Delivery Man – Peppa Pig World, Health and Care Bill, HS2 and Carolyne Willow at Article 39 on the Children’s Care Review

Released on Tuesday, November 23rd, 2021.

Delivery Man – Peppa Pig World, Health and Care Bill, HS2 and Carolyne Willow at Article 39 on the Children’s Care Review

Boris Johnson is the delivery man apparently. But aside from bad news and weird speeches about Peppa Pig, what does he actually deliver to anyone? Covid? His DNA. Gags on the worrying Health and Care Bill, the terrifying Home Office everything and HS2 not going anywhere. Plus a chat with Carolyne Willow at Article 39 (@article_39) about the Children’s Care Review.




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Boris Johnson is the delivery man apparently. But aside from bad news and weird speeches about Peppa Pig, what does he actually deliver to anyone? Covid? His DNA. Gags on the worrying Health and Care Bill, the terrifying Home Office everything and HS2 not going anywhere. Plus a chat with Carolyne Willow at Article 39 (@article_39) about the Children’s Care Review.


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Hello and welcome to the Partly Political Broadcast, the comedy politics podcast that doesn’t do political posturing but that’s because it’s hard to get into those positions when you have a backbone. I’m Tiernan Douieb and this week as the Prime Minister and left behind imaginary friend that stopped being fun years ago Boris Johnson tells the Confederation of British Industries that Peppa Pig World is his kind of place, of course it is because precocious, obnoxious swines are embraced there. It’s a wonder he was allowed to leave and not told to keep his costume on and go back on his shift entertaining children.


It’s yet another week in the clown car that is British politics, yet more parts of it falling off and flying into the air, but those driving are still allowed to be at the wheel, even though it’s no longer connected to the car. The government has been criticised for the increase in asylum seekers crossing the channel to get to Britain, because if we dare to suggest we should care for people whose lives were ruined by climate change we’ve caused or arms that we’ve sold then there’s every chance they’ll turn up and realise it’s actually worse here and they’d prefer to go home. I wonder if actually we have now achieved the cult status of being so bad that its weirdly enjoyable, like a 1 star play or film that you just have to see because everyone has told you how rubbish it is, you kind of need to see it just to understand how it still functions without full collapse. Eventually people crossing the channel won’t just be those in need of shelter but everyone from all over the world, stampeding over the border guards that only applied because they got in trouble trying to drown people at the swimming pool. The masses will arrive on these shores and then take part in an organised sing-a-long viewing as the government do their classic number ‘levelling up’ while simultaneously watching the midlands fall into a sinkhole.


In perhaps a small glimmer of hope, over the past week the Conservatives have seen their popularity collapse in line with the state of the country. Their insistence that by cancelling the eastern branch of the HS2 to Leeds was somehow still fulfilling the government’s pledges because they promised they’d deliver it and will. Yes, but it’s much like ordering a big food shop online and they turn up and hand you a bag with one potato in it, saying nothing else was in stock but hey, they did deliver so they haven’t let you down. The high-speed rail line is still going to cost £96bn, nearly 5 times what it was originally estimated at, but now we’re getting even less for that cash, and it’ll connect fewer places. It is not at all dissimilar to Brexit, or the NHS, or education or really anything that has been tainted by the Conservatives since 2011 with their work ethic that you’d expect to see on a daytime TV programme hosted by Gloria Hunniford about cowboy businesses and how you shouldn’t go outside as everyone everywhere is out to con you. Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, a man whose place in life is to sit beside Jabba the Hut and cackle, insists that the government’s promises to level up the north have not been watered down, which can only be true because it’s impossible to dilute something that wasn’t there in the first place. Hence why they’re just pouring cold water on any possibility of the Northern Powerhouse.


