Not Including Hospitality – Omnicron Arrives, Policing Bill new worse bits and a chat with Alice Marshment at SEND Advocacy

Released on Tuesday, November 30th, 2021.

Not Including Hospitality – Omnicron Arrives, Policing Bill new worse bits and a chat with Alice Marshment at SEND Advocacy

What links new Covid restrictions with the Home Office’s callous lack of humanity? That’s right, none of it includes hospitality. Will Omicron be all powerful like its name seems to suggest if you shout it as though it’s the alien overlord in a film? Will Labour’s reshuffle ever end? A look at the new terribler bits of the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill and a chat with Alice Marshment at SEND Advocacy (@SENDAdvocacyLtd) about the SEND system.



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What links new Covid restrictions with the Home Office’s callous lack of humanity? That’s right, none of it includes hospitality. Will Omicron be all powerful like its name seems to suggest if you shout it as though it’s the alien overlord in a film? Will Labour’s reshuffle ever end? A look at the new terribler bits of the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill and a chat with Alice Marshment at SEND Advocacy (@SENDAdvocacyLtd) about the SEND system.


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Hello and welcome to the Partly Political Broadcast, the comedy politics podcast that is compulsory in shops and public transport. I’m Tiernan Douieb and this week as the Health Secretary and star of 70’s children’s cartoon Bod, Sajid Javid, says new coronavirus restriction methods will mean people can enjoy Christmas with our families, this can’t be true unless they include a ban on having to talk to each other and someone else entirely doing all the cooking.


It has long been my suspicion that the Conservative government see a lot in common between themselves and Covid-19. For a start they are both parasitic entities that prey on the vulnerable. Also, they both are deterred by masks, and wait until people have become wise to their bullshit, then change and adapt to the situation, making sure they are ever prevalent and have an ongoing presence in the UK. That is sadly where the similarities end as there is no vaccine yet for this government otherwise people would be camping outside medical centres asking for all three jabs at once screaming ‘I don’t care just stick it in my eye if you have to.’ This understanding of the virus and willingness to accept it as part of the nation’s day to day operations, can clash with other government ideology and create problems. This week we have seen a new Covid variant from abroad, yes one of those foreign ones, not like the good old Kent variant that we know and love. No, I won’t call it Delta because why would these woke commentators refuse to acknowledge that we, in this here country, made that variant and now have successfully exported it worldwide with huge uptake. Other countries should be grateful for British, nay English innovation once again. It’s the Kent variant, ok? And suddenly this threat of foreign bodies from overseas, so called Omnicron, from, AFRICA, has turned up wanting to come over here and no doubt take the Kent variant’s job and take up our hospital beds. There was a time you know, back in the days of the Empire when a country like Africa…what do you mean it’s a continent? Yeah, alright mate. A country like Africa would just accept that they have to embrace viruses from Britain in order to live a more civilised life. Or die a more civilised death. Or cough a more…you get what I mean.


We simply can’t accept this as a sovereign nation and so restrictions must return. Not loads of them mind you, as little is known about Omnicron and there is a chance it will want to invest in this country by laundering money through unsafe property developments. And frankly, it’s a virus so it deserves more leeway than anything more dangerous like you know, people desperately seeking refuge. Six African countries were added to the red travel list with only a few days’ notice for travellers to quickly get to the UK without any hotel quarantine times, and masks are now compulsory again on transport and in shops, but not including hospitality which I think could be the country’s brand-new slogan in general as it really does fit everything the government do. Booster jabs are being rolled out to the age groups that mostly vote Conservative and frontline workers too, and schools have been given some sort of vague advice because the Department of Health has to try to remember what they are first and if children are important or not when they can’t even vote or do any lobbying. The Prime Minister, a vacuum-packed mattress that’s been attacked by foxes of a man, Boris Johnson, held a press conference on Saturday which contained so little substance it was almost incorporeal and likely caused the Ghostbusters hotline to go off. But he did say the government would be taking the most responsible cause of action to slow down the seeding, which is something many of his former partners have no doubt wished for before, and they’ll be waiting for three weeks to review it all. Because nothing says responsible like leaving it and seeing how it goes. Johnson insisted no one should change their plans and that this Christmas will be better than last year’s, but that is a very low bar and could just mean that he’s breach rules by having three friends over to look after his kids and will manage to go on at least one free holiday from someone he gave a peerage too, but probably not two. There is no clue yet if Omnicron, with its name like an alien overlord or a gave for the ZX Spectrum that had a soundtrack consisting of fart like sounds and a toy with its batteries running low, if its symptoms are more dangerous than the Delta, but the World Health Organisation has assessed its risk level as very high. Japan has closed their borders to all foreigners, as has Israel, but here in the UK we know best which is why you have to wear a mask in Aldi but no need to pop one on at a concert at the O2 with 20,000 other people. Why would we want to defeat the virus when we can merely confuse it with our stunning lack of consistent logic? Chief Scientific Officer and what if Elmer Fudd was looking into a bright light Chris Whitty said his greatest worry was whether people would accept new restrictions, which is a concern as its very hard to follow rules that no one is sure of. It’s like trying to join in with the words to a song that you’ve never heard before and you’re certain is just an instrumental.


