Pestminster In Flagrante – Sexual harassment in the Commons, investigations into imaginary hospitals and Tim Dawson at the NUJ on Julian Assange

Released on Tuesday, July 5th, 2022.

Pestminster In Flagrante – Sexual harassment in the Commons, investigations into imaginary hospitals and Tim Dawson at the NUJ on Julian Assange

Are the Conservatives failing to do anything they’ve promised because they’re too busy being sex pests? It, once again, seems that way and while Chris is pinching investigations are being carried out into 40 imaginary hospitals, rivers full of poo and the police being the worst. Plus an interview with Tim Dawson (@TimDawsn) at the National Union of Journalists (@NUJOfficial) about the planned extradition of Julian Assange to the US.




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Are the Conservatives failing to do anything they’ve promised because they’re too busy being sex pests? It, once again, seems that way and while Chris is pinching investigations are being carried out into 40 imaginary hospitals, rivers full of poo and the police being the worst. Plus an interview with Tim Dawson (@TimDawsn) at the National Union of Journalists (@NUJOfficial) about the planned extradition of Julian Assange to the US.


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Hello and welcome to the Partly Political Broadcast, the comedy politics show that reckons if Vladimir Putin were a podcast, he wouldn’t have invaded Ukraine. I’m Tiernan Douieb and this week Conservative MP and kind of man who’d make a sofa showroom feel uncomfortable Chris Pincher, resigned from the frontbench, and had the whip removed due to allegations of sexual harassment, all proving that nominative determinism is definitely a thing. Pincher hasn’t quit as an MP though, presumably as he thinks no one else would reach out to his constituents quite like he does.


Could all the people in Westminster who aren’t sex pests please put your hands up? No actually, could all the sex pests put their hands up as that way we’ll be able to see what you’re doing with them. I will abstain from using the nickname Pestminster as that makes it sound like those running the country are merely irritations and gives hope we could employ someone to go round with some spray and get rid of them. But it is truly depressing that yet another sexual harassment allegation has emerged from the Commons, meaning now 1 in 8 male MPs have no care for consent. Which does of course match with how regularly they try to fuck the country against its wishes. Some years ago toupee’d bollock John Whittingdale reportedly told a sex worker he was an arms dealer as it was less embarrassing than saying Tory MP. Yet now it seems Conservatives are having a competition to see who can make their party affiliation the least worst identifying trait they have. Is it horrendous to be actively letting people starve or freeze? Yes obvs. Is that worse than being a paedophile who actively lets people starve and freeze? No! Bring me the hateful arsehole who only takes pleasure in destroying the British farming industry over the man who also does that but while actively watches tractor porn next to his colleagues any day right? Maybe this is the image change the Conservatives have been looking for. Yes, we are some of the worst, most hateful people on the planet, but we’ve kicked out the people who were also that but liked to touch others at parties too. It is also remarkable that considering how many in the Commons have got allegations against them, that they manage to harass and upset the few that don’t. If only they could all track each other down they could grope away to their hearts content, choosing to only sit on the wipe down benches, while everyone else could safely get on with work.


Chris Pincher is the latest in the series of Tories being somehow even worse than you thought they could be and also exactly what you’d have expected. Claims emerged of the now former Deputy Chief Whip groping two men, causing him to resign from his front bench post as well, it’s not a great look if the guy who’s meant to ensure party votes are in hand, usually has his on someone else’s arse. But since those claims, more have emerged including several dating back quite a few years but somehow Pincher passed the screening process to get the job as Deputy Chief Whip, maybe because for the Conservatives vetting means simply checking for sure that they act like a sick animal. Apparently, as you’ll be wholly unsurprised by finding out, the Prime Minister, like someone threw a kebab into a pile of dirty laundry, Boris Johnson wasn’t aware of specific allegations. So, either Pincher wasn’t vetted properly or Johnson did know about allegations in general and just thought it sounded like he was a good fit to rally others who are similarly grim. Takes one to know one and how would all those other sex pests take someone who wasn’t one seriously? Who better to be the Salacious Crumb to Boris Johnson’s Spaffa the Hutt than someone who, like him engages in activity that in any other workplace would be an instant firing? Well, I say any other workplace, but only because people don’t consider acting or comedy to be a real job and it’s very hard to fire the self-employed. According to a tweet from the PM’s former Special Advisor Dominic ‘if I went cycling I wouldn’t need a helmet as my head makes me aerodynamic’ Cummings, Johnson regularly referred to the MP in question as ‘Pincher by name, Pincher by nature’ before appointing him which is depressing on many levels, one of which is that I would stoop so low that I’d make a similar joke at the top of this podcast. Pincher should now resign from being an MP but the issue is that to those in government this behaviour is just more of what they’re used to.