The Prime Minister barely delivered a speech to the Confederation of Business Industries that had such low memorable content that even he forgot it half-way through. Apparently there will be a return to the office because there are sound evolutionary reasons why mother nature does not like working from home. Which I assume are because her home is the earth and humans keep making it an unbearable place to be. If the Prime Minister turned up to my home and stuck a brand-new coal mine in it and funnelled a ton of sewage into my living room, I’d not want to work there either. New homes are to have charging stations for electric vehicles from 2022, which sounds good but so few homes are being built I think it’ll just mean the one person who gets one will unwillingly have a fuel stop in their front yard. But aside from that, and nonsensical wittering, the one bit of Johnson’s speech everyone reported was when he praised the theme park Peppa Pig World to the CBI. Of course he did and of course he loves it. Because a make-believe place catered for toddler’s understanding of how things work is what he lives in every day. According to senior Conservatives the plan is to relaunch Boris Johnson, no sadly not into space, but to voters as ‘the delivery man’ which doesn’t really work for him on a number of levels. For a start, he didn’t work everyday during the pandemic and was no way as useful. But also because delivery drivers don’t have a card that says ‘Sorry I didn’t deliver your package like I promised I would but to be honest I never had it in the first place and gave all your cash to my friend.’ Unless it’s like how Little John was actually pretty big and so Johnson can be ‘delivery man’ in that sarcastic stag do type nickname way because as yet he’s failed to deliver much except his own DNA into a cavalcade of unhappy recipients. Last week he failed to restrict MPs taking second jobs, bringing in proposed parliamentary standards rule changes that will affect maybe 10 MPs at best as it will limit paid outside work to fewer than 20 hours a week. This is a purposeful choice to make it not only look like the government are doing something but also pretend that MPs do actually do proper amounts of work rather than spend an hour a month being a ‘consultant’ where all they do is say ‘sure hit up my bank account and I’ll make sure you get a VIP contract to provide all the country’s sanitation facilities because all evidence says your company is a shitshow.’ MPs voted to u-turn on ripping up the parliamentary standards and Johnson said he got it wrong on sleaze, which translated means he thinks he’d got it right but then you all ruined it by noticing so he couldn’t get away with it. Johnson is the sort of man who’d turn up to a stranger’s funeral just to steal all the finger food and would only apologise when spotted as he tried to sneak out with pockets full of cucumber sandwiches, mini sausage rolls and a bottle of wine. Questioned by the Commons Liaison committee the Prime Minister said the ministerial code was very important, but earlier that same day the government’s QC told the High Court that Johnson didn’t have to sack or disciple the Home Secretary and the sort of person that’d cause a cat to hiss if she was within a mile radius Priti Patel over bullying accusations because the ministerial code is not required by law or regulated by law. But then that is probably why Johnson thinks it’s so important because its yet another mechanism that makes it look like he’s doing something when it actually means fuck all. He’s probably also a fan of super foods and the #BeKind hashtag for exactly the same reasons. Johnson did agree to release the minutes of a key telephone between Randox and former MP and walking casket Owen Paterson after they were awarded a massive Covid contract for supplying testing equipment that they then failed to complete. Sadly though, the minutes could not be located, which is a real shame. I can only guess that they must be in the same place as Owen Paterson’s morals.


Johnson has also failed to deliver on the Conservatives pledge that no one needing care will have to sell their home to pay for it. Instead, it now looks like for many poorer families it’ll be a choice between much needed care or keeping their home, like a mean would you rather article in Saga magazine. Much like social media is far more anti-social in its nature and very little worthwhile communication, the Conservatives appear to want to change the meaning of social care so that it includes neither of the things in its name. When the Conservatives tried this before, under protractor creation Theresa May, it was nicknamed the Dementia Tax and nearly cost them the 2017 election amongst other reasons. As is typical of the callous government they seem to be hoping that people have forgotten about that. Conservative MP, minister for lots of petty things and one of those carboard magnetic faces that you shake iron filings onto Paul Scully said in a Radio 4 interview that it’s a fair bill as rich and poor people will pay the same. When told that would mean poor people paid more, he said ‘that’s what levelling up is.’ Ah so we finally get a definition, and it’s that poor people will be used as makeshift steps for rich people to climb. I bet Paul Scully’s review of the horror film Hostel is ‘yes, that’s levelling up.’ The bill will largely cost people in the North a lot more than those in the South but on the plus side at least they’ll have saved money by not being able to get costly tickets for high speed rail services. I can only hope that this plan is thwarted by lots of people placing their hats on the palace of Westminster and that automatically meaning that’s their home. Pretty sure that’s how the law works.


