Episode 61

Released on Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017.

Episode 61

Episode 61 – Tiernan chats with Jamie MacColl from Bombay Bicycle Club about the Undivded Campaign (@weareundivided), plus the Conservative Manifesto, Grime 4 Corbyn + more.

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Hello and welcome to Partly Political Broadcast episode 61! I’m Tiernan Douieb and if I lose six seats this election then I’ll get fired from my job at IKEA.

According to Prime Minister T-1000 May, sorry Theresa May, on twitter, if she loses just six seats at the election then Jeremy Corbyn will be sitting down to negotiate with Europe. Now either this is concerning proof that the womanbot likely to still be our PM for the next five years has no idea how the election system works because this is definitely not true and actually her losing six seats would just mean she’ll just have to have less billionaire donors round for dinner. Or this is a rallying cry to Conservative voters who need to be incensed to go and vote, as it seems May’s place at Number 10 may not be as secure as everyone thought. Or at least, she might stay there but have nowhere to sit.

In one of the quickest election u-turns in history May has already sort of u-turned but not really on a controversial Dementia Tax that was part of the Conservative Manifesto. It has been looking like the Tory landslide may be more of a common slope failure as in the latest polls have put Labour up to 33-35% which is a perfect number for both sides of their party to tell you means Labour leader and quarter womble Jeremy Corbyn is doing well or badly or neither or both depending on your opinion. This boost was likely down to the Tory proposed policies being akin one of those emails that you write to say how you really feel about someone, only you’re meant to delete it but instead print it and hand it round to all the journalists. For a start there were the social care plans, now ‘Dementia Tax’ as labelled by the press which aimed to take the potentially good idea of inheritance tax and deform it into something that will just mean elderly people suffering from dementia and other illnesses will have to pay for their own care. Incredible that the Conservatives keep talking about throwing off the tag of being the nasty party yet they specifically target vicious policies at people who won’t be able to remember who dealt them out. In a speech that caused several journalists to say she’s now weak and wobbly, which is a much better campaign slogan as it sounds like you could elect a jelly, May u-turned on this by saying there will be an absolute limit people needing care will have to pay but she hasn’t said what the limit is and that nothing from the manifesto is changing, proving she is so useless she can’t even u-turn properly. It’s impossible to compare her to Thatcher when Thatcher chose not to turn whereas May is so unstable that if she tried she’d probably fall over so only attempts it everyone shouts at her. Strong and stable! Saying that she’s been pretty good at turning a sure fire election lead into a more and more of a false start.

Whether or not the Conservatives are actually u-turning on this, the rest of the manifesto is pretty bleak too. There are plans to scrap free school meals for around 900,000 children, because how else will May persuade them to get back into chimney sweeping? Then there’s needing ID to vote, getting rid of the fixed parliament act so we might have to go through all this sort of bullshit again sooner than you think and heavy internet regulation so you won’t even be able to go online to complain about how these are the sorts of policies you’d get if you made a shitty ways to treat people random generator.

Meanwhile the whole manifesto is un-costed something that was defended by Works and Pensions Secretary and cursed turnip Damien Green on the Andrew Marr show when he said that it’s not un-costed, they just haven’t costed it yet. How reassuring! Similarly it’s not that this podcast isn’t anywhere near the iTunes charts, it that it isn’t near them yet. Oh and it’s not that I can’t fart money at will, I just can’t fart money at will yet. Though perhaps Green’s idiotic comment was meant to be reassuring as if they can’t even get round to costing their manifesto I hope their policies have the same chance at realisation. Green wasn’t the only Conservative to get things publicly wrong this week. Chancellor Phillp Hammond got the cost of the HS2 train wrong by £20bn on Radio 4, and if mislaying £20bn isn’t strong and stable and trusted on the economy I don’t know what is. And Foreign Secretary and unhinged flump Boris Johnson insisted on ITV’s Peston that the impossible pledge to give £350bn of money saved on the EU to the NHS is in the Conservative Manifesto which it isn’t. Or maybe it’s just not in it yet. If Boris can see that bullshit pledge in places it definitely isn’t, it might explain an awful lot about his part in last year’s Brexit campaign. Last week Boris also managed to upset worshippers in a Sikh temple by mentioning the post Brexit boost in the whisky trade, completely failing to understand that alcohol is forbidden in some Sikh teachings. It’s incredible that Boris’s election campaign tactic seems to be asking people who they’d trust me in charge of negotiating with the EU when you suspect he’d turn up to all of them dressed in a beret and lederhosen before shouting about the Germans having no sense of humour and if the French have eaten their frogs legs yet today.