A story last week broke saying that one MP walked into Boris Johnson’s office when he was Foreign Secretary, only to find Carrie, a woman whose default expression is what anyone else would do when contorting theirs to do a posh voice, in mid-knob slobbery of a, er Johnson. A truly horrendous image for any of you out there but perhaps in some way uplifting to know at least one of them is capable of selflessly giving in some way. Carrie at the time, was not Johnson’s wife, which wouldn’t be an issue if his then wife wasn’t seriously ill and it wasn’t in his office. It’s that sort of carry on that makes me think it’s no wonder they had to redecorate the No.10 flat with some over complicated wallpaper. While there are many jokes to make, not least that this story has made the calls of Johnson out quite nausea giving, it mainly serves to show that yet again, people in government behave like the goers of the Bacchanalia, and somehow, we are meant to think they’ve got time to do any governance at all. Another rumour is that Johnson got his hairdresser pregnant, and she has been packed off to Canada, but many think this can’t be true as its impossible to believe the Prime Minister has a hairdresser. I however would disagree because I think it really explains the state of his hair if every time, he visits she’s got no time to cut it as he’s too busy trying to up the birthing rate all by himself. No time for hair cutting, no time for governing, no time for anything when you must screw everyone and everything. Pincher has referred himself to police and is now seeking professional help after admitting that he drinks too much due to the stresses of the last few months. Oh, I see, these ones were stress gropes as opposed to the allegations dating back years which were more relaxed ones? The drinking culture issue could be tackled as Johnson so promised after the Sue Gray Report was released but it seems there still isn’t much want to do that either. I mean, then they’d have to remember what they got up too and it’d be much harder to deny they had no recalling of events.


Work and Pensions Secretary and depressed bearskin hat Theresa Coffey was asked if the parliamentary estate needed 30 bars as they work long hours. Doctors and nurses work longer hours and save lives instead of reduce them, but they don’t get bars in hospitals so that’s unfair. Though perhaps they should as it could raise NHS funds if patients pay to anesthetise themselves before operations? I do hope Coffey changes legislation so if people turn up the job centre they can mark down spending all day in the pub as doing stressful work for the country. Maybe I’ve got this all wrong though. I mean what could be more representative of the British public than a bunch of people being pissed all the time and giving excuses as to why they’ve not done anything?  And maybe they do need lots of bars in Westminster as that would mean, odds are, you could try and find at least one that isn’t full of sex pests if you want a quiet drink. Coffey said that the amount of bars doesn’t matter, what does matter is being a government and delivering what the people need. Except they aren’t doing that at all and it’s starting to sound very much Eugene O’Neill is writing their ‘tomorrow’ promises for them, no doubt to spout in a dingy drinking establishment full of dubious figures. The government’s official spending watchdog is going to launch an enquiry into the Prime Minister’s constantly repeated claim that 40 new hospitals will be built by 2030. Something that, and sorry if I’m repeating myself here but dear god every week is the fucking same, that I can’t help but feel the spending watchdog could save time by not doing an investigation and just asking anyone who isn’t in the Conservatives who’d very quickly tell you it was a load of balls that aren’t being caressed in the foreign office. The government insist they will build 40 new hospitals, but the plans all appear to be for extensions to existing hospitals or refurbishments of old ones. Then again, the Conservatives did tell everyone to vote for them in the 2019 election on the basis that Britain deserves better, while still being exactly the same bunch of arseholes that had been in power since 2010. They clearly assume that the Clark Kent effect works for politics too and that maybe by sticking the word ‘new’ in front of the name of some hospitals or putting a giant pair of glasses on the front of them, the public will think it’s a brand-new building, confused as to why the inside is still horrifically understaffed and they have to wait for 8 months in A&E. At least under his current despotic comments Boris Johnson could still be in power in 2030 and therefore accountable when it turns out we have 120 fewer hospitals but 40 new pop-up ones once a month on a Sunday like a farmer’s market. Hahaha I’m of course only joking, he will just say he wasn’t aware of any specific hospital promises and then piss off to get a hand bang from whoever it is in charge of dressing him properly and we’ll all realise why he always looks like a norovirus outbreak at a jumble sale.


