I wanted sunlit uplands but all I got was this lousy dish rag – Brexit Got Done, Paul De Gregorio on how to have a successful campaign

Released on Tuesday, February 4th, 2020.

I wanted sunlit uplands but all I got was this lousy dish rag – Brexit Got Done, Paul De Gregorio on how to have a successful campaign

Well that’s it, Brexit Got Done. Absolutely nothing to talk about on this week’s show. It’s all perfect living from here, full of bendy bananas and children using helium balloons without supervision. So this week’s show is just a low hum and some happy sounds to send you towards sovereignty….oh no wait sorry. There’s still so much more to do. Brexit Fallout, plus a chat with Paul De Gregorio (@pauldegregorio) from Rally (@lifeatrally) on what makes a successful campaign.

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Well that’s it, Brexit Got Done. Absolutely nothing to talk about on this week’s show. It’s all perfect living from here, full of bendy bananas and children using helium balloons without supervision. So this week’s show is just a low hum and some happy sounds to send you towards sovereignty…. oh no wait sorry. There’s still so much more to do. Brexit Fallout, plus a chat with Paul De Gregorio (@pauldegregorio) from Rally (@lifeatrally) on what makes a successful campaign.

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Hello and welcome to the Partly Political Broadcast podcast, the comedy politics podcast that informs your opinions. Oh no wait sorry, it deforms your onions which then makes it harder to know them, sorry. I’m Tiernan Douieb and Brexit has got done. Prime Minister and why did someone throw their chips and cheese all over that bollard daddy? Boris Johnson has proclaimed that it’s the dawn of a new era. And I hope it is, as finally the sun can come up on the political darkness that lasted three and half years, and maybe we’ll now all wake up and realise, oh fuck, what exactly did we do last night? I really hope no one filmed it on their phone.


You might wonder what the point of listening to this week’s show is, when everything in the UK is clearly going to be incredible from now on. All bananas must have immediately got bendier, vacuum cleaners will have the power to suck up entire buildings and everything will be measured by putting it in water and seeing by how much it rises, including people. I mean, you only had to see the mobile disco lights shined on Number 10 Downing Street on Friday that no one was allowed to see, or the party in Parliament Square that looked like if Trumpton had National Front meetings to realise that Friday was our Battle of Endor. Except in reverse where it was us that was once the Empire, but now we’re just the dregs of an outdated ideology, still hoping to deport all the Ewoks, cut all the trees down and build atop their remains a chain of pubs that have no music and no one is allowed to swear in. Yes that was the way this country marks a no going back for Article 50, some revelers trying to burn EU flags but failing due to the union’s fireproofing regulations, meanwhile the Prime Minister hid away in Number 10, only appearing to say something about unleashing the full potential of the country as though he’ll release a mechanism and Britain will aim itself towards the US, before only managing to prematurely splurge all over Ireland with all the force of a impotent man with emphysema. Why was he hiding? Was it a realization that whatever happens next is entirely on him and the Conservatives? A moment of clarity that he’s never thought about what to do after this point? Or just being cautious with all those wannabe flag burners outside and him with very dry straw like hair? We’ll never know but there is a chance he was just reveling in all his new Brexit merch that the government unveiled. There’s a commemorative tea towel with ‘Got Brexit Done’ written on it, which likely won’t clean up any mess but can be laid on top of it while you tell yourself you’ve dealt with it, and a souvenir mug for when you’re ok with getting your tea three years and 11 months after you wanted it.