Oh and Theresa May sad the falling British pound was not to do with Brexit, despite it falling pretty drastically on June 24th last year. So in a way I guess she’s right in that it’s actually to do with the promise of Brexit, or more accurately, it’s not falling because of Brexit yet. She also denied the idea of Mayism, that they’re selling her rather than the party something that’s proved by her name, rather than the Conservatives being sprawled on the battle bus. Though silly me, I guess if it’s written on a bus it definitely isn’t a thing.

Meanwhile Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been accused of refusing to condemn the IRA during an interview on Sky News though he did condemn the bombing they did. I mean it’s odd he didn’t just say yes I condemn them but the bombing and violence they committed was probably their worst bit wasn’t it? Maybe he’s just a big fan of balaclavas and terrorists giving forewarnings. Meanwhile celebrity support for Corbyn has been strong with Danny Devito, trust him to get involved in a War Of The Roses, Rag & Bone Man presumably because judging by his name austerity has hit him hard, and a whole heap of grime artists who think the Conservatives are wastemen who will merk everyone. Of course grime crews think Corbz is sick. They like stuff that is choppy, off centre and stylistically very mixed. I’m pleased to say that on this week’s show I have a special excerpt from a new Grime 4 Corbyn track by, er, Weeny Tantrumz:


There’ll be more music from other artists supporting the various parties throughout this week’s show. Ahem. In more election news the ITV leaders debates took place without May or Corbyn there and so felt a lot like a political version of faking it, with everyone trying their best to pretend they might actually have a chance. Main highlights included UKIP Leader and sausage with glasses Paul Nuttal constantly referring to Lianne Wood as Natalie. To be fair to Paul, it’s very hard to remember names of real people when most of the ones he knows are made up. Also Natalie Wood is from the era he wants to drag the UK back to. Nuttall also kept banging on about taking back control of his waters which makes me think he should see a doctor. The rest of the debate was as fun as, well, watching a debate without the two main party leaders on it.

And President of The USA and silly putty rolled in fluff Donald Trump on a tour of the Middle East, stopping first in Saudi Arabia because that’s how he’ll actually sheik things up. This comes just days after Trump admitted he discussed with visiting Russian officials about how he fired FBI director James Comey because of the pressures of the investigation into his Russian connections. Well to be fair, the FBI don’t anyone at the helm of that investigation anymore if the President is going to the work for them.

So hello. Have you registered to vote? Well by the time you hear this you won’t be able to so tough titties! If you really intended to and didn’t manage it, then a) how when you’re able to download a podcast and b) why not spend June 8th just putting crosses by names of various people you like then you can experience the same disappointment we all will on June 9th when none of them get in either. Hopefully you’re all registered and ready to go and thank you again for choosing this show for your ear governance and thanks for the feedback on last week’s ask about how long this show should be. Several of you said it was a good amount of time, several of you said it was too long. Two people said the interviews could be shorter. Two people said they could be longer. Ultimately I’ve realised this listening to people is hard. But please do send more of your thoughts on this show to me. Always happy to try and make this a better listening experience if I can. This week I’ve put most of this show’s interview up on the podcast but the rest is going on the Patreon page at patreon.com/parpolbro. I have been quite crap at adding extra bits there but this is partly because out of all the people who donate to it, only one person bothers to download them. I know, because unlike most politicians doing TV interviews during the election, I have access to stats. Oh yes. But I will add stuff there as I think of things so do send us some dosh if you can.

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Couple of other things before we crack on. I’ve been interviewed on a podcast this week called Comedy Cast where I talk a bit about comedy and rant a lot about the state of things if you fancy a listen to that. It was a lot of fun to do it. Also some immediate live shows coming up that need some bums on seats if you can make them. One is my Edinburgh preview at the Quills in Rochester on Sunday 28th May. If you live round there please come along as it seems not many other people from Rochester fancy it. Then on May 31st is the Birmingham gig for Help Refugees which has sold well but not out and I really want to get that all sold to raise as much money for the charity as possible. That’s at the Birmingham Rep Theatre with me hosting a bill of Joe Lycett, Nish Kumar, Mrs Barbara Nice, Tez Ilyas, Alison June Smith and Al Murray. All for £20. You can grab tickets via the Birmingham Rep website because computers are cleverer than you think.