It’s not just a lack of promised hospitals the government are being investigated for, but also all the rivers being full of human waste, as though they’re cosplaying as Conservatives. Environmental Minister George Eustice, looking like he’s being slowly compressed, is being probed. No, not in a Westminster bar way, but by the office for environmental protection for failures on regulating untreated sewage being poured into rivers and seas. Water companies can only discharge untreated people poo in exceptional circumstances, such as heavy rainfall. But incidents of this soared by 37% from 2019 to 2020 with the only exceptional circumstance being that the Environmental Agency is now run by people who want everyone else to deal with their shit. Still, at least no one will mind if your kids wee in the sea now as if anything it may dilute the far worse matter that’s already there. But do have kids though, even if you can never take them to the beach and they’ll be growing up in a world where a new hospital could be a red cross painted on a skip out the back of a chemists. The birthing rate in the UK has massively declined, despite the Prime Minister’s solo efforts and one Oxford University demographer suggested in a column this week that the way to tackle it is to tax the childless. Yes, that’ll definitely help encourage people to become parents, by showing them how even after tax they’ll still have more disposable income than if they had to pay for childcare. How will this tax work? If your kids are kidnapped or in a tragic accident or get ill, would you then get a letter from the government saying you’d better shag through that grief or stump up the cash? My suggestion would be the reverse and actually we should child the taxless. If everyone who avoided taxes had to provide free childcare for the rest of us, I’d mind far less that they were actively damaging the economy. Sure, Jeff Bezos should pay the UK billions in tax that Amazon has wormed its way out of, but maybe he could just supervise 30 4 year olds for 6 months for free instead? I bet it’d put him off going to space if he had to travel with loads of floating, screaming toddlers. Needless to say, the correct solutions to making people want to have kids would be to fix the housing market, free childcare and you know, not making the future seem so bleak that launching a child into it just seems like a you’re forcing them into a low budget version of Bear Grylls’ The Island. The government are of course on it though with some new, powerful suggestions. Firstly, 50-year mortgages. Yes, brilliant. What kinder gift to your kid than dying and leaving them with all of your debt. Investments are overrated and they won’t have any of those so will have no idea what to do with them. However, they will have a ton of debt and so by handing over whatever remains of a 50-year mortgage, which with our constantly decreasing life expectancy rates may well be 49 years of it by the time you can afford a deposit, then you are just helping add to their growing collection. Why have affordable housing when you spread the payments across several lifetimes? The other big announcement is that parents may be able to save £40 on childcare because the government are reducing the staff to child ratio. Perfect. What better way to know your costs may come down if you’re lucky enough to have your kids go missing because of lack of supervision and then you won’t have to pay for care ever again. Though of course, you will then get taxed till you breed again so ultimately there’s no winning.


The Policing, Crime and Sentencing Bill kicked in last week meaning the police are now keeping the streets safer. No, they haven’t put all officers on house arrest indefinitely. Instead, hours after the bill came into place, the Met sent loads of officers to confiscate the speakers of Steve Bray, aka Stop Brexit Man, the world’s least effective superhero. Is he annoying? Well yes, and the law has now disturbingly been changed so police have to stop annoying or noisy protests. But is he causing anyone harm? No despite the claims of undead Avon lady Andrea Leadsom who said he was violent, but then she also said on her CV she’d conquered all the stars and was the first women to discover food, all while being a mother, so her word is probably not the best factual resource. Was it also necessary for quite so many police officers to arrive on the scene to tackle one man in a silly hat with some small speakers? It does make you wonder that if you are burgled or indeed assaulted that the only way to get the police to turn up quickly might be to pop an anti-Brexit top hat on and play a load of songs no one likes very loudly, and a van load should arrive in no time. That is assuming it wasn’t the Met that assaulted you in the first place, in which case, as you know, you’re better off waving down a bus. One way you can protest without any problem is by blocking a motorway as part of a slow driving protest against rising fuel costs, therefore using up your fuel and meaning you’ll have to pay for more while polluting unnecessarily. Protestors blocked up several motorways and A roads on Monday going at 30mpg in two lanes, but luckily they didn’t at any point get out of their vehicles and protest the world being on fire otherwise they’d have faced 10 years in prison and everyone would have told them to get a job. It’s very important you know what to protest about otherwise your opinion could be an arrestable offence as Britain is a democracy.