Really the tea towels should’ve been printed with ‘I wanted sunlit uplands but all I got was this lousy dish rag’ as nothing is actually going to change until next year and the Prime Minister’s vision for the future isn’t all that different from all the blurry eyed future possibilities that everyone was concerned about last year, or the one before that. Johnson is calling for a Canada style free trade deal, potentially hoping that might bring back members of the royal family to the UK and allow him to get away with historic examples of blackface. He insisted there’s no need for the UK to follow the EU rules on trade, which is true unless we actually want to sell anything to them or buy anything from them with any sort of ease rather than days of days of hold ups, checks and paperwork. But why would we when we’ve got fancy tea towels we can buy and wear and eat and entirely self-sustain with? Johnson insists that if we don’t get a Canada style deal we’ll walk away and have one like Australia’s which you’d assume thanks to Eurovision was very much inclusive, but actually is more like a no deal, or as Lib Dem leader and Brian Pern tribute Ed Davey said, a scorched earth policy for the UK. Which seems a bit harsh and yet also apt given Australia’s recent fire situation. So that’s Australia which means no deal and the term Brexit is no longer being used as apparently that’s all done. Which means this bit we’re in now must be a Dexit as we leave all possible deal options that would’ve made sense, or perhaps even a Hexit as we abandon all hope. Political journalists walked out of a supposed press briefing by Johnson, after selected reporters were banned from entering, a tactic straight out of US President and long drop with hair Donald Trump’s book of wankery. The Mirror, I, Huffpost, Politicshome, Independent and more were all told they couldn’t attend, meaning journalists from BBC, ITV, Sky and others all boycotted the briefing in solidarity or maybe just to see who could get the scoop from a No.10 source on how all of them may have hit Health Secretary and elbow patch Matt Hancock.


The EU Chief negotiator and a daytime TV advert for life insurance Michel Barnier said something quite different to Boris, suggesting that the EU is pretty happy to give a sweet as deal, as long as the UK agrees to a level playing field with fair competition. So, no wonder Johnson, a man who only likes playing rugby when it’s against children he can knock over, isn’t keen. It’ll be hard to blame the EU if we don’t get a decent deal when they’ve basically said, you can have one if you’re nice about it, and Johnson has said, ‘no, give us what we want or we’ll punch ourselves in the face even harder.’ It feels like a hostage situation where the hostage has trapped themselves and held a gun to their own face and insisted that if they don’t get all their demands met, they’ll harm themselves. All this tricky trade chat has unsurprisingly caused the pound to plummet again, because nothing says dawn of a new era quite like notions that we’ll be the sort of country that people come to visit in order to buy people as brides in exchange for the price of a coffee in their own country. Still, it’s nice that all those foreign buyers will get a complimentary gift of a commemorative tea towel with every purchase.


I’m not saying that every potential Brexit positive was too good to be true, but I was hoping that one bonus of us finally leaving was that giant teratoma Nigel Farage would leave too. This seemed possible as on Thursday he and his fellow Brexit Party MEPs, banded together like a reunion of the extras from Monsters Inc, decided that rather than try to create any sort of illusion that Britain is full of adults who may want to keep international friendships post Brexit, instead just waved tiny Union flags as though they’d been plucked freshly from undercooked cocktail sausages at a shit street party only white neighbours were invited to, before walking out. The European MEPs sang Auld Lang’s Syne to send off the other British ones, because nothing says nice gesture with underlying ‘told you so’s’ like saying farewell with poem by the national poet of a country that voted Remain and is now pretty angry. On Friday Farage declared that the real winner was democracy, an ironic statement for a man whose party didn’t win a single seat in the December election, and that the war is over. Did you know we were at war this whole time? I had no idea. Was it a civil one then? Or more uncivil? Why does it feel like the only thing that was rationed was sensibilities? Is the next 11 months of the trade negotiations a separate war? Or the bit where everyone gets together and forms a European Union because if so, that might get awkward. Anyway, with chat like that, I was all ready for Nigel to dissolve back into the sewers to rejoin with his true form, the fatberg, like a proper circle of life. The only memory of his existence being the occasional echo of retching heard around Thanet at the dead of night. But no sadly, by Sunday Farage had already found a reason to stick around, promising that the Brexit Party would still exist as an insurance policy for Brexit. How fitting. I mean, most insurance providers take absolutely no responsibility for any damage caused. While the UK news was all focused on a few hundred nationalists in Westminster not knowing the words to God Save The Queen which means the tabloids should have it in for them any day now, I’m pretty sure all the ‘Hooray we don’t have to see Nigel Farage ever again’ parties in the EU must’ve been immense.


