4 More Weeks – G7 times, Sausage Wars, Nasty Variants and Tom Peters at Tax Justice UK

Released on Tuesday, June 15th, 2021.

4 More Weeks – G7 times, Sausage Wars, Nasty Variants and Tom Peters at Tax Justice UK

More restrictions for everyone, chilled British sausages for no one, socially un-distant BBQs for world leaders. Yes exactly what we thought would happen has happened and freedom day is a bit further away than Johnson planned, unless you’re getting married and then sod it, invite the world. Hancock’s committee appearance, the silly sausage wars and Tom Peters (@tbtpeters) at Tax Justice UK (@taxjusticeuk) on whether the G7 plan to tax the tech giants will work.

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More restrictions for everyone, chilled British sausages for no one, socially un-distant BBQs for world leaders. Yes exactly what we thought would happen has happened and freedom day is a bit further away than Johnson planned, unless you’re getting married and then sod it, invite the world. Hancock’s committee appearance, the silly sausage wars and Tom Peters (@tbtpeters) at Tax Justice UK (@taxjusticeuk) on whether the G7 plan to tax the tech giants will work.

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Hello and welcome to the Partly Political Broadcast, the comedy politics podcast that fully believes in easing restrictions as soon as possible, but only when it comes to trousers. I’m Tiernan Douieb and this week as Prime Minister and missing evolutionary link between a hay bale and gastroenteritis Boris Johnson he is confident this will be the last extension, I ask does he mean in terms of COVID restrictions or refurbishments to the No.10 flat?

Yes, the so called overly optimistic yes we all knew it Freedom Day has been delayed again, because sadly there is still no escape from this absolute shitshow of a government despite all the experts’ advice on it. Four more weeks of restrictions is not going backwards you understand, which if true would make it only thing Johnson’s government have done that isn’t. It’s also not the government going back on their word you understand, as that’d mean their word had any validity in the first place. Infection rates of the Delta variant are rising, or as the lad news channels call it ‘the nasty variant’ because using the Greek alphabet is too European for them or something and in the Northwest cases have risen by 61%. So what better way to counter act all that then by keeping things exactly as they are but not more so, except for weddings who can now have as many people as possible. I mean surely Covid can’t be such a grouch as to ruin people’s happy days right? That’s totes how germs work yeah? Hey at least all the happy couples will know what their guests will be getting them. Johnson said that we are going to have to live with the virus even though it will continue to be harmful, which is probably a similar sentence to what he said in his wedding vows just weeks before. So nightclubs, theatres and much of the hospitality industry can’t open up as hoped for, even though Lord and escapee from Dr Moreau’s Island Andrew Lloyd Webber has insisted he will open up his west end theatre shows on June 21st regardless and I say go for it, as nothing will put people off doing crimes quite like knowing they could end up in a prison where ol’ toady is trying to direct them in a shit awful musical.  July 19th is the new date, even though Johnson said July 29th as though even he has no faith in himself anymore, and he’s insisted it’s the terminus date much like June 21st was or any of the ones before that and wasn’t he meant to die in a ditch at some point?

So that’s 4 more weeks, or roughly the same amount of time he didn’t bother to close travel to or from India by. It’s odd that any of us pretended this wasn’t going to happen and haven’t just binned all calendars till 2023 at this point. Every one of Johnson’s children that he’s promised ‘oh I’ll definitely attend your birthday party this year’ is pissing themselves laughing at everyone who thought 21st June would go ahead as planned. It’s tricky though because when the people who are supposed to be in charge don’t seem to be aware – yes, even though we know there are more intelligent picnic hampers out there than most of the cabinet – then you can’t help but feel like perhaps it’s you who’s wrong for being able to read things or understand when science people say sentences.

Johnson waited until the G7 was over and all the leaders had gone home before he announced the inevitable, because the last thing you want is all the people who you’ve just agreed must work together to end the pandemic know that at home you keep handing Covid a free travel card and telling it to see all the sights. Plus it would’ve really ruined their overcrowded beach barbeque but I guess it would’ve been hard for all those world leaders to know if they were standing by a slowly roasting pig or the Prime Minister on a hot day. No.10 said numbers were below 30 but pictures show they weren’t, unless of course they were only counting those who aren’t completely dead inside.

