Episode 70

Released on Tuesday, July 25th, 2017.

Episode 70

Episode 70 – Last episode before a summer break! Tiernan talks to Jason Reed (@JasonTron) at Leap UK (@UKLeap) about the government’s new Drugs Strategy. Plus a mini-interview with Ian Dunt (@iandunt) on where we’re at with Brexit and Tiernan discloses his BBC fees!

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Tiernan talks to Jason Reed (@JasonTron) at Leap UK about the government’s new Drugs Strategy. Plus a mini-interview with Ian Dunt (@iandunt) on where we’re at with Brexit and Tiernan discloses his BBC fees!

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Episode 70

Hello and welcome to episode 70 of the Partly Political Broadcast, I’m Tiernan Douieb and this week, in full BBC pay transparency for the past year I have earned £500 from the BBC, as well as two egg mayonnaise sandwiches, 8 cups of tea and when no one was looking I stuck 3 bottles of water and a Diet Coke into my bag for the journey home because goddamnit I’ve paid my licence fee so I’m entitled to it because that’s how straw man arguments work nowadays.

Yes Parliament has broken up for the summer, but instead of MPs getting up to summer larks, climbing trees, having a go on rope swings, frolicking in fields of wheat with or without consent, everyone has been up in arms about certain BBC presenters earning more than the Prime Minister. Yes, how dare talented people who’ve spent years flawlessly entertaining the masses earn more than someone who spent £143m on an election that didn’t go as planned, then another £1bn to be best friends with people who are adamantly pro-life but you tell them some bread & wine is a dude’s flesh and blood and they’ll jump to consume it. The BBC’s new Royal Charter terms demand they reveal the pay of all it’s stars earning more than £150k and it has revealed a massive gender pay gap between top male and female celebrities. As a result the BBC might be forced to lower male celebrities pay because as we all know, that’s the best way to tackle inequality. What’s that? Some people are wrongly imprisoned and tortured? Well we can’t have that. I guess we’ll have to wrongly imprison and torture everyone for equality.

Meanwhile the last week of was filled with talks of a replacement for Prime Minister and 1 part authoritarian to 3 parts that feeling when you wake up 10 minutes before your alarm goes off Theresa May. The current front runner is David Davis, the Brexit secretary and man who probably read the full story of Icarus and came to the conclusion he could probably make his own wings out of newspaper and sticky tape and be fine. Most polls asking people who the new Conservative Party leader and prime minister should be, actually have ‘Don’t know’ in the lead way ahead of Davis. Thought to be fair, ‘Don’t Know’ is also possibly a very apt nickname for him. Isn’t it weird that rather than a weak Prime Minister who hasn’t a clue what their doing and lacks authority, we’d prefer one who also has all those issues but doesn’t even have the awareness to realise it. May has told the party to stop leaking stories about each other and, as she put it, backbiting, presumably because with most of the cabinet lacking spines, it could cause serious damage. She also told them to go away and have a proper break over summer, as if things weren’t broken enough at home. May herself has gone away again to Switzerland as presumably that seems an apt place for anyone who’s spent the past few months planning their own political death.

Disgraced MP and concertinaed gerbil Liam Fox is taking his proper break in the US where’s he’s discussing a trade deal for a post Brexit Britain. Though we aren’t entirely sure if he’s there for a trade deal with the US or Russia. This comes after Fox insists that the UK can survive after Brexit because as we all know everyone voted not for the country to thrive, but with dreams of a shipwrecked nation, surrounded by corpses of previously thriving national industries, and only a basketball with a face on it to talk to. Yes Liam, sounds great. At least we should get a cheap deal on the basketball thanks to disgraced Fox’s deals with the US.