After another terror related incident, a phrase that sounds like really it should be used for anything scary, that happened in Streatham in South London on Sunday, the government are planning to announce a new terror bill, which again sounds like every bill I’ve ever been sent. Home Secretary and always imagining how the person she’s talking to is going to die Priti Patel said there will be new measures that will deal with the fundamentals of counter terrorist offenders. What does that mean? People who commit offences that are countering terror? Counter terror police that are also offenders? People who use tiddlywinks for violence? People who only attack till workers? The idea isn’t to reopen police stations like the one in Streatham that the incident happened by that was closed in 2013 when Boris Johnson was Mayor of London. Nope. Of course not. Instead it’s that they’ll pretend they’ve invented new ways of stopping terrorists getting early release even though those measures are already there and it ignores the issues of how prisons are part of the problem. Mayor of London and only politician to hail from Beaconscott model village Sadiq Khan said prisons are warehouses of radicalization. Warehouses? They make that much of it? Oh wow. Maybe that can be our prime export post Brexit?


This week the Prime Minister is also announcing a year of climate action, in the lead up to the big UN climate change conference happening in Glasgow in November, something the government has prepared for by sacking the conference president, former energy minister and constant energy vampire Claire Perry O’Neill, which already seems like unnecessary waste. She was told she couldn’t do it anymore as she’s no longer a minister but others say it’s because she kept point out how rubbish the government were at tackling climate change, which isn’t fair as they’ve been very good at recycling the same old excuses time and time again. If she has been criticizing their failings, then she’s done something correct in her career as there’s been no cabinet meeting about climate change for over 6 months, the UK isn’t going to hit any of its planned emissions targets and the conference itself is over budget and no one has a clue how to run it. Knowing Johnson he’ll just pretend this is all part of the plan to save energy but in reality considering the global climate crisis this will just be 2020’s genuine Fyre Festival.


What will help all of these new bills, measures and conferences is that Chancellor and Pokemon pez dispenser Sajid Javid has told all cabinet ministers to make 5% of cuts by March 2nd, despite only months ago saying austerity was over. Maybe like Brexit or no deal he’s just renamed it to something else? Bye bye cuts to services, hello department dieting. Actually, Javid’s calling it refocusing their efforts towards what matters most, which is, it seems, lying to the public. Still, you gotta have a brand. The Chancellor tweeted a picture on Friday of him with Foreign Secretary and personified aneurism Dominic Raab and Secretary of Trade and someone who I’m sure has a head that rattles when she walks Liz Truss all on a train. Javid accompanied the pic with the sentence ‘on way to cabinet meeting in north England with friends’. Yes, that North England you’ve all heard of if you’re someone who’s never been to anywhere in the North. It’s hard to tell if Javid’s complete inability to talk like a real boy or understanding of how Britain works means that he was actually on his way to Scotland, or just Milton Keynes, or if that’s just the way they have to explain where they’re going to Dominic Raab as other place names get him upset about how big everything is once you step outside your house.


In other news, Chinese telecommunications firm Huawei has been allowed to supply bits of the UK’s 5G network but not the sensitive parts, so those lucky bastards won’t have to see Piers Morgan’s twitter feed ever-again. Northern Rail is now, for a while, back under governmental control. Great for renationalization but under this government it likely means there won’t be delays as they’ll be banned so when your train doesn’t arrive on time, it’ll be your fault for turning up too early. 15 select committee chairs were elected in a secret ballot, with former Health Secretary, leadership challenger and that’s what happens if you leave a cheese string to grow in your fridge Jeremy Hunt, now head of a committee of MPs that scrutinizes NHS performance and government health policy. Yes, really. I’m assuming most of his scruitiny will involve him saying ‘oh wow, that’s in the health service? I honestly had no idea’ after someone’s told him about nurses or plasters. Or ‘what if the doctors did all that but for longer and for free?’ or ‘Why don’t you swap all the MRI scanners for some homeopathic treatment we can just put one drop of in the water and that’ll treat everyone for years?’