We’ve all done it haven’t we? Had guests round and rather than clean up properly, we’ve just shoved all our crap into the one room we hope no one goes in only to find halfway through someone gets the wrong door for the bathroom and finds your collection of creepy stuffed lizards, blow up dolls of famous philosophers and an unnecessary amount of toothpaste. Or is that just me? Anyway, because he’s just like all of us normal folks, Boris Johnson could have held the G7 summit in the brand new lorry park in Kent allowing world leaders to inhale all the tasty fumes brought on by his successful Brexit plans, or perhaps one of the places in Yorkshire hardest hit by flooding in the past few years or a block of flats where the cladding is still a fire hazard and residents can’t afford to remove it, and treat his guests to the thrill of being terrified about their survival during the trip and in awe of the fact his party still somehow gets votes. But instead, Johnson went for the safer option and had the location as a fancy beach resort in Cornwall, one that is careful to make sure guests never see that the region is one of the poorest in Britain, in-case it puts them off their baked brie on the beach. Baked brie that is, that has probably sat in a truck in Ashford for 6 months so you see it would’ve been more beneficial to everyone if Johnson had just got them all a tepee in the lorry park after all. The G7 are the leaders of the world’s richest countries apart from the rich countries they don’t like and any they don’t understand. It’s important that the richest ones are all friends and have chats in big gardens about saving the planet because they are the only ones that can do it, through weapons sales and patronising poor countries. Pretty sure that’s the best way to challenge climate change and all the world’s ills right? Is just let all the countries that are having the worst times die off and thus instantly reduce carbon emissions so places like America can eat coal for lunch and shit petrol into the eyes of endangered species with gay abandon.

I am being facetious of course as according to Johnson’s opening speech this summit is about the need to build back better after Covid, which explains why he’s doing everything he can to let the virus continue to run rampant as otherwise he’ll have to start work. He told the other leaders that it was vital to learn from the mistakes of the 2008 financial crisis and tackle the scar of inequality, which we can only take to mean that he thinks banks shouldn’t have been penalised for pissing about with people’s money and he’s upset that inequality gets free healthcare rather than paying for wound treatment via insurance. His concern is that in the last great economic recession 13 years ago, recovery was not uniform across all parts of society so that explains why, based on his leadership so far, the plan is to make sure more areas and sectors are equally as fucked as each other. It’s hard to take any of the statements the PM made at the G7 with anything other than a large salt bin, much like all his statements he makes ever, but particularly so when Johnson waffled on about a vision for a cleaner, greener world after having flown to Cornwall from London. Using a domestic flight to make the case for being environmentally friendly is like promoting healthy eating by eating your way out of a sarcophagus made of Big Macs. There were pledges made for one billion COVID vaccines for poorer nations, which is nice of the G7 and maybe next they’ll offer all those places some of the sandwiches that weren’t eaten at the end of the meeting too and they’ll pay an extra dollar or two for an authentic cultural souvenir from a stall because they’re just such good people. One billion vaccines isn’t enough to really help the rest of the world but it’s enough to give them hope that there are vaccines out there and you know maybe one day, if they work hard enough, they’ll be able to watch someone else get vaccinated on the telly or overly expensive but weak broadband service. The world leaders all promised to move away from coal burning too, apart from the fire pits they had on the beach because that brie needed to be baked or there’d have been hell to pay. Perhaps most importantly, Britain was able to affirm strong relationships with other nations in its post-Brexit era, like America, which Johnson said should be known as the indestructible relationship, something that definitely carries gravitas when it comes from a man who’s on his third marriage. This must also be why, when President and unwell Jiminy Crickett Joe Biden presented Johnson with a gift of a £6000 handmade Boris bike with a helmet featuring US and UK flags, the Prime Minister gave a framed photo of anti-slavery campaigner Frederick Douglass that he’d printed out from Wikipedia. A gift that would barely be acceptable from a child but he can’t sleep with Biden so there’s just no incentive there. Maybe that’s why there’s been a less warm feeling from the US camp though as Biden has some concern over the post-Brexit tensions in Northern Ireland, you know the country that Johnson regularly has to be reminded exists and has encouraged him to protect the Good Friday agreement, you know the agreement that Johnson regularly has to be reminded exists.

