Episode 89 – The Dream Team

Released on Tuesday, February 6th, 2018.

Episode 89 – The Dream Team

Episode 89 – The nightmarish threat of BoJo, Mogg and Gove, the Customs partnership or symbiosis or union or whatever it is or isn’t, an insight into the Haringey HDV from a local resident and Tiernan (@TiernanDouieb) interviews former MI5 Intelligence officer Annie Machon (@AnnieMachon) about Iran.

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The nightmarish threat of BoJo, Mogg and Gove, the Customs partnership or symbiosis or union or whatever it is or isn’t, an insight into the Haringey HDV from a local resident and Tiernan (@TiernanDouieb) interviews former MI5 Intelligence officer Annie Machon (@AnnieMachon) about Iran.

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Episode 89

Hello and welcome to the Partly Political Broadcast a podcast that asks if Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Jacob Rees-Mogg are the so called dream team of politics, what grim cheese have you been eating before bed, and how do I ensure I die in my sleep? This is episode 89, I’m Tiernan Douieb and this week like Prime Minister and the inspiration for the Lori Anderson song Superman. Not because she’s super but because she goes on forever without doing anything much, Theresa May. Like her, I am also not a quitter which is why I er…nah, fuck, can’t be bothered. Effort.

This week’s non-news is that once again Hard Brexiteers aka Leaviathons aka sovereinatwats are supposedly plotting to usurp May in order to take over the Conservative Party and Number 10 to definitely leave the customs union and Brexit Hard With A Vengence or something. This happened while May was in China negotiating trade deals with Xi Jinping and telling the world that she had seen Downton Abbey but hadn’t seen Octonauts, probably because she thinks it’s a show about the amount of zeros they’ll be losing the UK after Brexit. The PM was praised by Chinese press for ‘sidestepping human rights’ during the talks and to be fair, that is pretty pragmatic of her as usually she just wants to stomp all over them until they’re dead. And while May was having photos of her painting a dragon because she loves adding colour to a big old myth, back in Blighty this probably not happening coup was stirring. At the helm is allegedly The Three Stooges, Govey, Moggy and BoJo which is proof it’s not a thing because last time two of those tried to team up it resulted in worst creature in Jabba’s palace Gove backstabbing fat Muttley Boris in order to fail to become Prime Minister all by himself. Also judging by the last two years of events, any plot by Hard Brexiteers will likely result in a lot of bravado and bluster followed by a lack of planning and a disappointing finish, which sounds probably not unlike a night with any of the three of them.

Gothic Where’s Wally who’s sadly far too easy to find, Jacob Rees Mogg, is now the favourite to replace Theresa May according to a Conservative Home poll, but that’s because it’s only filled in by people who think The Woman in Black is a holiday brochure. Can you imagine Mogg, as British Prime Minister? It’d be like a cry to the world that we want to be seen as a cartoon villain stereotype. It’d be like if Italy elected a brash talking mobster with a toupee, or Russia elected a bare shirted, horse riding, authoritarian homophobe or America elected a leather faced, sexist media tycoon. Oh. Oh god. If Berlusconi gets re-elected in Italy in March & Rees-Mogg somehow succeeds May, I’ll be certain there’s a global conspiracy to only have leaders that could be end level bosses in a 90’s round the world beat em-up video game. As if to further prove that he’s barely suitable to run an errand, this week Mogg accused Treasury officials of ‘fiddling the figures’ on their Brexit impact assessments which were leaked by Buzzfeed on Monday about 30 minutes after I uploaded this podcast. Yes the news hates me. Yes ‘fiddling the figures’ sounds like a musical about maths. Yes the Brexit impact assessments surprised absolutely no one by forecasting that the UK is going to be worse off outside the European Union under every possible scenario. I’d also assume every impossible scenario too. I mean if a giant beast rose out of the North Atlantic to trash various UK cities with it’s laser eyes, we’d probably all horribly die after refusing to let anyone in from abroad to help fight it.