Donald Trump has announced his Middle East peace plan that basically allows Israel to annex all the Palestinian settlements when-ever it wants. His idea of peace clearly involves annihilating one side so they can’t be warring the other anymore. Boris Johnson has backed Trump’s plan saying it has the merits of a two state solution, it’s just unfortunate for the Palestinian people that those two states are Israel and Washington DC. But despite the backing, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has warned Israel off annexing the West Bank without it being agreed by all parties first. Raab reckons the peace process could unlock the potential for the entire area, which based on how Brexit will do that for us, it could actually mean both Israel and the Palestinian people are going to have a terrible time but some really smashing tea towels.


And dissatisfaction with democracy in developed countries is at its highest in 25 years, according to a Cambridge University study. It’s at 58% globally, though it was at 61% in the UK before the election. Thing is, what do people want instead? I mean it’s funny, you never hear these sorts of complaints about authoritarian regimes, do you?





Salutations ParPolBrods! What goes? So that’s Brexit all done apart from all the Brexit that isn’t done, which is like, all of it. Did you celebrate or mourn on Friday? I took the bins out which felt appropriate. Otherwise, and it may be to do with spending most of the last three years writing about it for this podcast, it just felt like, oh more of the same. Depressing isn’t it? The biggest constitutional change the UK has had in years, and yet, it’s just a bit dull. It’s funny but I feel angry, not because of how people voted or if they want to celebrate, but at just how often I’m having to support things I wouldn’t care about otherwise because the opposition too them is so horrible I feel I don’t have a choice. I really feel like under different circumstances and a different government Brexit might not be too bad, but when it results in a party thrown by Nigel Farage its very hard not to think, nope, this is all very wrong. I’d feel that if there was a cake I was thinking about eating but then I saw Nigel Farage eating it. Nope, it’s got to be a cake that makes you racist or something. It’s the same with the Royals thing recently. I really can’t be bothered with anything to do with the royal family. Even the Crown just seems to me they’ve spent a lot of money dramatizing people who can afford to pay not to have drama. But then when newspapers and idiots were racist towards Meghan Markle you sort of feel this begrudging, oh god, now I have to defend her. And I don’t. She doesn’t need me too; she gets proper security staff. But it’s that feeling of, well if I don’t side with the least shitty side, even if it’s a multi-million, can just up and move to another country, won’t speak out about his uncle’s definitely dodgy connections, definitely shot people in Afghanistan side, then that must mean I side with phone hacking, racist bigots. I wish TV would reflect this. Instead of Superhero films where everyone’s good or bad, just have a load of people who are all really terrible and the audience has to work out which massive lack of moral compass you back. I’d just like to go back to being generally ambivalent about most things, most people’s lives and which celebrity might be wearing that mask and singing please so I can read more books again. Thank you. This is why I’m a terrible activist. Most of what I care about are things I’d like not to care about and if they can just get sorted out then I can sit quietly and have a biscuit. It’s like all these horrific events round the world, there is a part of me that wants them fixed so that when I watch the news it’s just full of events where an animal has messed up a shop or something.

But yes, what I meant to say was this show is now made outside the EU, so if you are in the EU, I’m sorry if it takes longer to get to you and you have to fill in more paperwork to hear it. British listeners, I hope this podcast doesn’t increase in noise pollution due to a lack of EU aligned regulations. Listeners everywhere else, have a biscuit.