The Met police are being put under special measures after a string of incidents that has shown us the best way to drop the crime rate is to defund them. The Prime Minister urged the Mayor of London and least collectable funko pop Sadiq Khan to ‘get a grip’ on the Met’s systematic failures. Because again, everything in the government boils down to groping. Of course, while Khan is indeed in charge of the strategic direction of policing in London, it’s the Home Secretary Priti Patel, who refuses to buy no sting shampoo for her kid so that he learns. But it’s probably hard for her to understand why an authoritarian bullying racist crime syndicate needs any changes when that’s basically her ideal tinder match.


The Scottish First Minister and Dexter from Dexter’s Lab Nicola Sturgeon has set a date and a question for the proposed second Scottish independence referendum and the question should be ‘shall we get tae fuck from those cunts?’ but it will instead be ‘Should Scotland be an independent country?’ The First Minister is aware that her plan may be blocked by the government but is insistent that rather than hold a legal referendum she’d just fight the next general election solely on the basis of leaving the UK. This has been scoffed at by critics because what’s the point of doing an entire general election on the promise of leaving a historic union? Who on earth would fall for that?


Sturgeon said there was more support in Holyrood for independence than there was in Westminster for Brexit and I’d be curious to know how much of that is Scottish MPs not wanting to be groped anymore on their trips down south. Well except for creepy outie and SNP MP Patrick Grady that is, who has had sexual harassment claims made against him but the police have dropped the investigation because he wasn’t wearing a stop Brexit hat at the time and so seemed to be acting how they would. The SNP are still being called on to remove the whip from Grady, but I suppose they’re concerned that with his reputation he’ll defect to the Conservatives if they do.


In Ukraine, Russian attacks have continued capturing the Luhansk region and firing a deadly strike on a shopping centre in the city of Kremenchuk that world leaders have denounced as a war crime. The Defence Secretary and man with a face like an undercooked meatball sub Ben Wallace, wants the defence budget increased because of the threat from Russia, because how else will the Prime Minister keep doing photo ops with troops absolutely miles away from conflict if this war keeps on going? Boris Johnson doesn’t expect the UK to join the war in Ukraine though, and that is probably because he’s been launching an offensive just with his fat gob. Firstly, he claimed that if Russian President and morph on steroids Vladimir Putin was a woman he wouldn’t have invaded Ukraine because Johnson probably imagines they’d be too busy trying to avoid his stubby hands on repeated visits. He has of course forgotten about Catherine the Great who did indeed expand the Russian empire into Ukraine, but I guess to know about her Johnson would have to actually study history rather than get paid to make it up and write books about it. Johnson joked with other G7 leaders about Putin’s photos where he’s topless and riding a horse saying that he and the other leaders all had to go topless too and show their pecs. Which I suppose would be a novelty for Johnson as its usually his trousers he removes for opportunities. Putin hit back by saying the G7 leaders would look disgusting topless and its necessary to stop abusing alcohol. Hey now, Vlad, they work long hours you know? Still, it must be of such comfort to the Ukrainian people currently being bombarded by terrifying weapons that this world leaders have got their back by dishing out the very lamest of playground jibes.


Original Bored Ape Yacht Club mascot Prince Charles has been accused of causing ‘rot at the palace’ after handing out a peerage to a Conservative donor that helped with a failed eco-homes project. Why are peerages always given to people who’ve failed at things? Is it definitely a good thing or are they saying ‘you fucked up and now as punishment you have to hang out with Andrew Lloyd Webber’? This follows accusations that Chazza accepted £3m in donations from human rights abusing Qatari Sheiks, including £1m of that that was in cash in a bag. I suppose if it wasn’t in a bag, he’d have to look his mum in the face too many times while accepting it and that could be tricky for him. All of this poses questions about whether parliament should instead scrutinise royal conduct and spending, because you know, I suppose they’d recognise corruption immediately from first-hand knowledge of what it looks like.


