Face To Face

Released on Tuesday, October 19th, 2021.

Face To Face

Yes the past week of political news has been pretty bleak with the tragic murder of David Amess, but we must also remember that it wasn’t all bad as Matt Hancock lost he job he thought he already had. GP league tables, net zero reports and somehow jokes about the last week even though it was a miserable one. Plus a chat with Dr Helen Salisbury (@HelenRSalisbury) at Independent Sage (@IndependentSage) about the current treatment of GPs and how Covid really hasn’t gone away.

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Yes the past week of political news has been pretty bleak with the tragic murder of David Amess, but we must also remember that it wasn’t all bad as Matt Hancock lost he job he thought he already had. GP league tables, net zero reports and somehow jokes about the last week even though it was a miserable one. Plus a chat with Dr Helen Salisbury (@HelenRSalisbury) at Independent Sage (@IndependentSage) about the current treatment of GPs and how Covid really hasn’t gone away.


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Hello and welcome to the Partly Political Broadcast, the comedy politics podcast that believes in increasing face-to-face appointments for everyone, but only because that’s what I call kissing. I’m Tiernan Douieb and this week as Justice Secretary and what if constipation had a face Dominic Raab says there will be no gifting terrorists or others who want to paralyse our democracy, I ask can I still send them Christmas cards though or is that out too? And isn’t our democracy paralysed already which is why the government keep insisting its fit for work?


Look, before we get to the grim news of the past week which we will, let’s just, for one small minute, enjoy our lives by starting with former health secretary and stupid cycle helmet Matt Hancock. I know that nothing that’s ever started with Matt Hancock has ever ended well, but last week he announced that he had been given a role in the United Nations helping Africa’s economy recover from Covid. Of course, we were all concerned that several countries on the continent would find themselves bankrupt after they spent billions paying for financial advice from the man at Matt Hancock’s local pub who once won £20 on the fruit machines but was qualified for this job as he got a Lynx Africa box set last Christmas. Before the week was over though, Africa was saved as the UN announced his appointment was not being taken forward, much like everything Hancock is ever involved in. He says of course, that it’s to do with a rule that ‘came to light’ saying he can’t do the UN job whilst also serving his constituency of West Suffolk, but that’s really taking liberties with the term serving unless everyone there had been campaigning for some time for chunks of their population to die off from Covid and have their tax money spent on an app that doesn’t work. It’s far more likely that the UN decided to google his endeavours and realised it was safer to not let him work in a job providing aid when he’s likely end up fucking it on CCTV instead. So just enjoy that, just for a brief second. Hahahahahaah he lost his job before he got it ahahahahahahahaah. Right, now stop that and onto the awful shit:


Conservative MP David Amess was brutally murdered in his constituency office in Leigh On Sea last Friday in an upsetting and tragic attack. You don’t need me to say it because it’s pretty obvious, but I will anyway as it’s my podcast, that no one, regardless of their politics, should die in that way and only 5 years after Jo Cox’s murder it’s a very bleak inditement of our society that it’s happened again in the very place where MPs are meant to be able to be accessible to the public. Oof, bit much for a comedy podcast right? So just quickly, yeah but Matt Hancock lost his UN job right? Ahaahahahahahah.


So as is tradition for whenever there’s a horrible event such as political violence in Britain, rather than contemplate, grieve, or do any of the things that a society might need to in order to move on from such an incident in a learning and positive way, instead we all have to point the finger, find out who’s to blame and then spend the next few years calling them names till it happens again. It’s right up there with Morris Dancing and Guy Fawkes night in the list of stuff we know is outdated but love to gather round to all do together as some sort of national bonding. Obviously, the person who is under suspicion of murdering David Amess is going to be to blame and thanks to the news telling us only what we need to know, within hours it was revealed that he was of African appearance. Wow, thanks news, only the most important details there. What does that mean when Africa is the world’s 2nd largest continent and so diverse across its 54 countries? Was it that he looked a lot like the continent itself with one pointed leg, and a large torso that bulges on its left side with no discernible head? If so, was that why he was caught so quickly? The headlines then changed to say he was a British national, but of Somalian heritage because obvs, heritage and ancestry is equally important when you are accused of committing a murder in-case you come from say, Britain and that way everyone knows it’s not a crime but the beginning of an occupation. It has since been revealed that the man in question was referred to the Counter terrorist scheme Prevent some years ago, which like many of the government and police schemes to be proactive in curbing is very little about steps to stop awful things happening and more to whack up societal division with some big logos and catchphrases to make public transport even more exhausting than it already is. Why would anyone make carpets that seem designed to look like how your eyes might go if your brain started shutting down?