What was that? I have no idea. I’ll stop now though. Welcome back to the show. Thanks to whoever hit the old 5-star button on Apple Podcasts. That’s a review I mean, not to listen to the music of 5 star, though rain or shine eh? Tune. If you fancy giving the show a review too, then do. Shoo boo be doo. I had a lovely email from a listener explaining why they couldn’t donate to the Patreon anymore and look, I get it. It’s chucking away money at this chump via a platform that does nothing to make it easier for people outside the US to use. But there is also ko-fi.com/parpolbro where you can buy me a coffee or make it so every month you buy me a coffee and that’s all in constantly declining pounds. At the moment, a coffee on there is put as £3, but soon it’ll be at wheelbarrows of cash for a mere handful of beans, so you know, take the opportunity now before it’s too much. Or instead of all that, you can just spread the word about the show, tell other people to get this in their earholes or whichever preferred body part they listen to the show through. Shoo boo be doo. I say all that every week and it never gets more interesting. Do I need to go through it all? Should I go back to doing it in a jingle? Or should I stop patronizing you thinking you can’t work out how to do it yourself? Or keep pretending you might do any of that when you already have or would prefer to punch yourself in the appendix? Let me know.


Things this week that are happening outside of your ears. I’m doing the kids politics show ‘How Does This Politics Thing Work Then?’ at the Pegasus Theatre in Oxford this Saturday, the 8th, should you wish to bring your mini-people. Its suitable for ages 7+ is full of jokes, and yes, myself and Tatton from Simple Politics have updated it to include all the current stuff which, you’d be unsurprised to know, didn’t mean changing all that much. Come see what I’m talking about. 2pm start.


Also, on February 13th, I’m part of a lovely bill at Congress House on Great Russell Street, doing a fundraiser for the TUC’s HeartUnions week. It’s me, Desiree Burch who you’ve prob seen on the telly lots, Lauren Pattison who’s won things, Andrew O’Neill who’s excellent and all hosted by the very funny James Ross who runs the best gig ever Quantum Leopard in Kings Cross. I have no idea what I’ll be talking about but it’ll probably have swears in it. I’ve popped a link in the pod blurb.


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On this week’s show I am speaking to Paul De Gregorio who knows all about how make a successful social campaign or political movement, something I think is probably really useful atm, as the kids say. Which means at the mo, not automated teller machine. Plus a little look at what happens next in, yes, Brexit Fallout. Which I was going to do a new post Brexit Day jingle for, but haven’t because what’s more Brexit than potential that is never actually achieved?





I’d love to say I’ve been part of a successful political movement in my life, but to be honest, I often struggle to be part of a successful physical movement without hoping I get to sit or lie down again soon. I often assume that because of my politics, I’m doomed to forever be in support of campaigns and protests that are likely to fail because they contain some reason or moral justice need and are therefore unpopular with the general population who’d much prefer we had to hit each other with sticks in order to get bread. But actually over the last decade there have been a number of brilliant social movements such as the school strikes against climate change kickstarting a conversation about climate emergency, the protests against fracking in the UK, Occupy, Black Lives Matter, the Me Too movement, the campaign to legalise abortion in Ireland, the Hong Kong protests, the gilet jaunes protest in France and of course most importantly that time Rage Against The Machine got to beat Joe McElderry to be Christmas number 1. Remember how no radio stations could play the song properly because of the swears? My they were golden times. But what made them successful instead of just being yet another online petition that no one can be bothered to click for fear of spending the next half an hour trying to justify why you don’t want to give the hosting site all your life savings too? At a time where if you’re a Remainer or a supporter of any party who isn’t the Conservatives or someone who likes breathing air or maybe you’re a Brexiteer who would be feeling content but you’re really missing conflict, now might be a good time to be thinking, how do I start something that might actually make a change or at least get annoy Piers Morgan?


Well you’re in luck as I spoke to Paul De Gregorio, a digital engagement and mobile strategist. What does that mean? Well it means he’s damn good at helping campaigns build people power and knows what’s needed to make them effective. Paul founded Rally, a collective that helps mobilise support for campaigns and he also posts a brilliant monthly email called ‘Do Something. Anything’ with lots of useful links to global movements, protests that work and generally lots of very life affirming stuff that I can’t recommend enough before you give up and go start building your flaming road warrior. We spoke on Brexit Day which felt very apt as fan or not, the Leave campaign was a very successful one. So I asked Paul what social campaigns need to learn from that, what somethings we can do, and what to start with when we’re all feeling knackered and fed up. Here he is:




And back to Paul in a mo but, yes, it’s inevitable, it’s…..