It’s not just about social care, it’s the Health and Care Bill, so the future of the NHS also rests on it and currently the provisions in it are much like the ghost of Christmas future for the health service showing a large gravestone with the health services name on it and a small plaque saying it was paid for by Virgin Healthcare. It will remove the statutory duty to arrange provision of secondary medical services, but on the plus side, should finally give an employment boost to all those dodgy cash in hand back-alley surgeons who have been out of work since the 40s. Private healthcare companies will be able to sit on the integrated care systems board, but I’m sure they’ll be totally transparent with all their minutes and oh, oh no sorry. They can’t be located. How odd. Labour are calling this bill a ‘care con’, yeah catchy, nice one. I swear their aim when writing all these is trying to sound like a real estate seller talking to a teenager. The government don’t seem bothered by ‘care con’ as it just sounds like a big event they’ve set up to show how much they give a shit, but at the vote tonight there is a chance Tory MPs will rebel against it. Which means 10 will, Labour will abstain just in-case someone thinks they have opinions and it’ll still go through on a majority of 600,000.


Another area of anger at the Tories this week is how they’ve failed to stop people seeking refuge by travelling to the UK in small boats rather than waiting for the Home Office to fail to find safe travel for them to get here any other way so they can just die at the hands of a regime the British government helped put in power. 1,185 people crossed the channel in a single day last November causing many who are scared of other human beings to be very upset even though if you just told any of them it was a sponsored thing for Children In Need they’d be well up for it. The number of people trying to claim asylum here has decreased but thanks to our immigration system, the number in small boats has increased as there’s no process for asylum seekers to do in advance of arriving. Of course, in a country currently understaffed in many key areas you’d think a wise person might suggest this influx of people seeking safety could really benefit the country, but sadly Priti Patel is in charge and her unfortunate condition means she can only feel warmth when vulnerable people are treated like shit. What else is she to do as it gets closer to winter? Really though what is Priti Patel to do to deter people coming her when her very presence in a country should be enough to make absolutely no one want to arrive ever again.


Shadow Home Secretary and bellybutton Nick Thomas Symonds accused Patel of comprehensively failing to deter migrants, because the opposition still have a ton of leftover controls on immigration mugs from 2014 they need to shift to get funds. Great move Labour. Instead of providing an alternative humanitarian point of view about this supposed crisis, why not just get as anti-immigration as the Conservatives which their voters won’t believe and your voters will leave you for. I don’t think providing the light alternative of the same thing works for politics in the way it works for margarine. Still, I suppose another way to deter asylum seekers might be for them to realise there’s zero hope of kindness over here from any party so they may as well go somewhere that has more warmth towards human life. Like, I dunno, Antarctica. During a TV interview, the health secretary and rejected M&Ms character Sajid Javid, queried ‘if you are an asylum seeker, why have you not claimed asylum in a safe country already?’ So it’s good that someone has admitted we’re not a safe country and maybe we should just pop skulls on poles around the beaches with big signs saying ‘save yourselves’ underneath. Though I suppose they’d get obscured every time the tide came in and they got covered in shit. Minister for existing without anyone noticing Stephen Barclay is going to lead a review in the rise of crossings, which feels very much like asking a child to do the pollen count and hoping they won’t bother you for several hours.


A proposed rule change has been sneakily added to the nationality and borders bill that would allow the home office to strip individuals of their citizenship without giving any notice. Absolutely terrifying but then as things in this country get increasingly worse, I suppose it could feel like a get out of jail free card if you woke up one morning and found out you didn’t have to be here anymore. It is actually a terrifyingly authoritarian clause but if I may dream, I enjoy the possibility Priti Patel hates so many people that in a fit of rage, she’ll remove everyone’s citizenship except her own, then have to live on this island all by herself with rivers of piss, food shortages and no one to bully.