While there is a safety-first approach to travel from Africa in terms of Covid, the Home Office has taken a completely opposite approach when it comes to people legally seeking asylum. After 27 people died trying to cross the Channel last week, the Home Secretary Priti Patel – whose existence provides hope in the inevitable human robot war as she shows people can care even less about humanity than any AI – she opted for the most compassionate response she could manage to the tragedy. Which was of course to say it was France’s fault and they shouldn’t have let them cross in the first place. There it is, there’s that glowing compassion. There is nothing more caring than saying its other places’s responsibility to save lives because we’re just fine over here trying to kill our own population first so stop making it harder for us. Patel also blames criminal gangs that take people over and what she calls ‘the pull factors to the UK’. Listen if people are still willing to travel here despite our current government, raging covid and rivers full of shit, then there’s probably little you can do to put them off. Is it that they are thinking of the old meaning of an asylum and are heading here knowing full well its full of people thought to be a danger to the outside world and themselves and they want to help? That’s one possibility. Maybe we should have Priti Patel’s smug smirk projected across the White Cliffs of Dover? Though I’m worried that ward the sea away too. There are actually fewer people trying to seek asylum in the UK this year than in previous, but boat crossings across the channel have increased because there are no longer any safe ways to do it. Patel’s plan seems to be to make people really want to risk everything to come here, as though she’s seen too many films where characters risk all and go on impossible journeys to reach a magical place. Unfortunately, none of those films end with them being washed up on shore only to be greeted with more disdain than a pandemic. The best way to stop crossing and unnecessary deaths would be what the French government suggested, which is a centre for UK officers in in France, just for them to legalise asylum seekers. But that of course would mean they’d be processed and then have to be given a safe ferry over, which would mean they actually arrive here and no one dies, and Priti Patel isn’t willing to give up the things she enjoys in life just to help others.


The French government cancelled their planned meeting with the Prime Minister and Home Secretary on Sunday, which I think is a missed opportunity as they should’ve kept it but only if Johnson and Patel arrived by dinghy. The reason though was because Boris Johnson decided the best way to cooperate with French President Emmanuel ‘my hair is styled at an ice cream parlour’ Macron was to publicly tweet a 5-step plan that mostly revolved around them there on the continent doing all the work. If the world was a flat share, Britain is the housemate who never tidies up or buys the milk but will post a weekly rota of chores in the hallway that has everyone on it except themselves. It also continues to treat the issue as being relocation, like the crisis will be handled if you just put refugees in next door’s garden and let them deal with it. But I suppose as long as the government pretend that’s a way forward then there’s no need to tackle climate change, stop funding wars or admit that migrants and asylum seekers aren’t the same thing but are all human beings. Patel warned that a lack of cooperation with France would mean more deaths, which sounds a lot like a threat and I’m worried her main plan is to patrol the channel herself with a harpoon like she’s always dreamed of. I am being unfair as the Home Secretary did say she would ask the media to reflect on their use of the word ‘migrant’ to describe the people who drowned, which does sound like there’s some acknowledgment of the constant dehumanising of people who just want to stay alive. At the same time, she hasn’t said what she’ll be suggesting they use otherwise and I am concerned she’ll want them to go for ‘prey’.