Biden has accused the British government of inflaming the situation with the EU, but actually he’s wrong about that as its barely even chilled at best thanks to all the food safety regulations. Yes, as if there couldn’t be enough signs to the rest of the world that we are a real life Beano comic strip, the UK appears to be in a sausage war with the EU, which isn’t just a euphemism for Johnson flailing about. The Northern Ireland protocol means only frozen meats can enter the single market, meaning there’s no chilled British chipolatas allowed. In November of last year, Johnson declared that nothing could stop the Great British sausage from making it to Belfast but it seems he was just sexting in advance of his visit there because it seems the very agreement he signed and said was the best deal ever has actually stopped any sort of chunky porkies for docking the harbour. The DUP’s Sammy Wilson, always looking like he’s been made to leave the pub because last orders was three weeks ago, said that chilled British sausages are a threat to the peace process, which is unlike his party who are usually more angered by people warming up sausages.

So now Lord David Frost, who’s directly related to many reconstituted meat products, is insisting the EU revisit the Northern Ireland protocol, which is a bit rich from someone who’s clearly never visited it himself even once. Johnson insisted that nobody warned him that Brexit would cause Border Controls in Northern Ireland, even though it was something that if he’d bothered to look up, even a Magic 8 Ball would’ve repeatedly said ‘of course it fucking would’. According to the No.10 press office, French President and supporting cast member in a low budget comedy film about cat burglars Emmanuel Macron made some comment about how Northern Ireland is not part of the UK, though people who speak French say that isn’t what he said at all. That’s the problem with foreign languages though isn’t it? They aren’t English and so how are the British government ever meant to understand them? That not even bothering to check what was said allowed Foreign Secretary and model for the cover of the Prodigy’s Music For A Jilted Generation album Dominic Raab to say that the EU leaders should have a bit of respect for Northern Ireland. Like Raab for example who’s openly said he’s never read the Good Friday Agreement and I guess if those EU leaders really cared then they wouldn’t have bothered either. Boris Johnson said that Northern Ireland is part of one great indivisible UK, it’s just one of the parts he doesn’t care about like Wales, Scotland or any of the bits of England he doesn’t live in and doesn’t have to visit. Of course, as you know, this sort of pointlessly aggressive chat over purposeful misunderstandings is great for diplomatic relations and Macron hit back saying that none of the Northern Ireland protocol is negotiable on account of, you know, it being exactly what Britain wanted until they didn’t. If only the EU treated the British government like the toddlers they are, then they’d just leave the deal out on the side for them to find while trying to climb the sofa and they’d no doubt be delighted with it several hours later.

The Health Secretary Matt Hancock, a man who definitely makes explosion noises as he bumps elbows with people, was questioned by a select committee of MPs last week, where he proceeded to appear like someone else had Quantum Leaped into his body having had no clue of what has happened over the past year. He once again repeated his claim that there was never a PPE shortage, but if that’s the case, did nurses just wear bin bags for japes? Or does he mean there wasn’t a national shortage because he had a ton in his garage therefore it wasn’t the whole country. According to Hancock the initial estimates of death toll from covid given to the government were 820,000 people, but he was determined that wouldn’t happen on his watch. Presumably the 150,00 that died did so when he was wasn’t looking then, because he was too busy doing creepy press ups for photo ops or going to the horse racing. In response to the comments made by mean eggcup Dominic Cummings, Hancock said that it was telling the PM’s former advisor hadn’t provided evidence for any of his accusations that the Health Secretary was massively shit and that actually the Department of Health improved over time, which is of course great in a crisis. What you really want is those dealing with it to only learn how to deal with once it’s all too late and everyone is dead. Hancock backed up the massive shitness by saying they didn’t have a rapidly scalable testing operation which they needed or major diagnostics capability. Sure, but that’s only because the government haven’t funded the NHS properly or anything that might help for years and the spent £37bn on one that didn’t work. It’s really not an excuse to complain about the things you didn’t have that would’ve helped when you didn’t fund them. If you decided it would be cheaper to buy a car with no brakes and then a year later while careering into a tree complain that what you needed was an adequate stopping system that is on you.

It’s always someone else’s fault, something that young people have ruined by getting their jabs as quickly as possible with more than a million people aged 25-29 booking in vaccine appointments as soon it was allowed last Tuesday. There were worries they wouldn’t which were based on nothing but further hope that they could be blamed for things going wrong instead of anyone else. I’m sure it’ll just be months before they’ll be told they were too eager for vaccines and now it’s their fault there aren’t enough left to send elsewhere, or they weren’t reckoning on needing so many covid safe people doing jobs so soon so everyone born in the late 90s will have to work for free in a pit to make up for it. The Delta variant has caused more than 90% of new cases in England and Wales, with confirmed cases in the UK now being over 42,000. So with restrictions staying exactly as they are which has only you know, caused the variant to knock up the R rate to 1.4, I’m sure covid will be so upset about not being able to attend a nightclub it’ll just pootle off and we’ll all be having 100 people over for tea in a windowless unventilated cell just for laughs by July the 19th. Right?