So yes, Amess’s murder is being classed as terrorism and isn’t it nice to know things are just chugging right back to how they were before the pandemic? We have been living in a culture of political violence for quite some time now though too, as Dominic Raab pointed out in a BBC Breakfast interview, over the last 11 years we’ve seen the trickle effect from the growing abuse trip into other things of a more dangerous nature. 11 years? That is funny. Just what’s happened in politics that time? Really can’t put my finger on it. In the light of Friday, many MPs have revealed again just how much abuse they get with even Raab saying that he has had three threats to life and limb, though I do wonder if the latter is him getting confused about people campaigning for him to drop some of his policy extremities. Obviously, MPs feeling like they can’t do their jobs safely is largely just down to that one time Deputy Labour Leader and expression of a disgruntled superintendent in a police drama Angela Rayner called the Tories ‘scum’ and if only she hadn’t done that then everyone on the planet who is currently dead would now be alive. It is ok to point specifically her out and vilify her because that’s not the same as doing it to anyone on the right wing. You have to remember that we expect horrible comments from the Conservatives that show they have no disregard for other people but when anyone else says it, it’s worse and carries more impact because we expect more from them than actually calling things out. We must be clear that it was definitely that one time Rayner said that and not at all any of the times people with opposing ideology were called traitors, a threat to people’s safety, vampires that need to be killed or terrorists. Those were all fine and justified on account of their ideas being truly dangerous and having had them implemented might’ve meant some truly awful outcomes like having enough food this Christmas which isn’t worth thinking about. So how to tackle this? Well, a first step, according to the Home Secretary and personified cold spot Priti Patel, is to ban people having anonymous accounts online because by not revealing your true name on social media that gives you the power to reach through the computer screen to whoever is reading your unthought through vomit of grammatical mistakes and pull out all their organs with a pixelated death arm. No, sorry, that was a Kronenberg-esque dream I had the other night, ignore me. As you were. But no, really, because of a murder that as far as we currently know, had absolutely zero to do with any online activity you should really publish all your full details and credit card number including the three-digit code on the back, as your username or for all we know you’re a wrong un. Then of course by not being anonymous, when politicians and media figures cause a pile on because they’ve misread something you’ve written and want to end your career, it’ll be much easier for that to drip into real life and ruin everything you’ve got going for you all at once which is much safer for everyone. Ah well, it’s going to really show Patel up when it turns out all of her supporters are actually called Steve flag 378790903. At the tributes to David Amess in parliament, orc grunt Mark Francois said that the MP for Southend was horrified by toxic online misogyny, which is different to the sort Francois does in real life like when signalling to the former Prime Minister that he’d cut her throat and also definitely not that case that we don’t know he has anything to do with.


MPs also need to be safer when holding constituency surgeries, so Patel is considering offering police protection for them. Which considering other recent events I suppose might work as if there’s already someone dangerous there it might make others not want to tread on their turf. I only hope Patel also allocates a bus to wave down for every MP to feel safe from the police officer too.


It is also important that we have a kinder, gentler politics, just not like the type previously touted by former Labour leader and Schnauzer Jeremy Corbyn. No, because that wasn’t a vote winner, was stupid and was a mockery of politics or something if I remember correctly, and that was why newspapers called him a vampire and said he should be killed which was, as we know, perfectly acceptable. No, this time it’s the sort of actually kind politics that only the Conservatives know how to push through, such as Priti Patel’s plans to give immunity from conviction to Border Force staff if a refugee dies when they push back their dinghies into the channel. Nothing says kinder politics to me like making sure you can kill kids without any consequence though I’m sure the border patrol will all be using their actual names on Twitter so it probably balances out. It’s such a grotesque and fascistic motion that Patel will no doubt use to its fullest, the only vague glimpse of hope is that karma dictate the thousands of drowned bodies will cause sea levels to rise quicker, wiping out all the racist East coast towns Patel is pandering to in one fell swoop. You would of course actually hope that such a policy doesn’t go through to begin with but also as part of being kind Dominic Raab is hoping to push through what he calls a mechanism to introduce ad hoc legislation to correct court decisions the government doesn’t agree with. It would of course, be a lot easier not to be constantly unlawful, but I guess that might require having an ounce of decency and it’d be a lot kinder of the courts if they just didn’t follow the law when it came to cases the government would like to win. Raab is also yet again talking about revamping the Human Rights Act because the problem with it seems to be that it gives humans rights. If no one had any rights to go anywhere, do anything or eat then chances are higher that politicians would be safe because everyone else would be too malnourished & cold to be violent.