Labour’s Deputy Leader and what if Blackley Forest had wood elves Angela Rayner unveiled the party’s plans for stamping out the corruption in Westminster, which sounds like what’s needed but its already hard not to imagine that party leader and plectrum for a face Keir Starmer will u-turn in days and say it’s not stamping out, it’s merely slightly nudging with a slipper covered toe before he then offers some business CEOs all his belongings. Rayner’s speech announced the reforms they would do if they got into power, because it’s always nice to imagine the impossible, which would include ex-ministers being banned from lobbying, consultancy or any paid work relating to their job for five years after stopping being an MP. Which would be really good, but my concern is currently the Conservatives have got around that by just making everyone they’ve ever known a peer instead. Since the deputy leader’s speech, the Commons standards committee have put in their own recommendations which if enforced would mean Boris Johnson would have to declare the cost of his free holiday in Ibiza. But the full report won’t be out till next year and any changes will require a parliamentary vote, so it does feel like dancing around the problem with some nice suggestions. I’m sure Johnson will fit it at least 8 more holidays before its even considered.


As Rayner gave her big speech, Starmer showed just how much of a tight unit the opposition are, by reshuffling the Labour cabinet at exactly the same time so none of the political journalists paid attention to his deputy. Labour are consistently the sort of party that as a guest to a friend’s wedding would use the bit where they say ‘speak now or forever hold your peace’ to propose to someone they fancy. The reshuffle included demoting chin Nick Thomas Symonds from Shadow Home Secretary, though its unclear why as he’d spent the past week providing excellent opposition to Priti Patel by mainly complaining that people were coming over ‘ere and it was her fault. Yes, that is the two sides to politics we need. The party who represents the people who are terrified of immigration and think it’s all France’s fault and the party who represents the people who are terrified of immigration even more. Such a diverse range of ideas. In his place is your aunt who always complains in restaurants Emily Thornberry. Already the Conservatives are dredging up her tweet from 2014 where she took a pic of a white van in Rochester outside a house with England flags on it. She was accused of snobbery at the time, but now it seems like it might have been a smart move as all Thornberry has to do when in debate with the Home Secretary is show that photo on her phone to the opposite benches and Patel will be debilitated in battle as she immediately orgasms.


Labour MP for Cardiff Central and who’s real calling in life is running one of those shops that sells cushions and absolutely nothing else you ever need Jo Stevens, has gone from being Shadow Culture Secretary to Shadow Welsh Secretary, which much of the media called a demotion in yet another misunderstanding about how not having to shadow Nadine Dorries with all the intelligence of a road accident between two pie vans, anymore, that’s basically a holiday. I’m certain you can only do that job for a maximum of 6 months before you’d have to go through some sort of decompression.


Why this reshuffle? Well, you do wonder if an election is in the covid heavy air. After Boris Johnson’s speech to the CBI last week that seemed to be largely about Peppa Pig World, Downing Street had to release the statement that the Prime Minister is not unwell and has not lost his grip. Yes, I’m sure he is which is why you have to release a statement like that about something no one would question otherwise. It’s actually a shock they didn’t go the other way and insist it was something he’d done on purpose. The Prime Minister is merely avoiding health on purpose and is choosing not to hold onto things like sanity because he’s decided to cut down on both as part of a personal goal. In the bizzarro universe we’re clearly part of, the Justice Secretary and the only fully laminated human Dominic Raab had to discuss Johnson’s comments on a TV interview, stating that he used to watch Peppa Pig with his mum, which is odd as it started in 2004 when he’d have been 30. Actually, I say odd, but no, I can imagine that is true. Raab also said he visited Peppa Pig World once and it was a day he’ll never get back so I’m guessing that was when he was Foreign Secretary and he spent the whole time trying to find out who their equivalent secretary of state was.


After his shambolic speech, Johnson was called to meet with the 1922 group, the name referring to the year they get all their ideas from, which prompted rumours there may be a no confidence vote in him. I don’t believe that’s true but only because it’d show they finally have notions in line with the public and I’m not sure that’ll ever be the case. Apparently there is a secret whatsapp group of Red Wall Tory MPs where they are all plotting to install the woman for whom the term birdbrain would mean she’d had an upgrade Liz Truss as party leader. Firstly, it’s clearly not a secret group if it was reported about and secondly hahahahahaha Liz Truss? Hahahahahaha can you imagine what would happen to the party if a vain, clueless moron was in charge? Oh wait. Oh yes, I suppose it would just be more of the same and they’d probably win again but this time with more horrendous Instagram pictures. The SNP are tabling a motion in parliament of no confidence in Johnson to take place in the Commons by the time you hear this. It won’t go through but I’m both glad they’re doing it, and at the same time think only now? I suppose it’s all in the timing but its depressing that mentioning taking his son to a theme park is somehow more devastating than all the other horrors he’s been involved in. But I suppose in a way, it was completely out of character whereas none of the other bits have been and that will make everyone concerned he’s lost it.