Speaking of the US, Press Secretary and haunted baked bean Sean Spicer announced his resignation from his White House post on Friday, prompting many to be unsure as to whether that meant he was really resigning or not. Spicer resigned due to Antony Scaramucchi, a New York financier and villain in Man With The Golden Gun as communications director. This is mainly because Scaramucchi’s investments with both Trump’s rivals in the election and the Russian investment bank don’t really help Trump’s attempts to clear his name in concern of his connections to Russia. Hiring Scaramucchi as communications director is similar to Donald sending a telegram to every journalist individually, in Russian, announcing his planned 4th marriage to Putin. Still with Spicer’s record of fuck ups and bullshitting, at least he’s ended his career by delivered some actual good news, that of him leaving. Meanwhile US President and Foghorn Leghorn’s inflated twin Donald Trump has changed his slogan from ‘Drain the swamp’ to ‘drain the sewer’, which is essentially draining a drain. While a paradox is does fit a man who is so constantly and endlessly draining he even drains drains. With any luck the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will start official protests soon, though on the other hand that could cause even more weird Pizzagate allegations.

And lastly Leader of the House of Commons and mother Andrea Leadsom referred to Jane Austen as Britain’s greatest living author, despite this year being the 200th anniversary of Austen’s death. Still Leadsom is all about bonfires of regulation so maybe she’s just keen to remove all regulations that mean you’re dead once you die. This would of course fit with her views on reducing air pollution and farming exports once we Brexit. Labour leader and captain of the Pequod Jeremy Corbyn has again insisted the UK can’t stay part of the single market post Brexit and that immigration would be managed on the basis of economic needs and skills required, prompting many to wonder if we’ll be giving free VISAs to as many competent European politicians as possible.

And Liberal Democrat and arch enemy of the Smurfs Sir Vince Cable has been elected new leader of the party after no one else at all ran against him. No all he has to do is hope the other parties all stand down next election and he should be at No.10 in a jiffy.

And here we are. Episode 70 and the last show before the summer break. You’re all no doubt getting ready for holidays, weeks and weeks of stressful daily attempts to keep bored children entertained or just working the same always but in more uncomfortable weather than normal with more work to do because the rest of your office has all booked time off. I however, will be spending my August at the Edinburgh Fringe festival, hence this wee break, performing my new show everyday from 5th August to the 27th at The Waverley Bar on the Free Fringe at 2.30pm. (But not the 15th or the 19th) You’re all coming right? Good good. So yes, it’s a bit much doing this podcast and that new show all at once so ParPolBro will be on hiatus until some point in September, but it’s fine right, because judging by the past year or so, nothing’s going to happen over summer right? Sigh. Anyway, couple of things before we delve into this week’s show. Firstly even though this podcast is on a break I’ve recently guested on two podcasts that will be out in the next few weeks. The first is Live At The Backyard Comedy Club where I had a lovely chat with comedian Dave Whitney and writer Chris Anastasi. There’s an unnecessary and surprisingly not explosive amount of chat about Michael Bay. Do look out for that. And then if you’d like to hear me talk about Snails, Snakes and Sharks I’ll be on comedian Ryan Dalton’s Into The Wild podcast with comedian and animal expert Simon Watt. Both should be out over the summer so do check those out, they were a lot of fun to record.

Then the only other bit of admin really, apart from please come and see my Edinburgh show please. It’s finally got an ending and is making sense. I’ve also got two more previews before the fringe, firstly at Massam Town Hall if you’re listening to this on Tuesday then well done eager beaver and it’s tonight! So quick haste! Then I’m at the Balham Free Fringe on Saturday which I’m on at 7.10pm but it’s a whole weekend of free Edinburgh previews with all donations going to the Grenfell Towers legal fund. Do check out balhamfreefringe.com and come along to my show but also any of the shows on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Apart from that, thanks for listening to this show as always. There’s at least 5 weeks before the next Partly Political Broadcast podcast after this one so if you’ve missed any or started listening late, you’ll have time to finally catch up and see how much stuff I was wrong about at the time. Also 5 weeks leaves you loads of time to tell other people to subscribe and listen ready for episode 71, to put a review on iTunes or Stitcher and for you to donate to the Patreon at patreon.com/parpolbro or ko-fi.com/parpolbro or come up to me in Edinburgh and hand me a donation with the phrase ‘Sorry, I ran out of brown envelopes.’ All of that would be appreciated but mostly make sure you stay subscribed. According to my stats – yeah I gots stats – most of you are in the UK, a good chunk of you are in the US, 77 in Norway – hei hei – 10 in Korea – anyyeong to you, and Hola to the one listener flying the flag for PPB in Chile. When this show returns I’d love to do more interviews with people on global politics so if you’re listening to this somewhere global – yeah not you astronaut listeners – and you can recommend someone to interview about politics nearer to you, do drop me a line @parpolbro on Twitter, the Partly Political Broadcast facebook group or partlypoliticalbroadcast@gmail.com.