The Department of Health are also leaping on the kindness bandwagon by announcing that GPs can take all the in person appointments that MPs no longer feel safe doing. Health Secretary Sajid ‘Cyanide and crappiness’ Javid announced a £250m winter access fund to improve their services but only if they increase face-to-face appointments, which will make it tricky for patients who have problems with anything below their neck. Javid plans to publish league tables of family doctors and deny funding to those who aren’t doing as well, because as we all know the best way to help out a struggling health service is to take even more money away from it and see if they can heal patients using things they find in the woods. There are growing levels of abuse aimed at GPs, while numbers of GPs continue to fall and so what better way of fixing both those at once than some sort of weird competitive element that means only those who are really struggling will get people being detrimental to them. Maybe the plan is to have them all take part until only one super doctor is left who’ll then get to be a GP for everyone in the country, seeing each citizen in the country for exactly a 0.007th of a minute each. Look everyone’s seen Squid Game now, and the government are very aware that it makes sense to follow what the public clearly want and so re-enact parts of it where possible. Maybe the hope from MPs is that by directly hate at GPs people will get confused and abuse doctors instead of them. Before long everyone will be blaming doctors for years of NHS underfunding and the mismanagement of the pandemic and then…oh wait…sorry, this is meant to be topical not cover things that happened ages ago. Javid cancelled his appearance at the Royal College of GPs annual conference last minute, because it’s clearly not safe for him to make face to face appointments especially to a room full of doctors who would have had adequate time to diagnose him as suffering from bullshit.


Remember the former health secretary though? He lost the job he hadn’t yet got so ahahahahahahahahaha. There we go. It’s all ok now.


The Lessons Learned to Date report about Covid was published last week and said the government’s response to Covid was one of the UK’s worst ever health failures ever, ever, so its impressive the government just keep smashing records. The report blames evidence of British exceptionalism, which I think isn’t fair because surely the it’s the fault of the virus to have not recognised that Britain was too great to bother with? Maybe if it had just read a guide or seen a picture of that woman with the lions and the flag or that picture of the England fan with a firework up his bum, it would have turned around and left. It says that the death toll was higher than it should have been, and the crisis exposed major deficiencies in the machinery of government. Well I mean if it is a machine, then I think its long past repair and should probably just be replaced for a newer model. Cabinet minister and wall chart of different shades of off white Stephen Barclay refused to apologise to the families of Covid victims saying that the government took decisions to move quickly. Was speed the most important factor Stephen? What are you, 8 years old? I guess if only the government could have jumped the highest or scored a hattrick past the jumper goal posts then it’d have been even better. Covid infections are currently one in 60 people, with 45,000 new cases a day so don’t you go saying our productivity rate is bad. One test lab in Wolverhampton has been suspended after wrongly telling around 43,000 people they were negative, though to be fair after hearing they’ve had the wrong results they probably are now. The Home Secretary insists that those with Covid are not as sick now as they were. That’s good news. Maybe all those that die from it are not as dead either?


But Hancock eh? Eh? Hahahahhahahahaha


The EU have announced that most Northern Ireland checks on British goods are to be scrapped, and I really hope the ones they haven’t scrapped are any snacks gully erosion in a suit David Frost tries to carry over when he visits. Who am I kidding? He won’t visit. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even know where Northern Ireland is. Despite these proposals, Frost has warned that there is a big gap between the EU and the UK. Yes mate, it’s called the channel you idiot. Tweets from former advisor to the Prime Minister and annoying orange looks unwell Dominic Cummings said that the UK government’s plan was always to ditch the Northern Ireland protocol as soon as they could, which the Irish government has said if its true, shows that they can’t be trusted. Hang on a minute, when did they ever show they were to be trusted? The fact is it’s now clear the British government are so lazy they just couldn’t be bothered to come up with a new slogan for the next election and were keen to keep the one that worked last time of ‘Get Brexit Done’. Cummings insists that the Prime Minister and what if a laundry basket fucked a warthog Boris Johnson never understood what leaving the customs union meant in the first place, which is entirely believable. I’m certain he thought leaving the customs union meant he wouldn’t have to say nice things about other countries’ traditions and could be racist about them again.