But it’s done isn’t it? Isn’t it all done? You know, the constitutional change formerly known as Brexit? The unplanned trade chaos that shall not be named? We done heard it on the news, didn’t we? That’s all done now and we’re in charge of all our own laws just like we already were but now it’s more so because of passport colours or something. Without wanting to repeat myself, despite this podcast being a weekly session of just saying every time ‘no you can’t just get it done in the same way you can’t get a baby done’ though if Johnson does think that’s how you get a baby done then just ignore it and assume it’s fine, that would explain a lot about why he has no idea how many kids he has. Sorry, without wanting to repeat myself, we still have 11 months of everything being the same, except we can’t make any changes to EU rules that will still affect us so if they suddenly made a rule that all British produce has to say ‘the English are massive shitlords’ on it, then we’d have to. I mean, we probably wouldn’t have to but they should really try for laughs.


So, 11 months, then crash bang fully out at 11pm December 31st. But what type of crash bang and yep, you’ve guessed it, still the same as we were worried about last year but with different names and different people telling you there’s nothing to worry about even though there is. Over the course of Brexit, former PM and part of the Stickman family Theresa May said we’d all have the exact same benefits as we do now, then she changed that to being frictionless trade which just sounded like it needed a lot of lube while we got shafted, then all the red lines meant there’d inevitable friction, then Johnson said there’d be no EU alignment, now he’s asking for a Canada deal which is back to a bit of friction or if not, an Australia deal which is basically a no deal with WTO arrangements. Look, when it gets to the eventual end of all of this, if we’re still alive then in 2156 and the robot overlords let us have human history lessons, all of Brexit will be summed up with ‘they could’ve had a deal that was very similar to how it was before but cost more, but they kept threatening to have no deal which was stupid, particularly for Northern Ireland.’ That’s it. Its been the same story again and again for the past three years. It’s a bit like JJ Abrahams directed it and can’t stop himself repeating the same story with varying lens flare because he has nothing else.


Still no one actually knows anything. Sajid Javid has promised UK businesses have certainty but won’t tell them any of the regulations they might want to certain about. Exploded Durian Fruit for a face Michael Gove has said that to minimize trading issues, some regulations would differ, but doesn’t know which ones. Johnson insists we won’t be a rule taker, that sovereignty is more important than free trade, but that Britain must become the Superman of free trade, but also free trade isn’t needed. So, we become the superman but don’t do anything to save it because we don’t care about it? Are we the bad superman from Superman 3? It’s all nonsense but it’s nonsense that either means the government are going to put up a fight for no real reason meaning harsher tariffs and a lack of access, which in turn means a stroppy right then we’ll go Australian, which in this instance is not no worries but no deal, lots of worries.


What is a Canada deal though? Well Canada’s EU agreement means tariff free trade for 98% of goods, which do have to meet EU standards. I have no idea what that 2% is, but it must be something there’s no call for in the EU at all. I bet it’s that Clamato juice. No one wants that. It sounds like an STI. Workers’ rights mustn’t be lowered below international labour organization levels, and the EU can impose tariffs on goods that breach state aid rules, which I bet Clamato juice does as I mean, you really should get that seen to by a doctor. But the issue with that for the UK, is that the Conservatives want zero tariffs on 100% of goods and a deal on financial services, because we are the toddler of the globe who wants everything while reciprocating absolutely nothing and refusing to go to bed on time. But to get that, the EU are asking for a level playing field, where the UK aligns with EU state rules, EU worker’s rights and have the European Court of Justice for all disputes. This is because they’re concerned that the UK could use competitive deregulation to take money away from the single market, by having say, two lines of trade. One for the EU and cheaper, shitter, worse workers’ rights ones for other places. Jaguar Rover for the EU with its air con, digital radio, sat nav, 6 gears, hybrid do dahs, Jaguar Rover for outside the EU, made by a child out of wine boxes. Probably.