Adding to the Delivery Man Johnson list, a National Audit Office report says UK ministers were unprepared for the impact of Covid saying that the pandemic exposed a vulnerability to whole-system emergencies. That must be why the government are trying to dismantle big chunks of it so there’ll be less parts to screw up next time. Grant Shapps, ever playing an improv style game called ‘what’s the most mewling shit you can say as an answer’, repeated the oft said line of ‘we were prepared for a pandemic but Covid was the wrong kind.’ Yes, that is true, they had absolutely everything in place for a virus that magically bestowed people with skills they’d never had before and that’s why they gave all that millions of funding to Randox or friends of sea cucumber Michael Gove for testing equipment and PPE despite them not being able to fulfil them. Ah well, somewhere out there is a multiverse where overnight they learned to magic protective equipment through portals in time and space, but sadly in Earth-1218 cruel Covid just decided to make people cough to death instead. Europe is currently experiencing its fourth wave of Covid, with two Austrian states going into a full lockdown again, but luckily scientists say the UK won’t see a fourth wave spike like Europe because our cases are already so high we’re drowning in it. Its like how you can’t get a hangover if you never stop being drunk. Anyway, we all believe Covid is over here so just ignore it I’m sure it’ll go away. Cases and deaths are very high but only if you think about them and Boris Johnson has warned that there is no place for complacency, which isn’t true as Number 10 is a home for it. He is the delivery man though and what that means is that he’ll do something about it in a vague time frame on a day that’s inconvenient for everyone and then will just expect you to stay in and wait. After apologising for not wearing a mask on a hospital visit after being asked to, Johnson was again snapped on a crowded tube train maskless. Maybe his issue is he’s just not sure which face to put one on? Or maybe it’s because the one thing he can definitely deliver is covid.


In other news, the Prime Minister’s dad and dismantled 70s sofa Stanley Johnson has been accused by a Conservative MP Caroline Noakes of inappropriately touching her, which is, well completely unsurprising. Considering the influence he appears to have had had on his son, I’m starting to think Boris Johnson ignoring most of his kids might actually be an act of kindness. The Prime Minister has again refused to make sexual harassment a crime, but now that’s probably because he doesn’t want to make someone a peer after borrowing money off them to bail out his dad.


Culture Secretary and proof that intelligence isn’t key for survival Nadine Dorries says that social media has been hijacked, which is awful news and I’m sorry to see some utter horror obvs took control of her account years ago and kept posting hateful shit on it. Must be awful for her, how will she get it back? Dorries says left wing activists have made people afraid to speak out in-case they get cancelled but also wants to cancel left wing activists, so I worry she’ll hear about her own plans and be outraged any day now. Meanwhile cosplay of Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein and former editor of the daily mail Paul Dacre has thankfully pulled out of the running to be the new chair of Ofcom, blaming the left wing who really run the country because that’s what happens when you’re so right wing the Tories are to the other side of you. He called his experience an infelicitous dalliance with the Blob, which he means as the civil servant contingency, but it does just sound like he tried to snog the Prime Minister and it went wrong.


And finally, veteran BBC political journalist and exactly what it’d look like if you waxed a chimp Andrew Marr, is quitting the Broadcasting Corporation after 21 years so he can get his own voice back. I had no idea they’d been dubbing over him like Gerry Adams this whole time.





Hello you. How’s life? I have just had the loveliest weekend of doing shows in Cardiff and it was one of those ones where it was my first full weekend of shows away since pre-Covid and I was grumbling and not looking forward to being far from home. But then the gigs were lovely, despite one the Friday 19 strong stag do who’d been drinking since 7am and were too drunk to even heckle properly. 19 strong isn’t the right word for people who can barely sit up is it? 19 weak? 19 collapsing? Anyway, despite them, it was such a delight and now I like comedy again. It’s nice when that happens isn’t it? And being in another city was great, even though it was rugby on the Saturday and that means Cardiff tends to look like a plane has just air dropped revellers from above. One man was selling scarves that were half Wales and half Australia. I appreciate his desire for unity but absolutely no one was buying one and I reckon it does sort of ruin sport a bit if you go ‘hey let’s support everyone’. For a start, you’d have to sit in the middle of the pitch, and I reckon that’d get dangerous. Them are big lads. I don’t know. I don’t really know anything about rugby. I do like that it doesn’t matter how you do, as long as you try.