Speaking of the Prime Minister, unfortunately, he’s been absent from all of this, only flying back from holiday to lead tributes to his colleague about how David Amess was one of the nicest, kindest and most gentle individuals to grace the benches. A lovely tribute but also makes you wonder why he was in the Conservative Party or in Westminster at all. He must have really stuck out. Until he flew back to deliver that, the Prime Minister was mainly photo’d painting at the £25,000 a night villa he was staying in, owned by eroded gumby Zac Goldsmith because you don’t just get a peerage for being racist and failing to win elections you know? Whether or not Johnson was actually painting or if it was just a photo op has been disputed, but I’d say he never misses a chance to stain the landscape or glossing over reality. It’s been revealed that his wife and basis for the film Penelope Carrie Johnson broke lockdown rules last Christmas by having a friend stay with them, which would only have been allowed if the friend was there to do childcare for them and that can’t have been the case as one person would’ve have been enough to help out with Wilfred and Johnson. The rules at the time were that no one was allowed to mix indoors, but to be fair the very thought of being with the Johnson’s at Christmas means you’d need a ton of cocktails just to survive it.


Shoppers have been told to plan ahead for Christmas due to supply chain issues, which is worrying as I didn’t realise Santa was travelling by lorry or cargo ship this year. The Johnson’s have already planned ahead for December the 25th as by having another baby on the way that means they can have two friends over during the inevitable lockdown. The government have made Britain’s strictest headteacher and woman with the constant expression of someone who’s just stepped on a rake Katharine Birbalsigh the new social mobility chief. She is known for disliking woke culture which is handy for the kids at her school who hopefully get to sleep through her bullshit. Recent comments of hers include thinking that the idea the state should look after your child’s schooling is ridiculous and that all parents should be teaching their children from the day they are born until they are 16. It’s very clear she doesn’t have kids otherwise she’d know that they aren’t great at listening on day 1 and you try getting them to do homework when all they want is feeding. The only social mobility I think Birbalsingh is going to help with is making sure people go out of their way to avoid her at all cost.


The government is preparing to publish its net zero strategy, which based on how they do everything will involve just pretending carbon emissions aren’t there anymore and carrying on as usual. The House of Lords have made 14 amendments to the Environment Bill which now returns to the Commons. These include better protections for ancient woodlands but I’m sure the Conservatives will reverse that immediately on account of always ruining all possibility of historical growth. Prince William, aka the character default in a game before you’ve given them any interesting features, has spoken out against billionaires and their rocket missions because he thinks the only time rich people should experience a lack of atmosphere is at his family get togethers. William says Earth should come before Space and I suppose it will, especially as it will get fucked first.


Research by the University of York says that austerity contributed to over 50,000 deaths in 5 years. My worry is that the government will see those figures and think ‘ah well, its safer than Covid’ before bringing it back in.


In hour of David Amess, Southend on Sea has been awarded city status. Though judging by how politics in England works, that means they’re remembering him by making sure it’ll get taken by a Labour MP. Ha I joke, it’s in Essex, that won’t ever happen.


Matt Hancock though eh? It does feel like it’s proper karma after his stint destroying the NHS as Health Secretary that now he’s also having appointments cancelled within 4 days of getting them. Hahahhahahahahahah




Hey ParPolBrods. How’s you? Really? Oh, I’d get that seen to if I was you but I do think bulging green eyes suits you if that helps? It’s weeks like this one where I do wonder if doing a comedy politics podcast is the worst possible thing I could be doing, so I hope that intro was the right tone. I’m going for a Tony Danza, over say, Blair obviously. If it isn’t, don’t forget to let me know by writing a letter in ink with a quill and then throwing it at a pigeon. Apart from avoiding the news, this week I have mainly been trying to answer the endless weird questions thrown at me by my daughter. Yesterday’s included ‘what happens if you poo on a gooses’ necklace?’ I mean where do you even begin with that one. Do geese where necklaces? Is this a weird cockney slang phrase for something else? Why would you poo there when you’re potty trained? Then she asked what would happen if you poo’d on a duckling’s wing, which feels like the sort of thing the RSPB would clamp down on you for. Then, while she was reclining on the sofa as my wife was trying to clip our daughter’s insanely sharp nails while she flaps her arms around, honestly its like the hardest job, she suddenly said ‘what would happen if you took a small picture of the police?’ Is she working out the legality of keeping tabs on officers? How is she in tune with that? I haven’t let her listen to this show, so I’m guessing Paw Patrol has gotten real dark. Another highlight was ‘what happens if you don’t have a mouth?’ and it took a lot of willpower to not say ‘then you wouldn’t ask me 400 weird questions a minute.’ It’s amazing watching her be inquisitive about everything and then you look online and nobody wants to ask any questions about anything at all. When does that leave us? There’s a question for you. Yeah I’m quite tired after asking that so maybe that’s it, it’s just less effort to go along with things.