There are ways to do all of this, but it depends on if the government wants to, what image it still feels like it has to present of Brexit, or maybe they’ll just stop saying the word and by June everyone will be angry about all the other shitty things like lack of buses, school funding, waiting 7 years for an NHS appointment and all that, and Johnson will just agree to a deal much the same as before and hope no one notices. That wouldn’t be the worst outcome, but it would mean that we’ve spent over 3 years essentially doing what could have been done at the beginning, while spending billions on pointless no deal prep with Nigel Farage doing more TV appearances than is acceptable i.e. more than 1.



Oh and the National Audit Office has concluded that it’s not clear that the government’s £46m ad campaign ‘Get Ready For Brexit’ actually resulted in the public being significantly better prepared for Brexit at all. No. Of course it didn’t. You can’t get ready if you don’t know what you’re getting ready for. The government didn’t even pay attention to it. It’d have been more effective to write Get Ready For Brexit on one post it note and pop it on Boris Johnson’s fridge. A government spokesperson has said that it reached 99.8% of the UK population, which about 4% of that are babies and that’s not helpful to anyone. How’s a baby going to get ready for Brexit? They already cry lots and demand impossible things. The spokesperson said, ‘not undertaking the campaign would have risked significant and unnecessary disruption to businesses and to people’s lives.’ NO! You’ve confused the campaign with Brexit you idiot. Still that’s £46m on an ad campaign that did nothing, yet again there is nothing about Brexit that isn’t also a perfect metaphor for Brexit.



And now back to Paul….





It was great chatting with Paul. Do go follow him at @pauldegregorio on Twitter, and degregoriopaul on Instagram. You can sign up to his newsletter, ‘Do Something. Anything’ at tinyletter.com/pauldegregorio and I highly recommend that you do too. And Rally are at wearerally.co.uk or @lifeatrally on Twitter. Of course, all the links will be in this week’s pod blurb too because I love you really.


You’ve been sending in loads of brilliant suggestions, and I think the next several weeks are all sorted which never usually happens. So, thank you for sending those in. But send me more! Who else? What else? Why else? What chats should I be having? What aural informings are you gonna need to survive this post-Brexit future? Drop me a line @parpolbro on Twitter, the partly political broadcast facebook group, the contact page at partlypoliticalbroadcast.co.uk or email me at partlypoliticalbroadcast@gmail.com. Or why not write your recommendations on a letter that’s also full of racial slurs and spelling mistakes, that you then post around your building and when everyone online says how awful it is but also shares it and it ends up on the news who also share it and then everyone who agrees feels galavanised, I’ll eventually see it and think ‘oh, I won’t listen to your requests as you seem awful’. As always, probably just best to email.





And that’s all for this week’s Partly Political Broadcast podcast. Thank you for listening even though you know, you should be shunning podcasts to be running around hearing purely British sovereign sounds like people taking their bins out, or saying they wished they were on holiday, or sighing, or saying something that’s basically a hate crime. But thank you for choosing these sounds instead and if you enjoyed them, don’t forget to do all the nice stuff that tells other people what you think. You might think there’s enough opinions out there but trust me yours about this podcast are the most important. Please tweet, facebook, insta, tiktok, linkedin if you’re a prick or whatever else to recommend it, do a review on Apple Podcasts or wherever and buy me a coffee for the efforts via the Ko-Fi or Patreon yeah?


Thanking you all times to Acast for show housings, my brother The Last Skeptik for the tunnnesss, to Kat Day for the linear liner notes, and to Mushybees for all the art stuff who I always forget to thank because I am, at heart, an awful man.


This will be back next week when the government’s year of climate action is announced to be a £600bn campaign to have someone cycling to each town and city in the UK shouting ‘got climate done’ and absolutely nothing else because that way they save trees meaning 400,000 extra trees that are already there.




This week’s show was brought to you by the Conservative Parties ‘Got Shit Done’ pants, for you to wear everywhere meaning you won’t actually ever need the toilet again as you can just convince people you’ve already been despite the bloating, pained look in your eyes and what you know will be hours of issues further down the line.




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