Episode 24

Released on Tuesday, July 12th, 2016.

Episode 24

Episode 24 – Tiernan chats with Maurice Mcleod (@mowords) from Media Diversified, exclusive excerpts from the Chilcot report audio book and a glimpse at the future under the regime of Prime Minister May.

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Episode 24

INTRO SKETCH – Chilcot Audio book excerpts –

Chilcott Enquiry page 478

WMD. WMD. I do love acronyms. I’m a PC with a CB, GCB and KCB and I once worked fro Mi5 and MI6. I have no idea what they all mean but they look fancy and it means I can introduce myself as Lord Chilcot CB KCB GCB and no one can do a damned thing about it. In fact WMD reminds me of the noise the small boat used to make when we took it out for a swim off the coast of Poole . Wmd it’s rusty old engine would go. Wmd wmd wmd wmd wmd wmd wmd wmd, and then a chug chug chug as you tried to get it up and running. It certainly took more than 45 minutes to get her going!

That was an except from the audio book of The Chilcot Enquiry, page 478.


Hello and welcome to the Partly Political Broadcast podcast on this, another week where if UK politics was a soap opera the Eastenders drum beat would’ve played every couple of hours as MPs, political journalists and the general public smashed their heads against drums in despair. I’m Tiernan Douieb and while I’m not a mother I’m more suited to host this podcast than Theresa May as I have a stake in the future and several vampires after a stressful trip to Transylvania. Although one of them might’ve actually been Michael Howard. It’s hard to tell.

So it look’s like Britain will have had two depressing shitty May’s this year as Andrea Leadsom dropped out of the Conservative Party leadership race, proving that the leave campaign was about exiting not just the EU but all responsibility at all for anything. After I gave a run down on the leadership candidates last week they dropped quicker than the post Brexit pound. Fox and Crabb went first, demonstrating the Conservatives lack of love for wildlife, or disgraced idiot MPs. Then Michael Gove proved his was leadership material in the same way petrol soaked wood is fire proof material, coming third and generally scuttling off to eat a raw fish and wonder how he can get his hands on the ring another time. That left unknown Andrea Leadsom and Queen Grimhilde with her magic mirror. Sorry, Theresa May. Leadsom’s chances at PM looked slim after it turned out she lied on her CV pretending she was a senior investment officer at a bank when she was in fact just a part time assistant. It’s the sort of imaginative CV work we’ve all done right? Sure you only sorted out the stationary cupboard, but while there, you paid £10 to Help The Aged so technically you’ve done some senior investment. And if you work in an office, you’re an officer. So easy does it.
If lying on the CV wasn’t bad enough Leadsom then went on to suggest on an interview with the Times that she was more suited to the job of PM than Theresa as she is a mother, which is the lowest of comments not seen since, well, Yvette Cooper said that about Liz Kendall in the Labour leadership election last year. Leadsom said her children meant she had a stake in the future

Does any one really ever have enough evidence to do anything? Will we ever really ever know enough?



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