And finally, over in the US, the house select committees hearings about the January 6th attack on the capitol last year, heard from a former white house aide Cassidy Hutchinson that then President and forever sunburnt haemorrhoid Donald Trump directed armed supporters in the insurrection. Hoping he could hold on to power, Trump told MAGA idiots to fight like hell, which I suppose works if the people who believe in you are religious nuts. Then again they also assume hell is full of equal rights for lots of minority groups they hate, and vaccines so it’s a surprise they didn’t listen to him then demand black lives matter before jabbing each other with Astra-Zenaca. Hutchinson said that Trump wanted to be let into the capitol during the attack as they weren’t there to hurt him and when he was driven back to the White House he lunged for the steering wheel and grabbed at the secret service agent’s throat. I’m sorry but the Secret Service can’t be that great if they didn’t see that as the perfect moment to take Trump out and claim it was self-defence. She also told of a following outburst when Trump was told his claims of a stolen election were without merit, and he threw his lunch against the wall and ketchup dripped everywhere. Well, someone that self-absorbed will have issues dishing out condiments to others. Who’d have thought a narcassitic tyrant would have been such a narcissistic tyrant? I know right. More and more witnesses are coming forward with evidence that Trump should never be allowed near the Oval office again. But then how would he spend those 2 days a week he’s not at the golf club, inciting violence or helping Covid spread? Meanwhile Trump’s very good pal and what if the villain from Superman 2 was somehow more-evil Ghislaine Maxwell was sentenced to 20 years for five counts of sex trafficking. Good. The judge said whether you’re rich or powerful no one is above the law, while still upholding an agreement with her defence lawyers not to release Maxwell’s 97-page book of contacts publicly. The True American way, punishing only the woman involved and none of the powerful men. Maxwell is being sent to a prison called FCI Danbury, a low security place where loads of criminal rich types go and is often referred to as Club Fed with music and hobby craft events, so you know, she’ll be relieved she can still keep her career as a socialite.


Oh, and Covid cases have risen by 30% in the last week, with over 2.3m people in the UK having it and cases are set to rise much further. This is all just as the government have scrapped special leave for NHS staff who catch it because it’s just not fun if everyone doesn’t pretend it’s not happening and how wil Covid reach its full potential without everyone doing their bit. All a bit scary but on the plus side, its great to know something is able to recover and expand in this current climate of no growth in the UK, even if it is a virus.





That last line there about Ghislaine Maxwell was written with the idea that I’d have a better joke by the time I came to recording this week’s episode. But no. No, no, no. Oh well. Hello you. Good week, bad week, cardboard box? I have spent a lot of the past few days removing various creatures from vegetables. I realise that sounds off when put like that. My parents gave us a lettuce they’d successfully grown and then it also seemed to come with about 6000 aphids that wouldn’t go away, and two snails. One small, one large. Both of which emerged at intervals while I tried to rinse of the aphids, as if to say I was disturbing them. I was. I mean, having been told I had to leave a flat by a landlord before, I did have some sympathy but then they also have their homes on their backs so two homes is unnecessary. Plus if you eat one of your homes I’m not sure you should be allowed to stay there. Then there was a slug on a cauliflower we bought and a slug on a cucumber and a spider hanging out in one of our cereal bowls. I understand that the cost of food is rising but I am considering offsetting that by opening up a mini beast petting zoo and charging for entry. Do you need a licence for that? Feels like the sort of the thing the Conservatives would really crack down on while letting one of their donors walk around playgrounds with a tiger due to some loophole. Then of course any parents whose kids were eaten would immediately get taxed for being childless. Probably. Maybe. I’m off to the Children’s media conference this week, which is where all the people who make things for kids go and say stuff and drink. I am hoping to say things and also drink, but mostly stay in a hotel for three nights where I won’t be woken by my daughter, sorry agent, at 6.15am while she sings the entirety of the Hokey Cokey at my face. That has been the tradition for the last week and I keep insisting we call the whole thing off but she’s not keen. The conference is in Sheffield which is great as I haven’t been there since some gigs I did at the brilliant Leadmill in the 2 days of October 2020 where we allowed to do shows before we weren’t allowed again then were for a week then weren’t. So, it’ll be nice to be back when things are open and covid is still around and in fact coming back but we’re all pretending it isn’t.


Also, it means there won’t be an interview next week as I’ll be too busy pretending to know how to network but spending all my time finding out where free food and coffee is. However, there is an interview this week! FANFARE PLEASE! But before we get to that, I have had a few people get in touch to say they’ve just started listening to this show so WHERE WERE YOU BEFORE HUH? BIT LATE NOW ISN’T? YEESH! Sorry I mean, welcome aboard if you are a new listener, old listener or one of the many people who just hits ‘mark as played’ on their podcast with the aim of actually unsubscribing one day. Whateever your veteran listenership status is if you fancy telling other people this show exists that’d be amazing, if you fancy donating to the or better joining the completely unrewarding that’d be amazing. And you know, a nice 5 star review at Apple Podcasts or similar podhouses is appreciated even though I don’t think it makes any difference to anything in the history of the universe. But then what does? I don’t think any exploding suns have podcasts do they? No. So there. I’m not sure what my point is really.