On this week’s show I have a chat with Jamie McColl, from Bombay Bicycle Club who’s now turned his attention away from strumming his guitar to instead strumming up active interest in politics for 18-30 year olds via the Undivided Campaign. There’s also manifestos, womanifestos and childifestos as well. There is again, still no time for Trump but that’s ok because there’s every chance I’ll record something about him on here then he impeaches himself within the hour on account of thinking he’s the best at it. So instead first up:


Voting seems pretty democratic right? I mean you get a few choices, you put a cross by a box and that’s your say and then more often than not they don’t get in because you live somewhere surrounded by arseholes. But actually there are certain groups of people that voting doesn’t work for. One of these groups shockingly, are women who are victims of domestic violence because you need to use your address to get your vote. Your address then ends up on the electoral register which is available to the public and that could mean that the abusers victims are sheltering from, can find out where they live and where they go to vote. Or if they are in a shelter, shelter locations are secret, and rightfully so, you’d have to register with your old address and then again, would risk bumping into your abuser. And you thought it was awkward enough bumping into the exit poll people. Now you can have your address taken off the online electoral register and that’s quite easy to do, but it’ll still remain on the full register which can be found by anyone in a town hall and the only way to get fully anonymous registration is to get either a court order, proving you’re a survivor of abuse, but with 21% of survivors never pressing charges, this could be a problem. Or you have to get a letter of attestation which can only be signed off by the head of MI5, top level police officers or top level civil servants. You know, those people we all know and hang out with. I mean I assume no one knows the head of MI5 at all, otherwise they’re doing a terrible job.
The Cabinet Office said they are putting in measures to allow social workers, healthcare professionals and refuge managers to also sign these letters which would make things easier but this won’t be ready until local elections in 2018 at the earliest. Until then, women’s aid have set up a guide to anonymous registering which does require a court order or letter of attestation, but if you are able to get those for either yourself or someone you’re assisting, then you you can find the guide at women’s aid.org.uk and searching for anonymous registration DV leaflet. While the normal voting registration deadline for June 8th election is May 22nd, the registration for anonymous voting is May 31st.

Irish Taoisach Enda Kenny is stepping down which I think means they have to elect someone else to pour hot beverages down their feet garments or something like that. I don’t really know. While he’s credited as helping Ireland recover from a the death of the Celtic Tiger, a species that in 2008 became more rare than the white rhino, Kenny’s not been in favour for the past few years. Since the general elections in Ireland in 2016 Kenny has been head of a minority Fine Gail government after resigning a first time and narrowly being elected back in to lead it. Since then there’s been a lot of calls for him to stand down with everything from his mishandling of the uncovering of a smear campaign against a whistle blower – as in someone who revealed corruption in the Garda force, not a referee – to Kenny’s reluctance to hold a referendum on repealing the 8th amendment which could’ve lead to the legalising of abortion and I know they have to repopulate Ireland after everyone left during the crash but that isn’t the way mate. Kenny said he wouldn’t resign until Northern Ireland’s political stand off and the Brexit situation between the two countries could be resolved, and so he’ll now be leaving in June when neither of those things will have happened thanks to the fucking UK snap general election which has ruined everything for everyone. However the next phase of Brexit negotiations do start in June so that leaves Kenny not having to deal with any of it so why should he give a fuck? The only issue is that someone else will have to, and while Kenny had riled a lot of people up, he did have 42 years of experience in parliament, 15 as leader of his own party, 6 as Taoisach and 66 as someone who looks like he should be hosting a daytime tv game show, so it’ll be hard to find someone to match that level of experience for any Brexit negotiations. The bookies favourite is Leo Varadkar who is a former doctor, the current minister for social protection, former minister of health and minister of transport. So you’d hope he can get things moving, diagnose difficult situations accurately and keep everyone secure and alive. And perhaps being a son of an immigrant and openly gay will mean a new, more tolerant Irish parliament. Except it seems Varadkar has shat all over expectations by already announcing that he’d ban strikes for essential services, thinks too many staff & hostpital beds makes hospital workers complacent, and wants to lead a party for people who get up early in the morning which makes him an arsehole. You know why the early bird caught the worm Leo Varadkar? Because he was too fucking tired to cook a proper breakfast and hated his stupid early morning so much he self punished by eating a slimy live noodle! Ireland gets to decide in just a few weeks and we’ll see if it’s Leo pouring tea down his socks because he gets elected or if it’s just because he’s so fucking tired from waking up too early like an idiot.