The assessment entitled ‘EU Exit analysis – Cross Whitehall Briefing’ because anyone’s who’s tried to inform Whitehall about Brexit has got very angry indeed, was classed as suspicious by angry thumb Iain Duncan Smith, a man who once said a statement about child poverty was false while sitting in front of a screen that showed the statistic about it. MP Steve Baker, the sort of person you immediately forget even while looking at him, said the report was an attempt to undermine our exit from EU because you know, right now that situation is held so loftily high in our opinions. And then Rees-Mogg accused the impartial civil service of trying to influence policy because he’s the sort of man that if the postman delivered him a bad gas bill, he’d shoot him in the face with a musket. Obviously he doesn’t get gas bill as he warms his home using whale oil. A former leader of the civil service warned that these accusations against civil servants, essentially trying to shut down any evidence that goes against their ideology, are similar to tactics used by German nationalists in the 1930’s. A stupid comment, as that’s about 100 years later than any of Mogg’s policies. As far as I’m concerned, civil servants are the most politics of all the servants, so definitely wouldn’t ruin their impartiality. See also civil engineers and civil lians.

There has been suitable backlash against Mogg and his cohorts, and not just from Bristol students, but also from Conservative MP Anna Soubry, the aunt in an 80’s daytime soap opera, telling parliament they are gripped by madness. She meant they way they the government have been bowing down to Brexiteers not that Suggs was there giving everyone an unwanted squeeze. Meanwhile Home Secretary and someone who definitely jumps the queue at M&S because she doesn’t believe you deserve to be there Amber Rudd, she said she was not intimidated by the Brexiteers but I doubt she’s intimidated by much. If Pennywise the Clown tried to face her down she’d have him body searched and thrown into a detention centre because he looks foreign. Number 10 has now ruled out staying in the Customs Union apparently in order to strengthen opportunities for British exporters. Yeah cool by making it harder to export, you’re strengthening them you’re real strengthening those opportunities so that British exporters won’t be able to fight them and will die trying. Sorry who’s this for again?

In more news of unhinged plutocrats scapegoating public workers to disguise their own horrifying levels of failure, President Of America and croissant attached to a turkey Donald Trump is now attacking the FBI thanks to a memo released by House Intelligence Chair Devin Nunes, a man who proves job titles by no means indicate abilities. I mean, he’s not even like a chair, far more of a stool. Nunes’ memo suggests that the FBI have held bias against Trump for some time, you know, like most people because he’s a tool, and that the Mueller Inquiry is a witch hunt. It’s particularly odd as the FBI is now headed up people he appointed. But then I wouldn’t trust his decisions either. Democrats say it’s a political hit on the FBI which could have severe consequences if Trump aims to destroy trust in law enforcement for his own benefits. Plus it’ll make future thriller films really weird if main lead going on the run from the government is the FBI. Earlier in the week Trump gave his state of the union address, which went on for ages and felt like a greatest shits tour. Really considering the state of the union he could’ve just given the address as Number 1 Shit Creek and left it there. Earlier today Trump took to twitter to protest against Democrats pushing for universal healthcare, by exclaiming the NHS is going broke and not working. I guess he’s a fan then as that sounds a lot like one of his business ventures.

Nearly Former Sinn Fein Leader and almost doodle proof Gerry Adams has said that he’d liked to see Labour Leader and unfun-sized Papa Smurf Jeremy Corbyn become Prime Minister which is the sort of endorsement the right wing press were praying for. If Labour are lucky Corbyn’s next endorsements will be from the ghosts of Stalin and King Herod. Gerry Adams said Corbyn was ‘outstanding’ which no one is sure if he meant Jezza is exceptionally good or that his policy of what to do with Brexit is still completely unresolved. And lastly Culture Secretary and man so non-descript his driving licence probably has no pic & just a caption saying just imagine dreariness in a shirt, Matt Hancock, he has launched his own smartphone app so you too can find out what he’s up to and tell him what you think. Considering he got in trouble in 2014 for retweeting a poem about Labour being, and I quote ‘full of queers’, which he said was an total accident’ it’ll be pretty appropriate if the verb for using his app is ‘Hancocking’.


Hello you lovely bunch you and thanks again for listening to yet another Partly Political Broadcast which no doubt, like last week, will be uploaded to Acast mere minutes before some big story breaks. Anyone remember last year when I released an episode 4 hours before the snap election announcement rendering the entire episode invalid? Then last week the Brexit impact assessment reports emerged at 9.30pm exactly 20 minutes after I finished editing and uploading episode 88. I can totally see why people do history podcasts now cos that stuff’s already happened. You never get a history podcast complaining because 5 minutes after they publish the Roman Empire have to retract a statement or Cleopatra’s vizier lied on a bus. Sorry, I have no idea why I’m complaining; this is entirely my own doing which explains a lot. I got a new sat nav recently, and it’s a good one with traffic and stuff, but the downside is I had the horrible realisation on Friday as I took a wrong turning that it’s me that’s rubbish and that my last sat nav probably wasn’t shit at all. Sigh.