In other news, the government and in particular, dregs from Ray Harryhausen’s reject bin Michael Gove, were found to have been unlawful yet again when handing a government contract to a polling company owned by long term friends of his and Dominic Cummings. Obviously the news has shocked many as none of us thought Michael Gove had any friends. The Cabinet office have said there won’t be an investigation into the £500,000 contract because Gove wasn’t involved in the awarding of it, you know apart from the bit where he awarded it to his friends. Gove is so unliked that even the contracts he works on don’t want anyone to know they had anything to do with him.

Boris Johnson said its totally wrong for fans to boo football players for taking the knee, but he did say he thought the England team’s chosen method of protest against racism was ineffective, which is probably because it’s very hard to dismantle the Home Office by kneeling. Home Secretary and woman who’s unnecessary prequel origin film would show that she’s never been misunderstood she’s just full on awful Priti Patel said it was ok for fans to boo the players as they have a choice and a right to do so. Judging by how Patel sees human rights, that means a number of football fans will be deported on a plane by tomorrow night.

Housing Minister and face swap between a baked bean and a creep Robert Jenrick laid a wreath on behalf of the government in memory of those who died in the Grenfell Tower fire four years ago. There’s a high chance he paid for it by adding the cost to the service charge of all the leaseholders still stuck in buildings with flammable cladding. Johnson tweeted that the government is committed to ensuring that a tragedy like Grenfell never happens again, which they aren’t or they’d actually do something about it. Knowing him, he probably sent that tweet while sitting by a bonfire. 83% of a £610m boost allocated for a towns fund has gone to Tory held seats, but they have denied, of course they fucking have, doing pork barrel politics. Something that is hard for them to convince anyone by when they are led by a pork barrel. Hartlepool, who recently elected a Conservative MP, have received £25m in funds, and if they vote for a different party in the next election after swooping all that cash then I will applaud them for playing the government like a fiddle made entirely of fiddlers.

Conservative MP and character on a TV show that definitely did it Daniel Kawczynski was made to publicly apologise in the commons after threatening staff members, which he did but said he was under great pressure at the time in part because he is so tall. Fair play to him, being so tall does mean gravity must have a greater effect, plus the pull from the moon too. It’s a wonder he’s able to operate on a daily basis. If only his constituents would understand him and vote for someone else and that way, he wouldn’t have to stand for them.

And lastly, in Israel, hair on a piece of gnocchi Benjamin Netanyahu has been ousted as Prime Minister after 12 years by a coalition government. Seems appropriate that he was ganged up on and kicked out of his place without a choice.


Four more weeks, four more weeks! Who’s excited? Oh what? I mean we knew it was going to happen right? We all saw the narrative arc right at the beginning and while it’s nice to have a surprise ending you’ve gotta give the fans what they want right? Consider me looking stupid saying last week I would be super busy with gigs huh? Yes it looks like I’ve lost a month of work and any possibilities of paying bills with ease yet again so that’s nice but on the plus side, tons more time to do this show. That’ll show me for having optimism or hope in this day and age. Still, I’m sure our landlord will accept payments in hilarious comments about how I nearly had work and it’s the effort that counts right? Sigh. I’m sort of zen about it to be honest because on the plus side and taking a leaf out of the Prime Minister’s book, at least it means I don’t have to do anything. I just wish I could also take the leaf of having Tory donors that would buy me £25k of food as that’d make it easier. I have spent the weekend in other people’s gardens in the sunshine eating lovely food that I didn’t make. That does make it sound like I’ve trespassed or something but I was there by invitation and I have soaked up enough Vitamin D, good chat and tasty food to keep me going for a week or so I reckon. Can you have too much Vitamin D? You just wee it out right? It’s not like I’ll start emitting sun beams from my orafices if I take in too much will I? I use the MyFitnessPal app because I clearly hate myself and the other day it told me off for having too much Vitamin C in a day. What could that possibly do? Will I get some sort of anti-scurvy where my gums are too strong and they almost become dangerous? I hope to find out soon.