At the time of recording, there are just 11 cases of Omnicron in the UK, with 6 of them in Scotland which is not good for the SNP as it shows that actually they do get a greater share of some things over the other British nations. Scottish First Minister and faulty candle Nicola Sturgeon written to Boris Johnson calling for an emergency four nations COBRA meeting but I’m not sure how that would help when he probably wouldn’t bother turning up. Vaccine boosters are being rolled out to all ages from 18 up and the gap from the 2nd to the 3rd jab has been reduced to 3 months, which is good but just misses out on promoting them as part of Black Friday as then you could announce they were 100% off and people would queue up in the masses to get one. Giant angry baby and Deputy Chief Medical Officer Jonathan Van-Tam has said we shouldn’t panic, but at the same time we should be aware of the weather forecast which is great as now I’m worried about a covid variant and massive storms. Still I’m sure in three week’s time it’ll all be over just in time for Christmas. Then again, it’s probably more likely that 2021 is yet another year where there’s a different meaning to the season for giving.


In other news, a review into the bridge between Northern Ireland and Scotland that Boris Johnson commissioned research into, says it’d be too expensive and the benefits do not outweigh the costs. So I’m sure the government will announce work starting on it next year, the costs will triple and it’ll end up just being a collapsing pier off of Donaghadee.


Labour MP and child from an 80s cereal advert Stella Creasy was told that babies are not allowed in the commons. But if that’s true, then who will do the next PMQs? She was informed it was against the rules to bring a child into a debate in Westminster Hall, but the Speaker is asking a committee to review the rules. Good, because it’d be great for kids to be able to see how much more grown up they are than their parents.


And lastly, Barbados is removing the Queen as its head of state and becoming the world’s newest republic. I think there’s something wonderful that a former colony of Britain will show us how sovereignty is actually done. Though they are keeping some aspects of life under British rule as on Tuesday they will swear in their first Barbadian Prime Minister and that’s what I usually do when we get a new Prime Minister too.





Omnicron is so fun to say isn’t it? I keep messing it up so it sounds like Comic Con, where a lot of people do wear masks so I suppose a San Diego Omnicron wouldn’t be too different. It’s the 15th letter of the Greek alphabet, which then sort of become ‘oh’ so it is odd to call a variant of concern a name that could just mean massive disinterest. Then again, judging by some people’s response, maybe that is appropriate. I find it fascinating that conspiracy theorists have already got on the ‘oh yeah just on time, they’ve manufactured this just to ruin our Christmas’. But Christmas being ruined would be terrible for the government, terrible for most businesses and travel companies. I mean really, if wild tigers suddenly appeared on the streets just before Christmas and started eating people, it’d be far more likely that the Conversatives would tell you to ignore the bite wounds and 100s dead every day having been eaten in the midst of shopping for presents, because we must still have a Christmas for the children. Who’ve all been eaten as well. Then on Boxing Day would announce ‘oh actually turns out these tigers are pretty dangerous and you should never go outside again. Well until the January sales.’ How are you? I hope you’re not too concerned about new variant times. Not because it isn’t concerning and you shouldn’t be careful. Oh no, I’m all mask crusader over here. Matt Tracker obvs, because he had that big truck that turned into an attack station and never seemed to worry about parking it which I think would cause me no end of stress. Sorry, where was I. I meant more that I hope it’s not sent you into a spiral of ‘oh no, this is happening all over again’ because hopefully like me, you’re now hardened to this shit and generally expecting things to be disappointing and so it’s a nice relief when it turns out, I dunno, that the Omnicron variant just makes you release wind in the most inappropriate moments and then no one has a clue over Christmas if they’ve got it or not. I’ve got my booster booked in for next week, which I’m excited about. I think, worryingly, I still have student mentality about anything free, even when it’s a vaccine jab and I do have to really hold back on asking if I can take a few to pop in the cupboard for a rainy Sunday and do they have any cup a soups as well. Before then though, I will be on at least 8-10 hours of train journey fun times heading to Glasgow and back this week, so I’m sure sod’s law says I’ll catch at least 5 Covids then because the train will be full of people who believe it only exists on TV or that masks are actually a hammock for your mouth and makes your opinions fall asleep. I dunno. I might spread that one actually. I like the idea of a mouth hammock. I could really use one after gigs when I’ve said too many words.


