this time would need to add the £750m for axing prescription charges and £6bn for doubling who receives social care. Basically, it’s loads, so the question is, if all the super-rich piss off out of the country before they pay any tax, does it happen?


There are currently 150 billionaires in Britain, who between them have assets of over £525bn despite being only 0.0002% of the population. A large chunk of them were born into it, others have gained and maintained their wealth through property speculation and rising housing prices, and others, like Mike Ashley, from being a massive piece of shit. HMRC data from March of this year shows that 381,000 taxpayers who earn more than £150k a year pay more than the lowest paid 20m taxpayers, but they still don’t quite pay what they earn, as lots of it is via methods that are taxed at lower rates. The poorest 5th of the population pay 36.4% of their income in tax, while the richest pay 34.6%. Also that’s on their income, not their accumulated wealth. Corbyn’s plans are to put a 50p tax rate on those earning over £123k a year, whereas at the moment the top rate is just 45p. But there’s no figures on what it would bring in, doesn’t account for any loopholes they may work out or what happens if they all flee but I guess if they do, at least Labour can use all their abandoned properties to house the homeless for free which will immediately be a bonus. Oh and some people have said that Corbyn is a millionaire so it’s a bit much for him to criticize them, which is an odd view as being a millionaire and paying your taxes doesn’t mean you can’t suggest other millionaires also pay their taxes to benefit society. But all figures I could find say he’s classed as one as his salary as an MP for over 30 years, which means he’d have had to not spend any of it. On the plus side, if that’s the case I should be a millionaire in about 15-20 years if I don’t eat, drink, pay my rent and just sit in a corner and wait to die.


Has any of that helped? Probably not but in Labour’s favour they haven’t been in charge of the NHS for 9 years and the Conservatives have and we can all see what they’ve done so trying to pop a plaster on a severed limb really won’t help much unless they pledge a lot more. I haven’t seen the Lib Dems NHS pledges yet but I guess it’ll be something along the lines of ‘we’d like to stay in the EU please’, the SNP’s is probably ‘hahah we’re in Scotland and prescriptions are free anyway dickheads so suck it’ and the Brexit Party likely wants to get rid of all hospitals as they have them in Europe so they’re probably bad.


Lemme know if that’s the sort of grade A content you need or if you’d like more basic overviews of ‘this bad, that great, this terrible’ or something else entirely. Either way the jingle stays. Yes. Yes, it does. You don’t have a choice. Six more weeks of it.



And now back to Daniel…




Thanks so much to Daniel for that. You can of course find him on Twitter @trillingual and his website with links to all his articles is at danieltrilling.co.uk and you can also find a link on there to buy his book Lights In The Distance: Exile and Refuge At The Borders Of Europe. Oh and the podcast I mention about US immigration from Mexico is the Revisionist History episode from season 3 called ‘General Chapman’s Last Stand’. It’s very worth a listen.


Who else to talk to? It’d be great to know who you’d like to hear from over the general election weeks or what aspects of it you think would be good to cover. Get in touch, drop me a line @parpolbro on Twitter, the Partly Political Broadcast facebook group, the contact page on partlypoliticalbroadcast.co.uk or email me at partlypoliticalbroadcast@gmail.com. Or maybe you could tactically send a message based on how a message was last sent most successfully where you are and copy that or alternatively, try something completely different based on blind faith and then don’t complain when all I receive is a gas bill in the post instead which is what we need to avoid happening again.





And that’s all for this week’s show but I am muchos grateful that you listened and if you didn’t listen, I am fewer grateful which I’m sure is the correct Englandish.  Don’t you tell me netherwise. If you did like the listening then please also do buy me a coffee at the ko-fi or Patreon sites because I’ve definitely tried, give the show a lovely review on one of them pod apps like Apple Podcasts please, maybe email one of the people who does podcast reviews and tell them to listen to this weekly shizz talking and maybe tell all the people you know, all of them, even babies. Get them clued up so their first words are ‘Johnson’s an arserag’.


Thanks as ever to Acast, my brother The Last Skeptik for all the showtunes and to Kat Day for the linear liner notes and do give the aforementioned book that she’s part of a donation if you can.


This will be back next week when The Conservatives top their ‘Britain Deserves Better’ slogan by trying an election strategy of telling Britain ‘it’s not you, its us’ before saying they have issues they know they need to work through, then drunkenly sexting all voters at 1am.




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