I’m keeping this middle bit brief like a pair of pants this week, as the interview is a long un and as a warning, it is about childcare and does mention abuse but not in any detail or anything like that. But if the mere mention upsets you then maybe give this one a miss. It’s an important one though and one I probably should’ve done earlier but I’ve grown up in a household of two parents who worked in child protection and still do, so I hear about this stuff all the time and regularly forget that I should probably mention it on here as well. I think this is automatically the problem of anything that your parents do suddenly being less important to you which doesn’t seem to happen to rich people does it? Maybe because there’s sadly less inheritance when your mum and dad save kids. If only they’d broadcast racism on news networks or exploited people for labour then maybe this guy could have a holiday. Can’t believe they didn’t think of that. Selfish. So there’s that and then a wee bit in the middle about the social care bill that may or may not have gone through before this episode is even out. Yes, I could’ve waited but no I couldn’t be bothered. I mean, look, its almost certainly gone through right? Tory rebel is one of those terms isn’t it, that contradicts itself like affordable housing or James Cleverly. If I’m wrong, then strike me down with something very soft and preferably that I can eat afterwards. A baguette maybe? That’ll do.




As always thanks to you lot who donate to the, and the few of you who still throw things at the And if you’re super big fans of this show, I should let you know that I’m going to do another live one at the Leicester Comedy Festival on Feb 5th which is live on their festival website now. I have no idea what it’ll involve but probably this, but you know, you’ll see my face. So that may make it worse. I’m also doing a work in progress solo show on the 4th and kids shows on the 5th and 6th too so I’ll be going on about that all loads nearer the time. Essentially, if you live in Leicester, you won’t be able to get away from me for about three days but after that I’ll never return! Yeah I probably will though. I just love those one way systems, miniature statue of liberty and general indifference to comedy much of the city seems to have.


Ok, let’s crack on with some of this stuff:





It should come as no surprise that the government aren’t too hot on social care for children when they led by a man who cares for his own kids like some people do phone chargers by just leaving them at everywhere they stay and getting a new one rather than collecting them. Remember the last education secretary, Gavin Williamson, who always looked like a startled ill horse and seemed to think what children really want it to be in school forever while riddled with covid, which I’ve never seen a single one put on their list to Father Christmas. Yeah him. Back in January he launched an independent review of social care, to radically reform the system that some total scoundrels have been wrecking over the last ten years with cuts and negligence. I just really wish someone could find out who that was. Who could it have been? Curious. Like all independent reviews set up by the Conservatives, the only thing it seems to be truly independent of is the experience or knowledge of the required task. Its chair is a man called Josh MacAlister who looks like he’s forever posing for a top temp staff member of the week photo in a call centre that tries to make people buy holidays that don’t exist and is so independent that prior to the role he received 10 payments from the Department of Education to fund his enterprise training social workers. Frontline, which is the name of the business, fast tracks students with five weeks of training before getting them a year’s placement in a frontline children’s service. Yes, nothing says proper care for vulnerable children quite like qualifying people for social work in less time than someone would need to get beach body ready. Which by the way, obviously means, in my case, looking like you need to be buried up to your neck in sand so no one can see the other bits. The government could have chosen someone with years of expertise in the area but that of course, would go against their brand. The Care Review gave their plans for a major reform in June, with MacAlistair saying the current system was like a 30 year old tower of Jenga held together with Sellotape. Which is confusing as if you sellotaped a jenga tower you wouldn’t be able to remove the blocks to make it shaky. If anything, it’d be a pretty strong tower unless someone who didn’t have a clue was paid to knock it over. There’s been some concern from childcare experts that it misrepresents the children act of 1989, the legislation that protects the fundamental rights of children. But what they obviously don’t realise is under MacAlister who needs a whole act when he can do 5 bullet points on a youtube video and that’ll probably cover everything. Oh and here’s a certificate for making it through to the end and clicking like. But is a reform needed? What parts of the review are most concerning? And does Josh MacAlister play pick up sticks by gluing them all together and buckaroo by pinning all the items to the donkey with tacks?