Hi there. I have no clue what I’m on about this week. It’s so cold that I’ve a large portion of today just trying to thaw my own face out which is not fun. Thanks to you for being here, and you know and all that. It is nearly Christmas after all. Not much admin at all this week apart from a heads up that next week is unlikely to have a guest as I’m about to spend this week romping around Glasgow to really try to get to Omnicron early. I do like being a trendsetter with these sorts of things. I am joking of course, there is every chance Scotland will put in much greater sensible restrictions and safety measures than England, as will Wales because I’m certain the real plan for independence is just to out survive us. Which to be fair, I think is very sensible. So yeah no guest next week, probably and then one more the week after before I clock from this show for a bit of a break as I’m really running out of descriptions for Johnson. Hopefully they’ll get rid of him soon. Yes for the sake of the country and everyone’s future blah blah blah but also because I need someone else to describe and I really don’t think I’ll ever get better for Johnson than windsock full of porridge or porn version of the dog from Up.


On this week’s show I am doing a chat with Alice Marshment at SEND Advocacy about the SEND system in England. Yes sorry Wales and Scotland and Northern Ireland but yet again, like last week, you’ll just have to suck it up that your care systems work better. I know it’s hard to miss out on being included in this show but if you want that to happen, you’ve just got to start massively neglecting your vulnerable citizens again ok? Or it’s a no go, sorry but that’s that. There’s a wee bit about the new amendments to the Policing Bill in the middle too, just to cheer you up. No wait sorry I’ve read that wrong. Just to cheer you down. Yes that’s right.




An MP you might not have heard of unless you are from the constituency of Colchester, is Will Quince. An appropriately named human being, for everything about his face suggests he is made of a sour jelly. Quince is also the parliamentary under-secretary of state for children and families, a role that means he is currently in charge of the SEND review, which funnily enough isn’t named that because it is looking into how quickly the government deliver necessary policies, because otherwise the very fact the Department of Education have sat on this since September 2019 would have provided its conclusion. SEND stands for special educational needs and disability and in the last few years, children in that category have been ignored more than the Prime Minister’s own. Demand for SEND statements, education, health and care plans have increased by nearly 500% in the last five years, and as Quince has said, Covid has intensified some of the issues with the SEND system. Which must be why, like with all other things, the government have handled that intensity by ignoring it for ages and hoping it will eventually go away and everyone will forget about it. It shouldn’t be hard to make decisions on whether or not to support vulnerable children getting an education but you have to remember that money is more important than an effective system and a sense of humanity. There is hope that it’ll be done by early next year, and a 23 person steering group was set up though only one of them has ever worked in schools before meaning the concerns are it won’t do anything required of it and it’ll probably just end up blaming parents and promising some money to spend on a cabinet minister’s friends company whose only experience is hitting SEND on an email. And meanwhile, families with SEND children aren’t getting the support they need during a time where people with disabilities have been neglected the most.



This week I spoke with Alice Marshment at SEND advocacy, where she helps parents with SEND children secure the support they need through their school life. Which as you’ll hear, can often mean legal battles with the council and far, far more stress than it should be to just make sure your child has an education. I asked Alice all about how the SEND system is, if any of the budget announcements or upcoming review will make a difference and just how she does what she does to support families and children.  This was a really good conversation about an issue that much like last week’s, hasn’t been much mentioned over the last year so I hope you find this as informative as I did. Here is Alice.




And we’ll be back with Alice in a minute, but first….