So yes, an interview this week. Excited? Or at least not completely ambivalent? Perfect. Then let us jump into this:






They’re taking away our freedom of speech, yell half a dozen grifters on twitter looking like if there was a reality competition to make a fascist boy band. They always make so much noise it often makes me wish they had indeed had their vocal-chords and fingers removed by force. Weirdly though, for all their complaints that they can’t make racist jokes online or say they wished there was various genocides, they rarely ever defend actual threats to freedom of speech. This week Wikileaks founder and ermine Julian Assange spent his 51st

51st birthday in prison, the 4th he’s had to spend like that in the UK, and the 11th in some form of confinement. While I would have cherished the thought of spending my last birthday entirely alone without anyone bothering me, it’s very different when you don’t have a choice in the matter, are stuck in Belmarsh and have been punished for revealing that the American government committed horrific war crimes in the middle east. Assange is indeed a divisive figure, with those who like governments murdering civilians and not telling people about it generally not being fans of his, and everyone else thinking differently. Yes, there was a time when he was accused of sexual assault, though that has since been dropped and if it were true, don’t you think the Conservatives would have made him a front bench MP rather than decide to extradite him to America? Yes, the Home Office have broken their own dubious rules and decided they can’t deport a white person, and Assange is to be sent to America for sentencing within weeks unless his appeal is successful. Whether you like Assange, dislike him, or like me, always think his name sounds like a fancy dish you might order, this is a terrifying and worrying decision not just for the man himself, but for…yes that’s right…actual freedom of speech both in the UK and the United States. It could set the precedent for journalists who reveal any corruption or state violence to be classed as spies and could lead to governments getting away with even more than they already do, which actually is well, loads. And an even more sanitised and controlled press. Though obviously the Daily Mail will stay exactly the same. So, what does the decision to extradite Assange mean for him and journalism? How impactful is his work on Wikileaks over a decade later? And is the best way to fight for a free press just to actually donate to this podcast’s Patreon so I can occasionally do research instead of just looking at Twitter?


This week I spoke to Tim Dawson at the National Union of Journalists. Tim is a journalist but also a member of the executive at the NUJ, as well as former president of the union and convenes the International Federation of Journalists expert group on the surveillance of journalists. Tim has attended Assange’s hearings for the NUJ and IFJ, and written loads about it so I asked him if he would come on the podcast and explain how concerning the Home Office’s decision is, how at threat freedom of press in the UK is and if he’d donate to my patreon. No ok, not the last one, obvs. Some quick pathetic excuses from me. Zoom which I usually record on had a bit of a mare so we went old school and recorded via skype, yes it still exists, I know right? Anyway it means the audio quality is not as good though I don’t think it’s bad either. Look if you want to complain, why not write it all down on a piece of paper, then eat that paper and go away. Second thing is it might be because I’m not doing interviews much at the moment but wow my questions are garbley. Apologies for quite how long it takes me to ask one thing. Luckily Tim was great to speak to and I hope you find him as fascinating and informative as I did. Here is Tim:








Thanks lots to Tim for having time to chat. You can find Tim on Twitter @TimDawsn, his website at and you can find his articles about this subject in particular at the National Union of Journalist’s site, or at the International Federation of Journalists site at


Thanks to Felipe on Twitter for the suggestion of interviewing someone about the extradition of Assange. What else should I bother people about? Who else might actually reply to my emails? Lemme know on Twitter, by shouting at me in the supermarket or preferably just by dropping me a line at




And that’s your lot for this week’s Partly Political Broadcast podcast. If you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit then I’m not sure how this show would help with that, but if you wouldn’t mind telling other people to have a listen, donating to the ko-fi or patreon or just giving it a 5 star review on your podcast hosting app of choice, then you can definitely join my club. I mean you can’t, because I don’t have one. But you could if I did. Yes I know that doesn’t solve your chocolate biscuit needs.


THANK YOU to Acast, my brother The Last Skeptik and Kat Day.


This will be back next week when Boris Johnson announces the way to combat the culture at Westminster is for mandatory heavy drinking for everyone who enters and that way no one will remember what happened so can’t complain about it.




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