This week’s I first saw onstage at Hyde Park supporting Blur about 8 years ago. Obviously he didn’t see me as I was in a sea of people most of whom thought it was fun to lob beer at each other while I was just trying to see the stage in-between some tall people. But as Bombay Bicycle Club are on a musical hiatus, guitarist Jamie MacColl has turned his attention to politics because he thinks its now important to hit the right political notes with people rather than musical ones, without making a song and dance about it all obviously. OK OK I’ll stop. Last year Jamie and 29 others set up Undivided, a campaign lead by young people, for young people to get their say heard in Brexit negotiations, no matter how they voted. So while I spoke briefly about the issue of a low youth vote in the election to Josh Dell from Bite The Ballot last week, I thought it’d be interesting to hear about it from a slightly different angle from a group who are focused very much on what this election and leaving the EU will mean for a lot of people who didn’t have much say in it and if things have to be Always Like This. That’s a reference to a very good Bombay Bicycle Song. Yes you’re right. This is why I can’t have nice things.

By total and utter coincidence, Jamie lives about 10 minutes walk from where I live and I’ll probably now bump into his loads at our local useless Tesco Express. Very Little Help more like! Sorry. So I recorded this interview in the studio in his garden which means that there are occasional outside noises and for some reason I say ‘sure’ even more than I normally do which annoys me as much as it probably annoys you. We chatted for ages about many politics things, so I’ve popped a lot of this interview on this week’s show and slightly more chatty bit will be up on the Patreon at the end of the week.

Here’s Jamie. Enjoy:


We’ll be back with Jamie in a minute but first, a short clip of the Conservatives retaliation to Grime 4 Corbyn, it’s Dark Robot Electro for May, put together by several evil robots:


Right and now:


This week there are actually some manifestos to look at! Excited? No of course not! Manifestos are a lot of words that are bound together in order to give anyone reading them a terrible time and in the case of the Conservative manifesto, anyone living through the consequences of them too. It’s like the book of the dead but with terrible stock photos of Conservatives smiling which they’re only doing because they’re imagining the discomfort you’re having reading the manifesto.

And if you missed last week’s show I mostly went through the Labour manifesto then. It was the leaked version but it turned out the actual version was pretty much the same apart from a few tweaks. But what it does now have is a commitment to end university tuition fees, which Labour have said will be in place by 2018 and cover students that started this year too. Which sounds great for students and means they won’t leave with all the student debt that someone like me has although with job prospects what they are, it’s unlikely anyone studying now would ever earn enough to pay one back anyway. Seriously student loan company. You just try and get it. Scrapping tuition fees will be a mega £11.2bn and this is all costed up on the proper manifesto resulting in about £50bn of costs that they want to use taxes to raise money for. Several economists say that many of Labour’s costs, including renationalising the rail and the national grid won’t increase public debt as the value of the assets should balance it all out. So all a that is dandy but then in the finished manifesto is a commitment to end freedom of movement of people in the EU, even though they also say they want to stay in the single market which makes you really wonder if this is a manifesto or a very early ambitious Christmas wish list but one that Santa as CEO of his company may frown upon while all his elves go on strike to complain.

But if Labour’s manifesto is a socialist Christmas list, or a christmasocialist AMIRIGHT? Then the Conservative manifesto could be the beginnings of a Cormac McCarthy book. For a start it says strong and stable more times than a manual for horse house building. Then it talks about taking this opportunity to build a Great Meritocracy here in Britain. NO! No one wants a meritocracy when the people in charge of what is deemed as merit would class having private healthcare investments. What’s that? You’ve genuinely helped people? Yeah but this guy got some dogs to kill a fox so now he’s a prince and you have to eat mud.