Sometimes having extra things added for free is a bonus. You know, this chocolate has 15% extra free, that’s a win. Buy twelve get another twelve for free even though you’ll never get through that many lawnmowers. But the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill has had some new laws added to it in the last week that if anything, for me, make it even less appealing in what I can only describe as anti-marketing. Oh, don’t get me wrong, the fact that it was already looking like it’d make protesting illegal, racially discriminate against certain communities and making it so writing arse on a statue of a mass murderer would get you a worse sentence than they had. It is very much one of the bills on a long list of bills that are increasing the authoritarian atmosphere in this country. No Bill Murray isn’t on that list. Neither is Bill Nighy, don’t worry. Bill Gates? Yeah probably. Almost certainly. But now on top of the scary boot of new laws and just as the bill is in its final stages before being made lawm, the government have snuck in even more powers for the police which after the last year, is like deciding there should be even more eating after midnight for Mogwais. Wait, that’s a really unfair comparison to mogwais, because they are at least endearing at first. In there are new stop and search laws meaning the police could stop and search you whether or not the constable has any grounds for suspecting the person is carrying a prohibited object. Yep, previously Stop and Search which all evidence says is not effective and disproportionately targets young black men, previously the cops had to at least have reasonable grounds for suspecting you had a weapon or a really old phone or whatever it is that caused offence. I mean their idea of ‘reasonable’ often wasn’t. But now they don’t even need those grounds cos they will just be able to search to avoid serious disruption or public nuisance. Even though I’d say there’s no public nuisance quite like the police stopping and searching people they have zero reason to. If you don’t give yourself up to it though, you face imprisonment for up to a year. Yes, great way to alleviate an overcrowded prison and court system that too.


Then there’s a whole bit that is apparently targeted at Insulate Britain protests, you know those bastards who’d like the planet to survive. Once the bill passes it’ll be a criminal offence to wilfully obstruct a highway, which on the plus side I hope will take out a lot of middle lane drivers, and also any major transport works. And ‘locking on’ will be illegal, which means either attaching yourself to a person, an object or to land, or carrying equipment that facilitates that. But it’s pretty vague so ‘attach’ could mean supergluing yourself to something or, potentially I suppose, getting married at a protest if someone were to deem your wedding an annoyance.


And then there’s SDPOs which sounds like a shit forgotten droid from Star Wars but is actually a Serious Disruption Prevention Order which can be given to anyone convicted of a protest related offence. Which could mean, well, an absolute ton of things and the definition says it can be imposed on people whose activities were likely to result in serious disruption. Yes, its Minority Report level stuff, where you don’t actually have to have caused a crime or disruption, but that you might have. I mean, isn’t that everyone? We all might have caused shit and not only does this terrifyingly mean you can get nabbed if its suspected you are a future disruptor but also wow, really limits potential. If you get an SDPO then you can have restrictions placed on you from meeting certain people, going to certain places, carrying certain things and even posting about protests online. If you retweet a protest you could be given an SDPO. Hopefully of course, the freedom of speech lot who are livid about cancel culture will be up in arms about this any second now. Any…second…no? Guys? They are mostly guys. Guys? No? Weird. I mean this is going to kill off protesting. I mean it won’t. People will find other ways and I’m all for an underground protest scene, possibly illegal speakeasys where you actually speak easy and someone keeps a watch out so the po-po don’t hear you holding a placard. Seriously though, this is terrifying and there is some talk that this may well breach the UN Convention of Human rights and so there could be a legal challenge to the bill about legal things. Which would just be incredible.

The Bill is now in the Lords so they may make amendments too, though the Conservative majority in the commons would probably overturn that. So, what’s left to do? Well protest I suppose, and there’s still some time before it passes so maybe we all need to attach ourselves to the bill as it leaves Westminster for Royal Assent and then it won’t be able to go anywhere or get passed.



And now back to Alice…




Thanks so much to Alice for letting me interview her and you can find SEND Advocacy at and sendadvocacyltd on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Big thanks to Rhiannon for recommending Alice too.


It’s probably a guest free week next one and then not many more before a Christmas break, so who shall I talk to in 2022? Thoughts, suggestions, haikus, charcoal sketches, floral arrangements, send any or all of those or preferably just the first two to





And that’s all folks for this week’s jokes and you know, serious interviews. Hmm, doesn’t have the same Looney Tunes ring that last bit does it? I’ll work on that. As I always say, because hey, I can’t take you lot for granted can I? Thanks for listening to the Partly Political Broadcast podcast broadcast podcast broadcast and if you are a fan of this show, shout about it in the streets or preferably don’t upset the streets and just tell people you know and like about it instead. Join the and give us a shiny 5 star review on Apple Podcasts or the like. If you aren’t a fan, well done for listening all the way to this bit of the show, you are too hard on your self but I will take the stat for your listen and treasure it always, or at least till next week.


Go Ma Wo to Acast, my brother the Last Skeptik and Kat Day.


This will be back next week when the government announces the severity of Omnicron means they will step up their response and leave it for just two weeks instead and then put a reminder in their calendar to ask someone else to do something about it.




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