Big thanks to Taz who moved his donations over from ko-fi to the patreon as part of my mega plan to have you all in one place and ultimately give me less money as the pound collpases against the dollar. It’s always nice to make things harder for yourself isn’t it? If you’d like to contribute towards the making of this here relentless challenge of how on earth do I write gags when that’s happened, then do please donate even £1 a month to the patreon.com/parpolbro and it all goes to justifying me continuing this nonsense instead of yelling into a bin. Its episode 250 in but a few weeks. I don’t know if I’ll be doing anything special but that means I’ll have done…hang on…an absolute ton of writing that all expired within a week of it coming out. What have you done with your life eh? Oh something more substantial that still has value. Ok, touche to you. Yeeesh.


I’ve also got to let you know this week that the interview is a good one but the sound is a bad one. It’s entirely the fault of my internet and the best I could to fix it but much like the government I think I managed to make it worse. Anyway, I think it’s still very listenable but I would say that because I want you to listen to it. Perhaps pretend we chatted underwater or something like that and then you’ll think it’s not as bad as it could be? Other thing which is not at all this podcast based, I’ve done a series of how to do stand up videos for kids, in line with CBBC’s Scream Street show. They are coming out in the next few days and I will be shamelessly posting them everywhere. If you have kids, get them to give them a watch, or watch them yourself, or just hit play and leave the room and I won’t know otherwise.


On this week’s show I chat to Dr Helen Salisbury who is part of Independent Sage about the fact that Covid is still very much here and also about how Sajid Javid hates GPs. Plus a little bit in the middle about net zero. No that isn’t about having no nets. No, sports will be safe. Calm down, you’ll still be able to catch butterflies. Though I’m not sure you should.




A very regularly uttered soundbite by politicians over the past 19 months has been that ‘we have to learn to live with Covid’. Yes, people who’ve died from it, why wouldn’t you just learn to let the virus flatshare with you instead? Selfish. With UK daily infection rates currently in the 40,000s it seems the government’s idea of living with it is largely to ignore it, which says a lot about how they see their family. I wonder if they’ve been spending a lot office hours trying to see which school they could send Covid too so they wouldn’t have to engage with it for two thirds of the year. Sadly, while social media is always keen to point the spotlight at and amplify any dangerous parasites until they go viral, when it comes to dangerous viruses the UK has largely decided it’s best to pretend it’s not there and hopefully it’ll get bored and go away. Which it definitely isn’t doing as infection rates are now five times higher than any country in Europe. Yeah, take that Europe, seems we can trade within our own country just fine. Erm.


The Parliamentary Health and Care Committee released their Lessons Learned To Date report this week, which stated that the government’s initial response to Covid was one of the country’s worst public health failures ever. To think they put all that time into a 150-page document when I could’ve told them that over the phone in a heartbeat. However, the report also says that the vaccine rollout has basically made it all ok now so it should be fine, except for the 800 people who are dying a week and the fact the rest of the world is likely going to erect a wall round us and daub a red cross on it any day now. Luckily GPs are being ordered to do more face-to-face appointments with patients, meaning if you have got Covid, they’ll be able to say for definite when they too catch it off you and have to cause more a waiting list backlog as they self-isolate. That’s if any are still doing the job after Health Secretary Sajid Javid has decided the best way to make being a family doctor an attractive job prospect is by bullying them because rather than follow the advice of walk away, he’s only ever dealt with bullies by working for them. So with the health service under even more pressure, and Covid rates rising, are we looking at a return to lockdowns and a continuation of the never ending viral cycle? Or does ignoring it and making it go away work and if so, why haven’t we tried that on the government yet?


This week I spoke to Dr Helen Salisbury, who is part of the Independent Sage advisory group. Helen is a GP, as well as someone who teaches medical students and junior doctors in communication skills in the Oxford area. She also regularly writes for the British Medical Journal and now, through Independent Sage, is part of the Independent Sage group who work to provide independent scientific advice to the UK government on how to recover from the Covid crisis. Helen kindly took time out of her very busy schedule of doing actually important work to let me ask her all about the Lessons To Date report, the treatment of GPs by the Department of Health and just what the future might hold. It’s Covid by the way, it probably holds Covid.