So onto policies and the big one is the adult social care bill, two of those three words are usually alien to the Conservative Party so no wonder they found it hard making this sound even remotely reasonable. So at the moment if you have less than £23250 then your social care is paid for by local authority. If you have more, you pay for yourself. If you’re cared for in a residential care home then the money you have can include the cost of your home and if you’re cared for at home, it doesn’t. Got it? So the Conservative manifesto proposed that the cut off point should be changed from £23250 to £100,000 which sounds pretty good right? If you’ve got less than £100,000 then you won’t have to pay towards your social care so that should help everyone. And this is when, if it were a wildlife documentary you’d be the fish so pleased to find a bit of fish food to eat and sustain yourself with, only to suddenly realise you’re doing your happy fish dance in the mouth of a big fucking shark that’s about to eat your face off. Because while the cut off point is good, the value of your home will now be taken into consideration whether you are living in it or not. With the average house price in the UK being £236k and houses in the south earning more than people, that’s all your assets gone even if you haven’t got much else and all because like a selfish arsehole you decided to get sick. It’s an aging population, social care needs funding, and hey I’m not all that against inheritance tax if that’s what it outright was but instead this is a stealth tax that punishes people for being sick which is the worst sort of stealth tax. I much prefer it when they wear a ninja outfit and take a fiver out of your pocket without you knowing. Now May has said there will be a cap on how much people will have to pay, but she hasn’t said what it is and she’s also said nothing is changing. So there’s every chance you’ll still have your face eaten off, it’s just that the shark apologises while doing it. Not with meaning though obvs.

Also in the manifesto is the pledge to reduce net migration to the UK to the tens of thousands, with foreign students still counting in the mix. Now net migration is the amount of people arriving compared with the amount of people leaving so unless she plans to make a ton of British people emigrate, which let’s face it, is looking likely, then this won’t happen. Net immigration figures last year were 273,000 which is down on the year before, probably because people from abroad really aren’t looking at the UK for future prospects anymore with May in charge. Unless that’s her plan? Make the UK so miserable that people won’t immigrate here and everyone here will leave? Perfect. Then there is the pledge that universal free school meals for children would be stopped, which would affect 100,000 children from families living in relative poverty and 667,000 from ordinary working families. You know the ones that the Conservatives keep saying they want to help? Maybe it’s a help to those families if their kids are so exhausted due to a lack of food they pass out when they get home allowing the parents to work more. So it’ll add £440 per year to each of these families expenditures if they have to pay for school meals. The Conservatives says they’ll make sure children who need free lunches the most will get them but it’s only the ones who need it the absolute most while children that even slightly need it can’t. I mean how else will they become thin enough to go to work and climb into those giant Victorian industrial machines? But don’t worry! Free lunches are being replaced with free breakfasts on offer instead because that conveys a much clearer message that their hopes for the future are toast.

There is a promise not to raise VAT but no promise to not raise tax, the Triple Lock pension has gone and while the Conservatives say basic state pension has risen by £1250 that doesn’t take into account inflation which means pensioners actually only get half that raise. There’s a pledge to repeal the fixed parliament act because what everyone really wants is to go through all of this again anytime soon, and there are proposals for needs for ID when voting which the Electoral Commission say would stop 3.5 million people from voting. According to the manifesto it’s to allow the British public to have confidence in our democracy. Last year 51.4m people voted and there were only 26 allegations of fraud. So what the Tories are saying is bring back confidence by making sure a ton of people can’t have a say. Though to be fair, if you’ve gone through the process of having a shitty picture on your driving licence you’d hope the eternal shame everytime you had to show it would make you a far more thoughtful voter so it could work against them. Oh and they’ve also got rid of their ivory trade ban because they’re the sort of party that deal with the elephant in the room by hunting it and making it’s tusks into something they can mount the head on.

Then there’s the internet regulation section that says “Some people say that it is not for government to regulate when it comes to technology and the internet. We disagree.” The manifesto goes on to say that lives online should be governed in the same way as lives offline and recommends a series of regulatory policies. And again, hey dancing happy fish eating a small bit of fish food again, this could be used to tackle grooming, cyber attacks and prevent children from accessing content they shouldn’t, it’s much more likely they’ll over censor and the internet will become a restricted mess. On the plus side if this is the case, I’ll definitely start printing this podcast on vinyl and send it out to you all on a weekly basis. Promise.