So to, ahem, go out on a high, on today’s show I’m interviewing Jason Reed at Leap UK about the government’s new Drugs Strategy and there’s also a bonus mini interview with several time guest Ian Dunt on where we are with Brexit now. Spoiler: It’s hard to tell where you are when your vision is so forcabily blinkered. I’ll also be looking at BBC pay and mainly wishing it was mine and before all of that, there is, as always, this:


In one of those stories that feels like it could be an analogy for the entire country right now, the UK government are set to spend a lot of money on warplanes that are severely flawed. I feel that could become Britain’s official national motto. Britain: Forever splashing cash on utter trash. The F-35 Lightning II, much like it’s name, is a bit of a flash in the pan in that it looks fancy with it’s ability to transmit data to other aircraft without giving away it’s location, but once you realise that none of the UK’s other aircraft or ships are advanced enough to communicate with it, it’s a bit like hiring HAL 9000 to work on a project with a bunch of broken speak and spells and a mouse wrapped in tin foil. The UK’s main aircraft carrier has wi-fi that’s more shitty than most houses and the jets themselves overheat, manoeuvre badly and a lot of experts have made comments about the F-35’s that make them sound like you’d have more luck with a fleet of woodlouse manned paper airplanes. So it’s lucky that the UK have only ordered 138 units at a cost of over £150m each eh? Especially as defence cuts mean the other vehicles and systems they have won’t work with them. Still Defence Secretary and man who could be any other male Conservative MP at all seriously just look at him Michael Fallon defended the purchases, because that seems to be what the defence secretary does now. No no, not defend the country from possible attack, just defend his own government from everyone pointing out how shit they are. Fallon said the F-35’s immeasurably improve our situational awareness. Sure mate. I suggest a better way to improve your situational awareness is to take your head out of your arse, look around and realise it’s best not to spend a lot of money on what will very quickly be the world’s most expensive scrap heap.

I’m not saying it’s on purpose that the government announced their plan to rise the state pension age 7 years earlier than planned in the same week it’s been announced that life expectancy has stalled since 2010, it just seems more convenient than your local shop. Not my local shop. It’s a Tesco express and it’s barely got enough space to move anywhere, let alone ever having anything in your ever need. Every Little Helps? Very Little Help more like. Eh? Sorry. The pension changes mean that people born between 1970 and 1978 are now going to have to wait a whole extra year than expected before they retire at 68. Work and Pensions secretary and the man with a name that makes it constantly and aptly sound like your vomiting when you mention him David Gauke, said that this would create fairness across the generations by which he presumably meant it’ll be more equal if everyone up to 68 is overworked, broke and struggling. This is going to affect more than 7 million people currently in their 30’s and 40’s who haven’t had the same access to pension schemes as their parents did and are now, because of this change will mean each of them loses around £9800. A review by the former director of the Confederation of British Industry recommended the pension age was accelerated in order to keep the cost of a state pension affordable but as life expectancy has now reportedly stalled, I suppose there’s nothing more affordable than not having to give anyone a pension because they’ve died of overworking before they get there.