Now before we go to the chat…



Yeah, I’ve had to wheel that jingle out again. Sadly, through absolutely no fault of anyone’s but my own, the sound goes a bit funny at times during this and Helen’s voice has an echo to it. I’ve put it through every possible program, but I think it was my internet being rubbish and there’s not a lot I can do. I still think it’s highly listenable, not least because Helen was fascinating to chat to, but if you do have a complaint then please do write to whoever is in charge of the internet and tell them not to do it again.


Here is Helen:




And we’ll be back with Helen in a minute but first…




The government’s Net Zero Strategy, Net Zero Review, Green Finance Roadmap and Heat and Buildings Strategy will be published this week. Yes, that’s all one thing. I mean its four papers but they’re all together so despite it all being about saving energy they managed to waste a lot of words. I mean I’d have gone for NZSNZRGRFRHBS because its super catchy and people would definitely pay attention when you said it. We’ll know fully what’s in it when its released, unlike the gases if all goes to plan. So for now, here’s the headlines we do know, or at least I know because I just googled them and then after this bit, you’ll know. You’re very welcome. The government are aiming to make a 68% cut to emissions by 2030, then a 78% cut by 2035 as well as a total elimination of greenhouse gas emissions that year too. They haven’t said how they’ll do any of that yet, any taxes, subsidies or anything else that will help and there’s every chance they’ll just blame everyone for still breathing out when they fail to hit any of them as we should have known better. They are going to put nuclear power at the heart of it, which I’m sure is how you create the Incredible Hulk, but the problem is all the UK’s current nuclear reactors are due to be retired by 2035 which will really ruin their targets. I didn’t know nuclear reactors retired either but I really hope they don’t plan to travel the world or get an allotment patch as it doesn’t sound safe. There isn’t likely to be any mention about cutting meat consumption but then I suppose thanks to Brexit it’ll all have been bonfired by then anyway. Which also won’t help emissions. Wow this is hard. The installation of new boilers will be banned from 2035, swapping them with grants for heat pumps which I still think sounds like another word for farts. And there will be some stuff about shifting energy policy costs from gas to electricity instead, as it’s a cleaner energy source which is true if I entirely base that on how the mess I make when cooking and how much easier it is to clean electric ones even if they burn everything.


Er, that’s it right now. Hopefully there’ll be more in it than that but leaked papers suggest that there aren’t and it’ll only be half done. So less net zero, more er, net half of what’s left whatever that is. The big problem seems to be the Chancellor and pair of scissors cutting a toilet roll Rishi Sunak and the Treasury who are getting all shitty about the costs of getting to net zero, but also refusing to take into account the long term benefits of creating green jobs or you know, everyone not being dead. The Green Alliance reckons £22bn is needed to fund the plan properly, but currently the Treasury is willing to give around £12bn and setting up a UK infrastructure bank to replace the last one that had more funding but was sold off to Australia in 2017 5 years after it was formed. Sunak is planning to impose tight spending in his next budget by getting the treasury to use old data about the economy, so there’s every chance he’ll be basing the money for the Net Zero carbon pre-industrial revolution so there’s no need to spend anything on it.


Hopefully the NZSNZRGRFRHBS won’t be as bleak as it’s sounding and there’ll be some good policies in there, but as we’ve come to expect, chances are high the only thing that there’ll be net zero of are any actual ideas that might work.



And now back to Helen…




Thanks so much to Helen for having time to chat inbetween all of her actually important work. You can find Helen on Twitter @HelenRSalisbury, and the Independent Sage group can be found at independentsage.org, on Twitter @IndependentSage and on Facebook too. Sorry again about the sound issues when listening to that but I don’t control the internet and have no idea how to stop it, so all tips for how to control the internet, please get in touch and I’ll happily takeover as the Architect of the Matrix just to do better interviews.


Who else, what else, why else, how else do you want to hear on the show? Suggestions for guests or subjects to find guests on, chuck ‘em my way but with non-thrown words to partlypoliticalbroadcast@gmail.com.





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Yeah, thanks and that to Acast, my brother The Last Skeptik and Kat Day.


This will be back next week when Matt Hancock still doesn’t work for the UN. Hahahahahhahahhahaha




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