Thank you this week to Nabil who joined the troup of Patreon people, patpolbroers? Does that work? No? No. If you want to donate to this show you can also do that at the Patreon at patreon.com/parpolbro or do a one off buy me a coffee thing at ko-fi.com/parpolbro and then I’ll use my money to argue with the man who works in my nearest Costa who keeps insisting that they don’t have things that they say on the menu behind him. Hmm. It says coconut latte on the wall, what do you mean there’s no such thing as a coconut latte? How am I being gaslit by a barista? Also thank you for the reviews this week, and if you haven’t reviewed the show and would like to, please hit the 5 stars or write something nice on your pod app of choice and if you wouldn’t like to, then why not write a review of something else you like on there instead? I’ll be more than happy with a 5 star iTunes review that instead mainly describes your ideal sausages or how the sock suspenders were the perfect present for your dad.

No admin this week but I did read a good long read by Marie Le Conte on Vice all about Britain’s version of The Munsters the Johnson family. I popped it on the Twitter and Facebook group and it’s very worth a read if you can handle swearing out loud at your computer a few times. There’s some stuff in there that really does help you realise why they’re all such power hungry idiots. One bit, and I’ll read it here says:

‘When Boris Johnson announced his intentions to run for London mayor in 2007, his father Stanley, wrote a column in the Spectator. In it, he hit out against those already calling his son a “buffoon”, explaining that though he wasn’t always organised as he once played the title role in Richard II while at Eton and made up his own lines as he’d not learnt Shakespeare’s, so he could very well do the job. “You may have to wing it from time to time,” he said, “but if you can play Richard II in the [Eton] Cloisters without knowing the part, you’ll probably get away with it.”

Now I’ve done a wee bit of acting in my time and not learning your lines and making up your own doesn’t mean you’re good at your job. It means you’re fucking things up for everyone else in the cast, ruining the play and generally being a massive cunt. Anyway, it is worth a read, trust me.
Oh and it’s now T-minus 5 weeks until b-day! I mean the day Tiny Douieb is due, if they arrive on time. B-day is probably not a good term for it is it? It sounds a lot like the thing people wash their bums with. What I meant was, a further heads up that if all goes to plan then there’ll be at least 5 more of this podcasts before a possible brief sudden break, depending on how it goes. If not all goes to plan there is still a chance this will vanish for a week unexpectedly but if they take after me or my wife they’ll be exactly the right date but about 20 minutes early so they have to stand around and text for a bit trying not to look lonely. I’;m sure they’ll be able to do that right? We did an NCT class on breastfeeding on Saturday, which was good as I have no idea how to feed a breast. During it the class leader read us a letter from a new born to it’s parents. I mean, that’s a pretty impressive baby right? And it was laminated too, so I’ve got loads of hope for ours.

Ok, on this week’s show I interview former M15 intelligence officer Annie Machon on Iran, and also I’ll be looking at Haringey council which is all up in my manor, and the resigning of our decade long council leader apparently due to bullying but very much more to do with a shitty, shitty redevelopment scheme. But before that, fucking Brexit:


So according to a Downing Street source, which I’m guessing is one of those hot sauces that pretends to have a kick but is boringly mild, Britain is categorically leaving the Customs Union because they want to make things better for British exporters. Cool, cool. This is like being a Tiger Mom right? Making things real shitty for your kids so they’ll grow up successful or more likely in need of therapy with irreparable psychological damage? Quick recap, the customs union allows all the EU states to have the same import duties and free trade between them. It’s why at the moment you can drag home 90 litres of wine from France by yourself because you’re totally a connoisseur and don’t at all have a problem, seriously you’re just a collector no don’t stage an intervention, whereas from outside the EU you can only take 4 litres home which isn’t even enough to need a valid excuse for. Now sure this could again be a semantics thing but Downing Street have said they won’t be part of ‘a’ or ‘any’ customs unions which makes you wonder what will happen with Ireland and the border, but also any future trade with the EU. Then however, they did say that in the customs future partnership paper it’s all clearly set out and proposes a customs partnership or a highly streamed customs arrangement. And a partnership agreement would align precisely the UK with the EU in terms of exports and imports removing the need for customs checks. Cool, cool. So pretty much a customs union then? This is another ‘hey if we rename it, maybe no one will notice’ thing again right? Everyone will kick off or be ecstatic that we’re leaving the customs union despite not really knowing what it is or does, and then next thing we know we’ll be part of a customs kinship or a chummy customs rapport or a customs hookupship ting and it’ll all be back to normal. Again I don’t know why we can’t just rename all of Brexit to tell people we’re not in the European Union but are just well, it’s complicated, with it and then carry on as we were.