Do you like tweeting MPs to tell them what utter belljars they are? Well that may soon be coming to an end and you’ll have to return to just shouting at the TV or at them at hustings in real life instead. MPs have spoken out about the abuse that they received during the election campaign. That’s online, not from each other and the press as apparently that’s just standard. Various MPs said they had received racist and sexist abuse online, which is really not ok, and now the independent committee of standards in public life are looking into whether existing laws to counter intimidation are still fit for purpose. A study by the University of Sheffield and Buzzfeed of over 800,000 tweets during the election campaign found that Jeremy Corbyn received the most abuse online, followed by Theresa May, then condom filled with porridge Boris Johnson, sorry, oh god, is this my fault? It also appeared male politicians received more abuse than female, with the top insult to male MPs being the classic ‘fuck off’. But it also found that abuse to female candidates was more gendered and specifically sexist with their top insult being ‘kill’ which is far more sinister. This is a hard thing to tackle as already a suggestion has been to ban online anonymity, and while your first thought would be great, that means people called ‘Kev’ followed by some numbers who only tweet racist tripe can be dealt with, it also knocks out accounts such as the secret barrister or people who can whistle blow facts, or in fact my wife @proresting who anonymously tweets sexist casting calls. While I agree that sexist, racist and death threat based abuse must be clamped down on, I really think living in a democracy also means I should be able to tweet ‘fuck off’ to Boris Johnson whenever I like. Still if worst comes to worst and there’s some sort of rule in place to make them shielded from any sort of abuse and criticism then we’ll just have to get inventive. ‘Oi Boris you useless wind sock full of blamanche! You hairy sandbag of disappointment! You self hating potato!’ See? Not too hard at all.


We’re already deep into festival season and there’s every chance you’ve already gurned your mush off on trippy sweets while jumping your stompers silly to the sounds of electro spunk. Or something. What I mean is Britain has been named the drugs capital of Europe a few times now, which is either a depressing statistic or a great one if you’ve run out of ideas of other things we’ll be able to export post-Brexit. The fact is though, people in the UK take a lot of drugs and with this sort of government in charge you wonder if it’s the easiest way to keep any notion of happiness. Actually though the amount of Brits taking illegal drugs is down 10% on the year before, but somehow the amount of deaths from drugs misuse has risen, with increasing problems from legal high use in prisons. Particularly a drug called Spice which is causing havoc amongst inmates despite many married couples saying it’s what’s missing from their lives. Sorry. So the government have announced a new drugs strategy and to sum it up, if it wasn’t about tackling illegal drugs you’d wonder what they were on when they wrote it, as it appears to ignore any advice about how actually to deal with issues of misuse.

So this week I spoke to Jason Reed, the Executive Director of Leap UK or Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, and also host of the brilliant Stop and Search podcast. Leap campaign for drug law reform and I thought it’d be useful to ask Jason just what’s wrong with the new drugs strategy, how drugs laws in the UK should be reformed and why are there always records of misuse and not records of people using them properly and having a lovely time thrusting their glow wands to a melodic wump lift hog beat synth jam on a weekend? Ok, I didn’t ask the last one but we did have a very good chat indeed.

So, here is Jason:

We’ll be back with Jason in a minute but first….

Who doesn’t love the BBC? It’s great isn’t it with it’s programs like Cash In The Attic about dosh in hand tax dodgers who keep all their earnings they make from selling dead relatives belongings. Then there’s Eastenders, invented by Dante as one of his images of hell, a perpetual state of chaos and terrifying existence that people watch in order to make themselves feel better because at least in their lives something awful doesn’t happen every 6 minutes. There’s also the Nigel Farage show which is on most Thursdays and Sundays with occasional extra shows on other days where the saggy jowled human belch mouth farts his opinions without question to a nation despite being unqualified in everything he says. Seriously though, I do actually love the Beeb. Without Attenborough’s nature shows, the great bantz between BBC Breakfast presenters and the wealth of top documentaries and dramas and children’s shows and music shows and radio and endless great stuff, I think my life and many others would be worse off. There’s a reason it’s classed around the world as the best state broadcaster and so many of it’s programs are shown globally. This week, as part of the new Royal Charter that began on January 1st of this year and forms the constitutional basis of the BBC, the corporation had to publically reveal the salaries of all of it’s employees earning more than £150k a year. This clause was put in by the last Culture Secretary John Whittingdale as part of a move for greater transparency over how the BBC uses it’s £3.7bn licence fee income because there’s nothing that helps create good TV like showing everyone exactly how you run things so they can all complain about it and tell you how they’d do it despite a lack of experience or understanding of the industry. This is pretty much how Mrs Brown’s Boys happens.