Thank you to all of you who wrote in nice things about my panic last week about keeping this show alive. Some really good suggestions that I’m going to mull over and think about. I mean, it is really gutting to lose a whole ton of work that I financially needed but it means I don’t have to worry about doing this show for a bit so I guess every cloud. But thank you to those of you who did get in touch, thank you tons to Dave, James and Ko-Fi supporter for donating to the ko-fi last week, and to Matt for managing to find the Acast supporter button which is super impressive in itself. If you can donate and support this show and me which, well, now is even more helpful than normal, then pop a pound or three into the ko-fi.com/parpolbro, join the patreon.com/parpolbro or see if you’re as clever as Matt and can find the Acast supporter button.

The other thing that Autumn on Twitter managed to do is vote for this podcast in the British Podcast Awards listeners vote category. I mean, its sort of pointless when the award will def go to whichever big celeb podcast can get 1 million people voting for it, but if you fancy still giving this show a nudge I’ve popped the link into the pod blurb. And last thing this week before we head deep into the pod, just a big shout out for pal and brilliant author Nikesh Shukla who turned down an MBE last month and basically has all of my sheer respect for doing that. Proper champion, go read all of his books and listen to his Brown Baby podcast too.

On this week’s show I am talking to Tom Peters at Tax Justice about tax but no wait, come back, it’s an informative and surprisingly optimistic chat that I think you shall enjoy muchly. Plus SAUSAGE WARS!


It is weird that you can get pretty much everything from Amazon nowadays unless you’re keen to order some appropriate tax payments. I have searched for it on there, but it just recommended me a relaxing beach wave and footprints at sunset canvas wall art picture, because yeah thanks that’s exactly what I want. A constant visual reminder that Jeff Bezos’s money gets to have better holidays than I do in its many offshore locations. Obviously exactly what an alien would look like if it was disguised as a human despite never having seen one before Jeff Bezos, is just one of many tech giants and multinational corporations that like to lay down their roots in many a place while insisting that you pay for them using up all your nutrients. By using various schemes these companies have been avoiding paying billions in tax and you might think, but that’s fine because they exist only in Internetlandia, a place free of the need to fix potholes, or have a bin day. Sure, but their delivery drivers have to use those potholed roads, their offices & warehouses have to dispose of all the heaps of unnecessary packaging on those bin days and generally look, it would just be really great if those with money actually invested in areas rather than just killed off our local stores by delivering embarrassing items directly to your home so you don’t have to walk round your supermarket shouting ‘does anyone know where the English breakfasts in a can for one are?’ As this is a big problem all over the globe, the G7 have agreed to make these businesses pay more tax with a deal that should stop them operating their companies between countries. You know in a different way that ferries do. So is this a change that will make a difference and could Bezos soon be funding local culture while also destroying it with the paltry selection on Prime? Or will he and others just find another way to make their earnings exempt and is that why so many of them are trying to go to space because the moon is as offshore as it gets?

This week I spoke to Tom Peters at Tax Justice UK, an organisation campaigning for a fair and effective tax system that benefits all. I asked Tom all about if this G7 deal is all it’s cracked up to be, if the UK post-Brexit is now becoming a new tax haven but with worse weather and if generally the last year has made us all even more pro-tax with our dependency on public funding. This is, oddly considering the subject matter, one of the more positive chats I’ve had on this show in the recent months so hope you enjoy, yes, a chat about tax. I know. Here is Tom:


And we’ll be back with Tom in a minute but first…


SAUSAGES! Yes, that’s where we are with Brexit fallout now, the UK has become a dog on Britain’s Got Talent while the EU won’t hit their buzzer as they’re sure there’s something better coming along next. We are supposedly in a Sausage War. I’m not sure if that’s better than a culture war or worse as art is life but some sausages are real bangers. Once again, the Northern Ireland protocol aka this is a very good deal Boris Johnson 2020, has proven to have more than a few problems, especially for anyone in Northern Ireland who specifically likes chilled British sausages as opposed to frozen ones. As a veggie myself, I can’t fathom what the difference might be but perhaps for many the difference in having to heat something up for 10 mins or 30 mins might be a real game changer, so I shan’t mock. EU safety regulations allow only frozen meats to enter the single market, which means chilled meatses like mince and sausages can’t get traded into the EU from outside of it, only inside it from inside of it. The Northern Ireland protocol means that Northern Ireland can get chilled meatseses from Ireland but not from Britain. Well, they could during the grace period from Jan 1st to July 1st and then right as barbeque season gets into its stride its only frozen cumberlands for anyone in NI who’s particular about the porking they get.