And according to the Brexit Impact analysis that leaked on Buzzfeed News last week, that would be the best scenario as it seems every possible scenario involving the UK leaving the EU will leave us worse off than before. Though hey, maybe that’s what people voted for right? What’s more British than having even more stuff to complain about every single day? If we leave with a no deal growth will be 8% lower over the next 15 years, if we leave with a free trade agreement it’ll be 5% lower and if we stay in the European Economic Area with a Norway style deal it’ll be 2% lower. The analysis carried out by officials across Whitehall for use by the Department of Exiting the EU found that every area of the UK will be affected, every sector of the economy will be affected with cars and retail getting hit hardest, and London will probably lose it’s status as a financial centre. But hey those project fear guys were dicks right? All this analyisis also assumes we’ll have good deals with the US and China, India, Australia and others, and whatever we export to them will have to be made in factories warm enough to eschew wearing clothes we now can’t buy or driving there in cars that won’t exist. But if we don’t even get those deals then you may as well replace the forecasts with just a loop of the a funeral march played on a melodica.
And sure those are only forecasts and they are only for the next 15 years so there’s every chance that we’ll get to 2033 and be celebrating Brexit Day with unregulated fireworks that explode in people’s hands and whatever seasonal food we’ve had that managed to be picked or overly expensive imports that we have to ration out, and we’ll think yeah that god for Brexit! But sadly most of the people who voted it for it will be dead by then so they’ll never know.

According to Disgraced MP Liam The Disgrace Fox the Disgrace, Theresa May’s visit to China last week involved an agreement with the President Xi Jinping to open up the Chinese market for more British financial services, you know, all those services that will now no longer be part of a financial centre. Fox also admitted that being in the EU didn’t stop them arranging more trade with China in the first place even though that was pretty much his reason for backing Brexit and then he complained that everyone needs to stop obsessing over Europe in a move I like to call ‘holy shit, Freudian projections were made for him’. Again this all comes down to the people in charge not being clear about what they want from all of this, probably not knowing what they want from all of this and every time they try arguing amongst themselves about who’s more wrong about everything. I almost wonder if post Brexit we’ll find ourselves saved from the brink of destruction as countries hire us to completely ruin trade deals they don’t want to be in with other countries except they’ll tell us to make things better, send us in and the whole thing will be closed up and shutdown in about two meetings. Our role will be as the global Roger Di Bris for the world’s Producers.

As I’m recording this, Theresa May and sentient bellybutton fluff David Davis are meeting with EU Chief Negotiator Michael Barnier. He has said that there is no time to lose, presumably because it’s already lost, and that in terms of the UK saying they won’t be in a or the customs union, he respects the UK’s red lines. I fully expect some over the top nationalists to take this as him disrespecting the other colours in the union jack while Davis just thinks he’s a fan of no stopping roads.


Iran, a country often confused with an Apple jogging app, it’s also home to one of the world’s oldest civilisations, 22 UNESCO sites, some properly great food and my father in law. But sadly as well as those heritage sites, history, yum grub, terrible word play gags and my family relations, it’s also a country currently on Donald Trump’s very long angry list with the US President having threatened to withdraw from the Iran Nuclear Agreement several times since last year, constantly waiving sanctions and staying in before making a statement about it’s the last one he signs till they make radical changes, with the next deadline currently ending in May. This deal is something that was pretty lauded by the other five powers who signed it, but Trump’s one of those populists who only opts for popularly unpopular policies. An unpoppopulist. The changes Trump wants Iran and Europe to agree to include fixing flaws in the deal, countering Iranian aggression and supporting the Iranian people. I can’t speak for the first of those but with the other two you kinda feel like hey, maybe keep your house in order first mate?