The list revealed Chris Evans as the biggest earner though I suspect part of that fee is just making sure they know where he is at all times so people don’t accidentally see or hear him and can easily avoid. Chris Evans is on a stonking £2.2-2.4m a year because you know, it’s takes talent to fuck up Top Gear. Even grade a bellend Jeremy Clarkson couldn’t manage it. After Chris Evans is Gary Linekar at £1.7m then Graham Norton, Jeremy Vine and eventually 10 down the list is the first female celebrity Claudia Winkleman at £450k. Now personally I’m always a bit funny about how anyone can justify earning quite so much money for doing anything, but the biggest issue is obviously, the gender pay gap which is really brutal between the top male earner and top female earner. Especially as Winkleman often makes shows that are actually watchable. In fact only a third of the 96 names revealed are women which is awful and Tony Hall the head of the BBC has admitted as much. But it’s not just the BBC this is an issue for. By April next year over 9000 large companies are going to have to reveal data on their gender pay gaps and a lot are not very happy about it, with only a third compiling the data by the end of May this year as requested.

Equal pay is different to the gender pay gap, as equal pay is a requirement for men and women to earn the same when doing the same job. But the gender pay gap highlights that women aren’t given the same jobs as men, there are less women in the top echelons of companies so therefore, overall, earn less. Currently only 27% of FTSE board directors are women, which means, tee hee, a lot of men are playing FTSE by themselves. Tee hee. Lord Mervyn Davies, a former trade minister asked the FTSE 100 businesses in 2011 to ensure that 25% of directors were women by 2015, and they did indeed manage that but it’s all stalled since growing only to the 27% mark in the two years since. There are currently more people called John chairing FTSE 100 boards than there are woman. Although to be fair, judging by the people I imagine chairing those sorts of suit hellscapses, I’m sure John is the most likely name for a man or woman doing it. Probably with the surname John and a list of hobbies that include staring at walls and listening to Coldplay.

The data report doesn’t require any of the companies to do anything about their pay gaps which is a problem though 70% of them say they will publish a narrative that explains why it’s the case, so perhaps some sort of rebalance can be addressed. On the plus side the gender pay gap in the UK is at it’s lowest ever and more women aged 16-64 are in employment than ever before so perhaps with the BBC revealing celebrities pay and exposing it’s own gap, and other companies by next April, something may start to change, even if it’s just replacing male Johns with female Johns. With any luck Claudia Winkleman will host Top Gear and then I may start to watch it for the first time in my life. I’m still up for Chris Evans to earn £2.2m a year but only if it’s part of a golden handcuff contract where he promises to just stay in his home all day and never leave.

And now back to Jason….


Big thanks to Jason for talking with me. He can be found on Twitter @jasontron, and his brilliant podcast is called Stop and Search and it’s really worth a listen. I’m going to be a guest on it in September which will be recorded live on the 19th in Waterstones in Islington. Leap UK can be found at ukleap.org and also on Twitter and facebook too, and Jason recommended a number of other organisations and things to check out too so as a recap Culture High is a film on Netflix worth watching, as is Grassroots the Cannibas Revolution on Amazon. Then do check out the Transform Drug Policy Foundation who are @transformdrugs on Twitter, and Anyones Child who are on Twitter @anyoneschild or online on anyoneschild.org.