I know I’ve said it pretty much every podcast since the dawn of time, but the reason the protocol is there is because Boris Johnson insisted on not having an Irish backstop, an agreement that would’ve avoided Northern Ireland having any border issues because it’d stay in the single market. It would have applied indefinitely unless the UK and EU agreed on a different arrangement like they are having to anyway. Instead, for British sovereignty obvs, Johnson and how does he look like he’s always having a difficult poo Lord David Frost  insisted on this shitty weird over complicated arrangement that everyone ever said would be problematic and causes the whole United Kingdom to leave the single market, meaning Northern Ireland is included in any UK trade deals but has no tariffs or restrictions on goods crossing the Irish border in either direction, instead putting a big fat border right down the Irish sea, exactly where many pro-Brexit advocates said there definitely wouldn’t be one, but maybe that’s because they’re unable to see anything that is past the shallow end. The British government opposed an Irish sea border and then voted for it anyway and then complained that it wasn’t what they voted for after specifically rushing the agreement through so no one could see what they voted for. And now, people can’t have sausages. Who’d have thought it’d come to this? Oh yes, everyone except Boris Johnson.

I know you know all that but here we are again where the only people who didn’t know are the ones who have made all of this happen, but it’s worth reminded everyone yet again that this is all our fault and by ‘our’ I mean the UK government who’ve been massive dickheads about everything. What this could lead to? Well EU Leaders are saying ‘you did this, you stick with it’ and Johnson and Frost are saying ‘waaah this isn’t what we wanted’ and threatening unilateral action, which would mean imposing tariffs on EU goods and possibly lead to a trade war which could, ultimately, mean even less sausages for Northern Ireland or lots of other food of varying degrees of warmth. Or, or, or, the UK could back down and agree to the same regulatory checks as the EU meaning that 80% of Irish sea checks could be eliminated, the British fishing industry could actually sell things and a whole load of hassle could disappear but you know, so would the whole government Brexit bravado and we all know Johnson and co would sooner let everyone go sausage free than let that happen. Whatever happens, Northern Ireland will no doubt bare the brunt of it which could also affect a US/UK trade deal too according to Joe Biden’s concerns about upholding the Good Friday agreement. So how to sum up the way in the which the UK will emerge from this having burned all possible bridges? I’ve got no clue. Not a sausage.

And now back to Tom…


Thanks to Tom for that surprisingly positive chat. You can find Tax Justice UK at taxjustice.uk or on their Twitter page @taxjusticeuk. And Tom’s own twitter is @tbtpeters.

Any other things I should be talking to peeps about? Any other peeps I should be talking things with? Drop me a line like the fish I am @parpolbro on twitter, the Partly Political Broadcast group on Facebook, the contact page at partlypoliticalbroadcast.co.uk or email me at partlypoliticalbroadcast@gmail.com. Or you could just write on an unsold chilled British sausage and send it to me, but I worry it’ll just encourage a dog to chase the postman like in comics and it’d never get to me. So as always, its probably just best to email isn’t it?


And that’s it for this week’s Partly Political Broadcast podcast. But are you thinking, ‘wait, it’s not enough? I need even more?’ Well then here’s some good news for you, you can…just start this episode again and listen to it from the beginning. Yep. Deal with it. I’m not making extra shit, I’ve got other stuff to do and a 3 year old who keeps asking me questions like if its ok to stroke a wasp. However, if this show was indeed fulfilling without some directors cut that features all the burps I edit out, then please do recommend it to others, give the show a nice review on a podcast place and even through a £1 or two at the ko-fi, patreon or Acast supporter sites.

Thanks and that to Acast, my brother The Last Skeptik and Kat Day.

This will be back next week when the British government will declare a full sausage war on the EU, where Johnson will declare that Britain will sell no sausages at all to European countries and gets very upset when all of Europe doesn’t give a shit.


This week’s show was sponsored by chilled British sausages. Only the most uncomfortably temperature sausages around, made with whatever falls into the machine whether it be pig, hand or an accident on bring your child to work day. We’ll squish it up into an unrecognisable penis shape and send it to you no warmer than the front bench’s hearts so you can gobble that saveloy with as little joy as possible. Chilled British Sausages, because hot food is for people who like life.

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