Of course none of this is costed. None of it. Perhaps it all just feeds off wails of despair. Either they’re being super cocky and assuming there’s no way they’ll lose so fuck it, all out mega Tory, or they actually don’t want to win and are hoping someone else will deal with the mess of Brexit. If it’s the latter suddenly this all becomes filled with pathos. Let us go forward together, suddenly becomes a suicide pact. Strong and stable two far away wants and dreams. Her saying ‘There is no Mayism’ is perhaps an acceptance of the abject lack of soul that she feels. Just imagine. Though it’s probably the former right? Because let’s face it, if you’re not old or young, hate looking at the internet and think elephants are arseholes who never stop blowing their own horn, all of which may cost more than you can possibly imagine, then what more could you want?

Next week Lib Dems, Greens and UKIP manifestos! WHOOP!

Now back to Jamie….


Big thanks to Jamie for chatting with me. He can be found on Twitter @jamiemacoll and Undivided can be found @weareundivided on Twitter and Facebook and weareundivided.co.uk. As I said, there’s about 20 mins more chat with Jamie which was fun and interesting but not entirely on topic, but I’ve kept it all and will pop it on the Patreon page for any of you that donate there. I liked a lot of Jamie’s thoughts and ideas and he mentioned pursuing politics further so very much looking forward to him doing that if he chooses to.
Please do still send me any guest recommendations you might have, as I’m now nearly out of pre-planned interviews and there’s still one, possibly two shows pre-election then however many I’ll be allowed to do post election before I’m locked up for being a dissenter. So do send me all suggestions for people to interview, as well as subjects to interview people about and you can do that by tweeting me @parpolbro, the ParPolBro facebook group, emailing me at partlypoliticalbroadcast@gmail.com or training 40 whales to all sing your suggestion in whale noises at the same time as I have my head underwater in the bath and I should get the gist. Email is as always, probably easier.

And now a quick clip of the Lib Dem supporting Elevator Music for Farron…



After Conservatives, Labour, Lib Dems and the Greens, this week is of course the turn of UKIP. So I asked you, the people, for possible campaign slogans for the pound shop fascists, the ITV2 of bigots, UKIP.

Tories still not racist enough for you? Vote UKIP!

Vote for the mad racism, stay for the Badinage

“Vote Tory”?

Horrible cunt without the bollocks to vote BNP? Vote UKIP!

Vote UKIP and we’ll free you from the tyranny of having to say: “I’m not racist but…”

*in the thickest West Country accent* “Get off muy laaaaaaaaaaaaand!!”

UKIP 2017: Because there’s still lots of brown people, some of these poofters are really quite brazen and I want to smoke in pubs again.

Matt Hoss UKIP: I can’t believe its not BNP

Matt Kinson WHAT DO WE WANT: what we just got

Rob Skene UKIP – We won, get over it… Because we haven’t.


Paul Jenkins UKIP – The boil on the bum of Brexit.

Richard Barnes Independent of Europe isn’t enough. We want a return to the state of nature! Independence for everyone, FROM everyone!

James Ross Gets your whites whiter than white

James Ross Because concern about becoming a Russian puppet state is so 1989

Great work as always, though something makes me wonder if I should’ve actually asked you to write eulogies or headstone engravings for UKIP considering how it’s looking. Next week, is a free for all with all other possible parties standing in the election, so take your pick. Keep your eyes peeled on the Twitter or Facebook group for the question on Sunday and I’ll suggest just some of the parties you may wish to choose from.



And that’s all for this week’s Partly Political Broadcast. Thanks again for listening, please do donate to the ko-fi or patreon parpolbro page if you can, do give the show a review on iTunes, Stitcher or AutoTrader just to confuse car buyers and please do spread the word if you enjoy the show. If you didn’t enjoy the show, why listen to the end? Hmmm?

I’ll be all mouth jiving in your soundwaves next week, by which point Theresa May will have u-turned on the entire Conservative manifesto while keeping it exactly the same, so it just means everyone else has to hold their head sideways to read it because she’s that selfish.


This week’s show was brought to you by a series of numbers that it’s not that I haven’t got them, I just haven’t got them yet.


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