As there’s a bit of break now there’s loads of time to hunt down guests for the Autumn for this show but, as always, if you’d like me to try to interview someone in particular or a subject you’d like me to find someone to interview about, please do drop me a line @parpolbro on Twitter, the Partly Political Broadcast facebook group or partlypoliticalbroadcast@gmail.com. Or why not come to the Edinburgh Fringe and perform a three hour long performance dance piece to a single tomtom drum beat called ‘Hey Tiernan here’s all the people I’d like you to interview’ and it’s highly likely I’ll scowl at you as you try to flyer me in the rain. Yeah email is definitely easiest.


This week, for the Questiooon Of the Wark I asked you, the aural receivers of this here show thing, what job could now former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer do next? This is of course bearing in mind that he is a man who’s highlights include claiming Trump’s inauguration crowd was bigger than Obama’s despite photo evidence, that Hitler never used chemical weapons on his own people, repeatedly tweeted his own private password and hid in some hedges by the White House to avoid reporters. All of which, to be fair, made him the perfect press secretary for a President who’s every moment appears to be from a sitcom like Friends where you laugh about it at the time then years later realise how vapid and narcissistic everyone was and how there was an obvious distinct lack of black people. Anyway, that was the question, what job could he get next and there were loads of answers, so here are a few that I particularly liked:

Rob Skene He could pull a “Gideon” and become an editor for CNN. ?
Paul Gannon London Underground Platform Announcer.. If there is any job suitable for someone who can’t convey a message, its that one
@BillHarburn 5m5 minutes ago
Replying to @ParPolBro
email deleter.
@gracingtoncoe Jul 23
Replying to @ParPolBro @TiernanDouieb
professional sean-spicer (sprinkling paprika on anyone named Sean)
Stand up…he has months of first class material from the whitehouse.
NRA spokesman – they’re always in need of someone who can deny reality with a straight face…
He should open a brothel, he could call it “Spicer’s Girls”
It’s usually LBC, isn’t it?
Big suit model that wears progressively bigger suits
Official White House gardener
SNL sketches featuring him pretending to be Melissa McCarthy pretending to be him.
Take over SNL’s regular White House Press Secretary pisstake even though it will cost them more ‘cos he’s a man.
Nanny. He’s got plenty of experience after all…
If George Osbourne is able to become an Economics lecturer, I’m sure this means that Sean Spicer has got a PhD in counting people in crowds
New team captain on WILTY.

More questions of the week after the summer break so do keep your eyes out for those on the twitter and the facebook, and small tip, if you are going to take part, which its great so many of you do, please don’t send me a joke that relies on a picture as it’s really hard to convey on an audio podcast despite my amazing acting skills. I mean I can totes do it. I just ahem don’t want to. I’m off to hide in some bushes.


The second week of Brexit negotiations ended last week with David Davis turning up to talks looking like a work experience kid that really wished he’d put down his choices of placement as football club or binman instead. The main report back at the end of the four days was Barnier saying that a fundamental divergence remained between the UK and the EU and that things couldn’t be moved on until the divorce bill and EU citizens rights in the UK were sorted out. That’s right. We’re only 5 months into the process of leaving and two weeks into talks so making absolutely no progress seems fine right? Like being part of the Tour De France and finding 3 weeks in you’ve still been unable to get your bike off the ferry. Despite that stalling Secretary of State for environment and King of the weasel men Michael Gove has already pledged a Green Brexit, which I think is based on the colour we’ll all be after the air pollution gets worse. Or perhaps it’s based on the colour of the Soylent Green we’ll be eating as trade talks fail? Or maybe it’s just the fact that everyone involved on the UK side of things is naïve and green about what on earth they’re doing. Gove made a speech to the WWF, as in the wildlife people not sadly, the old wrestling federation as that’d mean there’s a far greater chance of him being hit by a chair. Gove talked about making vested interests in climate change, just as the government have given the country’s biggest polluting companies a £130m exemption from helping to fund renewable energy technologies. Then he promised to meet the government target of planting 11 million new trees, while the country is almost in a deforestation state of more trees being cut down than planted for the first time in 40 years. Either he’ll change things around sharpish or Gove’s Green brexit and promise to take control of the environment is the sort of hot air that means the best way he could benefit the planet is by promising to stop breathing.