If threats from an enraged baboon weren’t enough, the end of last year and beginning of this year saw mass political protests in Iran with nearly 5000 people arrested and over 20 people killed, largely due to upset at economic issues brought in by President Rouhani but also the hijab laws and a variety of other reasons. Basically people be angry. So is this the beginning of a new Arab Spring but in the Winter which sounds a lot like a fashion range? Is Iran about to undergo huge political changes or will it be blown up by the US before it gets there? What is the political situation in Iran anyway? Why when I ask my father in law about it does he just tell me really long winded tales about arguing with someone in the airport before giving us large bags of pistachios?

Well this week I thought it’d be useful to find out because Iran’s political situation could affect the rest of the world in terms of the nuclear deal, it’s connections with Russia and China and it’s potential to become a more moderate country overall. So I spoke to Annie Machon, a former MI5 intelligence officer who now writes, talks and advises on a number of global issues from protection of whistle blowers to being the head of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition in Europe. Annie is fully versed in global politics and was able to explain what the situation in Iran currently is and more importantly why. Now I should say that as Annie points out, some of the stuff she mentions sounds like conspiracy theories but evidence for it is findable online, something I’ve checked just to be annoying. Also there are some things she says on the Trump Russia connections that perhaps aren’t in line with what most of us who want to see that man burn in flames, especially as his hair looks so flammable, but again Annie’s views on these things come from a number of sources you don’t normally get on your main news channels. Annie also has a fairly interesting past both with her previous work at MI5 and her relationship with whistle blower David Shaylor which I’d advise you look up as it’s all pretty fascinating stuff. But we didn’t get into any of that, mainly because we had far too much to talk about on just Iran and this conversation could’ve gone on for hours. I called Annie in Brussells over a phone line so quality is a teeny bit variable but should be ok. I hope you find this chat as fascinating and eye opening as I did.

Here’s Annie:


We’ll be back with Annie in a minute but first….


I often feel like the London Borough Of Haringey can be summed up by the signs that you see as you enter it. While other parts of the country may welcome you to their county or area, our signs just say ‘Haringey’. Here it is. Take it or leave it. No welcome, just fact. I have lived in Haringey pretty much my entire life and have seen it change from a place where my road was regularly cordoned off for stabbings and shooting as I was growing up, to it now having more fancy coffee outlets than a Vietnamese Weasel farm. It’s where I was born, where I went to school, where I got married and where I now still live. I don’t know what the term for a lifelong Haringayer is, but it’s probably not Haringayer as that sounds wrong. What ever it is. I’m it. Like a lot of London its hugely mixed in terms of class and ethnicities, it’s been Labour pretty much forever with a brief Lib Dem spell in the middle and nearly 80% voted for Remain. Why am I telling you about this leftie bubble I live in, the pinnacle of metropolitan liberal elite that makes you wonder why UKIP haven’t declared war on us yet? Well because this week my borough has been National news thanks to council leader of ten years Claire Kober resigning, because, as she says, of bullying from Labour members, including sexist abuse which is seriously not on and singing songs which personally I think sounds alright unless it was really out of tune. Now I won’t dispute the bullying as the internet nowadays is basically only used for harassment. But what I will dispute is that according to the press this is all the fault of Labour grassroots campaign Momentum and the sign of what a Jeremy Corbyn government would look like, aggression and abuse and forcing people out who’s views they don’t share. Except, living here that’s definitely not what we’re seeing at all. By we’re I mean as in me and the neighbours I never talk to, unless I have to collect an Amazon package from them. Seriously people at number 32 that’s like the 6th one you’ve kindly taken in for me and I am grateful but why do you need to ID me every time? Who are you? Sorry.

So let’s start with the Haringey Redevelopment Vehicle, something that sounds like a maybe a fun bus full of things to make parks nice, but is actually a scheme forced through by Haringey council to create a private company with a private developer called Lendlease. This company will then take over £2bn of housing estates, schools, public facilities and private housing too and regenerate them. What’s wrong with that you might say just days after Carillion collapsed and ruined a ton of public developments? Surely parts of the borough need regeneration and more housing would definitely be a good thing right, especially when 9000 Haringey residents are waiting for a council flat? Right. Except this is a 25 year fixed plan of huge scale which includes no mention at all of social housing, and only 40% of planned houses will be affordable which if we all remember means:


Plus the plan includes 1000s of social housing home are being demolished to build private unaffordable homes, and while everyone who will be displaced from all this has been promised they can move back into a redeveloped estate, various clauses mean that doesn’t apply if you’re a housing association tenant or leaseholder or if you live on certain properties that will be affected later in the HDV. So that’s not a promise then is it? Have they not read any tedious Facebook memes? And on top of all this, a company who admits they only buy properties to sell them on for profit, and have promised very little community space is turning the lovely grade II listed town hall I got married in into a boutique hotel. But maybe I’m wrong, maybe a council who are lacking in funds but spent £86,000 on a new logo that looks like it was drawn by a stupid child with a broken crayon, or £44,000 out of the HDV regeneration budget on a jolly to Cannes for five of them to attract investment, maybe they are doing this in the public interest? Maybe a council who had three members who met with Lendlease before the scheme was approved as part of a ‘shadow board’ where they had £450 dinners while at the same time scrapping meals with wheels in the borough, and did all this without the rest of the council knowing and then didn’t include it in the cabinet papers because apparently it was boring, maybe just maybe this proposal they have of the HDV scheme is actually a really good thing? How can you spend £450 on dinner then call it boring? What were you eating? And how can a ‘shadow board’ be boring when it sounds like something villians attend? Oh wait, it could just be for cover on the beach I suppose.

So there’s been a local movement which yes, Momentum have been part of, as have local Lib Dems and Greens and other Labour members and our local Labour MPs Catherine West and David Lammy and residents and even me and my wife and my family and several friends and all the people in our NCT group who I didn’t even know until a few weeks ago and probably the person who interrogated me just to get my package and more, to make sure the candidates who are selected to run for May’s local elections are opposed to the HDV. The current councillors voted to push through with HDV no matter what at a meeting in early January, knowing they’d no longer be in their seats by the time it comes to fruition, but after Kober stepped down on January 30th an announcement was made that all further HDV decisions are up to the councillors that are elected in May. The whole process is currently being reviewed by the High Court after a local resident brought the case on the grounds of it being an unlawful action and the decision is expected soon.

And while this is a national story because it seems according to headlines a council leader got viciously sung at, it’s actually a national story because local residents have fought against privatisation. It’s a national story because Lendlease are involved in a lot of long term, fixed contract regeneration projects, including some they made with the Kensington and Chelsea councillor who approved the cladding for Grenfell Tower. And because while councils have suffered 40% of funding cuts, something we’ve also seen this week as Conservative run Northamptonshire council has cut all non legally binding expenditure, making the lower income end of your residents homeless is not the key to giving your area a boost.

Hopefully the HDV is clamped and towed away like so many vehicles in our borough with such ridiculous parking restrictions and people will get to stay in their area where their only real gripe is having to take photo id round to number 32 just to pick up a Dunlop bag they’ve ordered. I mean why would anyone commit identity fraud for a £20 bag? Why?

And now back to Annie….


Thanks to Annie for the chat. There is a lot to think about in all that and as I often find with things like, as Annie calls it, Russiagate, I am completely unqualified to say what to believe on any of it, but while Annie’s view opposes things we’ve heard on previous interviews on this podcast or various press outlets, her sources are from global intelligence so are just as, if not more, plausible than others. Even if that throws what you want to believe into disarray. It’s conversations like that one that make me realise I really have no actual clue what is going on most of the time. You can find Annie on Twitter @anniemachon or on her website at about.me/anniemachon and she is doing lots of talks in London and Manchester in March via uk.funzing.com which you can attend by searching for them on that site. Informationclearinghouse.info is the site she referred to if you want to check that out too.

I’ve got the next two, possibly three weeks of guests sorted I think but if you have anything you’d like me to find someone to interview about or someone specific you’d like me to chat to, please do let me know via @parpolbro on Twitter, the Partly Political Broadcast group on Facebook or partlypoliticalbroadcast@gmail.com. Or you could build a giant nuclear reactor and fire your message using neutrino beams so that the Super Kamiokande facility in Japan picks them up and spends years trying to decipher it by which point Trump will have already denounced war on you for such a unregistered large nuclear base and most of the planet will be dead. It’s much easier to just email yeah?


And that is all for this week’s Partly Political Broadcast. Thank you for listening once again and please do donate to the Patreon and ko-fi, review on all your favourite and least favourite podcast sites, tell people to listen, to the show and your ideas in general, its so rude how they ignore you all the time isn’t it? And get in touch about anything you like from ideas as to which guests I should try to get all the way to the best song you can play by tapping your teeth or your favourite ancient witches remedy for breaking hexes put on you by angry Costa employees.

Big thanks as always to Acast for hosting the show and to my brother The Last Skeptik for all the musics.

This will be back next week when I’ll be asking but this traditions unison


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