This week I spoke to Carolyne Willow, a former child protection social worker and longstanding children’s rights campaigner. Carolyne is now Director of a charity called Article 39, which fights for the rights of children living in instutional settings. Carolyne has been brilliantly vocal about her concerns over the care review and so I asked her exactly what the implication of it are for children in the care system, the consequences of running children’s services for profit and just how she is at jenga. No ok, not the last one. Just a warning that this conversation contains references to, though not details of, child abuse, if you are sensitive to that. It was great chatting to Carolyne about something that is being criminally under-reported on right now, despite it affecting the lives of many children. Hope you find this as informative as I did. Here’s Carolyne:




We’ll be back with Carolyne in a minute but first…


There is a teeny, tiny chance the health and social care bill won’t have gone through by the time you hear this. You know for example if aliens happen to land and abduct all the MPs just before they vote or a Rees-Mogg forgets to enclose his human form properly and accidentally envelopes everyone into the void. Labour should be voting against it but who knows they’ll probably try to make a point by abstaining or voting for it but while crossing their fingers or something. All the other parties will and some Conservatives say they are going to, but they’ve probably got lobbying jobs with the private health companies it’ll benefit so won’t bother. Why is this bill worrying? Well loads of reasons including how it gives a terrifying amount of control to Sajid Javid, someone who I’m not sure I’d trust to watch my car for a minute because I’d come back and find it was now part owned by Black Rock. But I don’t this week’s show to go on until the end of time so I’m just going to talk about one bit, which is the bit you’ve probably heard about. The social care lifetime cap is being raised to £86,000 and that’s how much individuals will have to pay towards their care costs. After that, its paid for by local authorities, who as you know, have tons of cash right now. Currently if you have £23,500 in financial assets you have to fund your own care, but that’s now being lowered to £20,000. So under £20k of assets and you pay nowt, over and up to £100,000 of assets, you’ll have to pay up to £86,000 for anyone to give a shit about you when you’re in need. So, this means in a way more people will be covered by local authority funding for care, but also in another way means people with only a teeny bit of assets may have to pay the same amount as someone with a fair bit. But it also turns out, only the amount people contribute personally will count towards the cap, and anything the government contributes won’t. What that means is the less you have, the more you’re going to be putting in than someone who’s got more assets. So if you’re in the South East where house prices are stupid and average £371,000 you’ll be only using 23% of your assets, but in the North where the average house is £160,000 it’ll be over half. If you’ve not got any savings that could mean you end up losing your house in order to cover your costs. Meanwhile everyone’s covering the costs of those with more money to lose less of it. The government says its fairer if everyone pays the same, but that’s a strange view of fair. It’s like saying its fairer if everyone gets to race in the same car but one of the racers needs a specially fitted mobility car in order to use it, one is a child and can’t reach the pedals or drive and the last one is a cat and doesn’t know what a car is. Now that analogy might not work as really no one should be signing a child up to take part in a car race, but what I mean is everyone paying the same, isn’t the same as everyone paying their fair share according to income which would actually be fair and what this will do is simply mean a whole lot of people will be losing homes for care, while others will be getting all that care and all the homes and keep their savings and all the while we’ll be helping them with increased national insurance contributions. There is of course, a chance that what the Conservatives meant by fair is yet again, it’s like one of those rigged fairgrounds where you’ll only be able to win if you know the person manning the coconut shy. It’s not exactly great optics for the government is it, but then I suppose if you want them to care, you’ll have to give up your house for it. Hopefully all of that is irrelevant as it won’t have passed but hahahahahaha I mean, it’s a Tory majority so everything goes through. We can only hope that somehow Geoffrey Cox is found to have twelve free social care plans and then maybe Johnson will be forced to u-turn and bring in a bill that means exactly the same but sounds better when written down.



And now back to Carolyne…




Thanks so much to Carolyne for having time to chat with me last week, and thanks to my mum who recommended her. You can find her and the charity at and on Twitter @article_39. Most importantly, please sign the petition calling for the government to guarantee care up to age 18. You’ll find a link to that in the podcast blurb and Carolyne’s socials.


Who else shall I chat to? I’m hoping to talk to someone about corruption and lobbying soon, but I’m sure there’s tons of other things I haven’t covered on the show yet. Let me know if you have ideas on what they might be, or preferably not just ideas but you know suggestions as if you just send me a weird spider chart that looks like you’re trying to track a serial killer I’ll just be weirded out. So just actual suggestions please and you can do that of course at





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Big merky buckets to Acast, my brother The Last Skeptik and don’t forget to check out his new album, and to Kat Day too.


This will be back next week when the government announces new amendments to the social care bill mean that every person in the North will only get care if they pay for at least three people in Surrey to have a loft extension because that’s levelling up.




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