The other Brexit news this week is International Trade Secretary and utter disgrace Liam Fox is currently in America for two days of talks on a future trade deal with the US and because his friend Adam had never visited there before. Probably. Trump said a UK-US trade deal would happen quickly once the UK leaves the EU, and I mean, he’s totes a man of his word, so that’ll be sorted right? Especially after he’s said for ages ‘America first’ so I’m sure he’ll think of us here in Blighty. Even better news and I mean that as sarcastically as possible, all talks so far sound like the UK and US might end up with a sort of TTIP style deal the sort of deal that many voted to leave the EU to avoid, even though the EU now seem to be rejecting it. Well done everyone! As part of this deal Liam Fox has mentioned talk of lifting the UK ban on chlorine washed poultry so that they can be imported from the US to aid a trade deal. Great! That’s what everyone wants! Sovereignity and chickens with a little sticker on saying ‘this chicken you’re about to eat had a shit life till we drowned it in a public swimming pool repleat with children’s piss and old people’s pubes.’ Chlorine washed chicken is banned in the EU on health grounds as there is concern it can increase risk of salmonella as abattoirs use it as a quick disinfectant rather than proper methods. It could also make meat look fresher than it is. Still though, chicken from the US is 21% cheaper than in the UK, and that’s what everyone wants right? Cheap foul play. He’s such a shit Fox he can’t even do getting chickens right.

There is of course even more Brexit chat than that and this week, as it’s the last before the summer, I asked politics.co.uk editor and several time guest on this podcast Ian Dunt for a very quick Brexit update. A quixit if you like. You don’t? Oh. Sorry. A brexit update then. So here is Ian with explanations so thorough it should take you through to September:


Thanks tons to Ian. He is on Twitter @iandunt, and as well as being editor of politics.co.uk his book ‘Brexit What The Hell Happens Now?’ is available from all good and probably bad retailers too and he’s also a regularly contributor on the Remainacs podcast which is well worth a listen and a subscribe too.


And that’s it for episode 70 of the Partly Political Broadcast. Thanks so very much for tuning in and this show is now on a break for several weeks and will be returning at some point in the Autumn depending on when I recover from the Edinburgh Fringe festival. Please do stay subscribed as I may be releasing the odd bit of stand-up and possibly some Edinburgh Fringe recommendations and if I find useful interviewees while I’m there I’ll definitely do some bonus summer episodes if I can as I’m taking all my equipment with me for the month. Yeah take that burglars! You won’t be able to break in and make your own podcasts where you review different locks or funniest ways people leave windows open! Tough titties! During this break please do review the show on iTunes, Stitcher or on posters on trees with pictures of cute pets on so people take a close look then feel cheated they were conned into looking at the poster based on the picture but then happy a cat or dog is safe and ultimately subscribe to the show on the basis that at no point during this recording were any pets lost.

If you’re up at the Edinburgh Fringe please do come along to my show. 2.30pm everyday at the Waverley Bar off the Royal Mile. That’s from the 5th August to the 27th but not the 15th or 19th. I’ll be doing various other show and spots while I’m up there so if you’d like a list of those check my website www.tiernandouieb.co.uk and sign up to my mailing list and check my gigs page.

Lastly big thanks to Acast as always for hosting the show, and to my brother The Last Skeptik for all the music. I hope you have a wonderful, joy filled summer and ParPolBro will return in September when no doubt Liam Fox will have agreed to sell Wales to North Korea in exchange for free trade on some copydex filled Lamb.


This week’s show was brought to you by the number zero which is the amount of battles the heroic Vince Cable had to fight to become Lib Dem leader. Oh how the ballads shall sing about ‘Mighty Vince Cable of Twickenham, became Lib Dem leader because no one else ran.’ Well done mate.

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